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But I guess when you have election cars doing the same thing you can't really start arresting the people responsible, now can you? :)

Smith - nail on head - again! ;)

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@combinibento word up!

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Kristin looking sweet as usual - too bad she didn't go to Heartland after

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Dogs have fur - that's why they don't need clothes. And what's with the sunglasses?? Pets are Japan's new kids for all the ara-za, ara-fo singles whom nobody wants to marry. Not only has this created a market for expensive dog/cat clothing and accesories, but also dog/cat bags and even - a dog stroller. Frankly speaking the way pets are ignorantly abused in Tokyo disgust me. Sure, kids would also love to be carried around all their life, but eventually it would make them obese and out of shape to get around on their own, and this is what is happening to these dogs - causing major health issues on their older years.

And, please, all dog owners, can you please NOT allow your dogs to sit by the table when you're at the restaurant, eat from your fork or chopstick, or even from your plate. It's extremely unhygienic, and pets and people were not made to share the same oral bacterias.

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Posted in: Y5 million stolen from post office in Tokyo See in context

@bushlover likely he has already spent them paying BACK his pachinko parlour debt...

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Posted in: Okayama teacher arrested for taking nude pictures of 15-year-old girl See in context

Aquaman; how about DON'T send the pictures to someone you've never met! As for the men, we'll always be perverts, it's more about the ability to control it.

Well, at least the guy was a teacher so she could trust him

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