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TokyoTanuki comments

Posted in: Australia sees China as main suspect in cyberattacks See in context

And this is exactly why you don't want to allow Telecoms companies with ties to the Chinese military supply you with your 5G equipment.

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Posted in: Politician’s birthrate plan: Parents should nag their kids to have at least 3 babies See in context

Polygamy based on the man's income would be a workable solution.

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Posted in: Woman in wheelchair falls down an escalator; kills a passerby See in context

JeffLee, sorry, this isn't a personal attack, but i have to disagree with your post above.

elevators are usually scarce or inconveniently located in Japan

Compared to London, elevators are extremely prevalent. I don't understand to what norm you are comparing Japan and deciding elevators are scarce, but in my experience of living in Tokyo and London, they are FAR more prevalent in Japan. Travel London with a wheelchair or baby buggy, and you will be trully shocked.

the convoluted journey took a lot longer than by foot. The plan is to discourage people using elevators.

In many cases the concern when placing elevators is the building above the station, as they cannot simply be demolished to present a more convenient location for the ground level elevator entrance. Due to the age of stations, staircases will have been designed into the station, and elevators came later as societies norms and best practice changed. You will obviously find elevators less convenient in older stations as a result of the fact they were added later, and it isn't intended purely to discourage people.

Narita airport allows large baggage trolleys on down escalators, which scares the bejesus out of me, I can tell you. Airport authority too cheap to install ramps or sufficient number of large elevators.

The elevator and carts feature a locking mechanism that is safe. Your fear here is not rational. Assuming it was a matter of cost is purely speculation.

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Posted in: Japan atomic bomb survivors criticise Obama's Hiroshima speech See in context

Samit If you argue that all of the consequences of a war are the responsibility of the aggressor, even the actions other parties. You are essentially saying that 'anything is acceptable' in war, if you are the party that was attacked.

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Posted in: Ministry says it's OK for 'baby cars' to hog space on public transport See in context

@Mirai Hayashi

I think there is an easy fix for this and it should have been implemented a long time ago, and that is to charge more for riding during peak hours. This will discourage non-commuters from boarding trains during really crowded hours. Women with children, seniors, disabled, etc, really should use the train during non-peak hours when there are less people riding,

Are you serious!? So you honestly think that the disabled have no place on the train during rush hour? You assume that they cannot have a job?

Utterly disgraceful comment.

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Posted in: Tales of divine customer service in Japan See in context

A friend of mine once had lunch at TGI FRidays and complained that the leafy salad was wilted. Its cost was deducted from his bill and he received a letter of apology from their head office and was offered discounts at subsequent visits.

one time a few weeks later he walked into the restaurant, but received a work-call and walked out to take it. Within a few days he received another letter apologising for taking too long to seat him.. pretty amazing.

That said, I once found an entire cockroach in an ice coffee at West Park Cafe in the Marunouchi building. I had already drank half of it. The replaced the drink and neither discounted it of my bill or apologised beyond the waiter saying 'Gomen Nasai'. I was too shocked and grossed out to raise a fuss or eat more, but I have never been back since...

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Posted in: Apple introduces 2 new iPhone models See in context

My Ipaq had a fingerprint authenticator in 2002 =/

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Posted in: Nintendo cuts price of Wii U video game console See in context


Console hardware is usually sold at a loss, at least for the first few years of production.. Please Google "consoles sold at loss"

The money is made on the games and via fees levied on the media sold in the online Appstores. Later in a console's lifecycle companies can turn a profit on the consoles, but often they reduce the price at the same time. For example as manufacturing processes become more mainstream as the chips they used become 2-3 generations old. Or as consoles become simplified during later revisions (i.e. dropping unused functionality and the associated hardware (backwards compatibility via h/w) various output ports or unused expansion slots; via reducing cooling requirements by updating the chipsets, or manufacturing costs via sticking he entire console on one PCB on later editions.

As stated above, the money is usually made back via a licensing fee on every game sold, an AppStore type fee (i.e.. for XBOX marketplace, PSN purchases), or as part of the game publisher's purchase of proprietary media (e.g. cartridges) that are bought from the console manufacturer (and usually can be returned for a partial refund if units are unsold).

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Posted in: Nintendo cuts price of Wii U video game console See in context

Region lock on 3DS is why I didnt buy it. I dont want to pay to import English language games, and I want to be able to buy games in airports for whatever mobile device I'm carrying. I also do not want to be forced to use a Japanese language online store.

Sony lets me use the US Store, a full English language OS/Store I buy the PSN credit from US Amazon (doesn't check billing address), and games from any country.

XBOX is fine for imports from HK, since the JP Console plays English languag 'Asian' editions of games, but half the UI and the entire store is in Japanese, which means I never buy through its downloads portal. Plus XBOX Gold is stupidly overpriced compared to PSN+

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Posted in: Faulty tanks leave radiated water with nowhere to go See in context

If another tsunami came and hit these tanks.. would they withstand it? or are we looking at miles and miles of land covered by concentraed radiactive waste in that scenario?

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Posted in: SDF sees surge of popularity thanks to anime tanks See in context

'Kong of worth'.. Some sort of primate based value system?

I would assume a Kong is the highest denomination.. impressive!

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Posted in: It contains portions that warrant consideration as appropriate reading material for children. See in context


I was paraphrasing, not quoting, but here is quote from the Asahi Shinbun article...


In August last year, a Matsue citizen filed a petition with the municipal assembly to remove the copies from elementary and junior high schools.

“Children would gain a wrong perception of history because the work describes atrocities by Japanese troops that did not take place,” the citizen argued.

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Posted in: It contains portions that warrant consideration as appropriate reading material for children. See in context

It was pulled because a single person complained that scenes that depicted the beheading and stabbing of prisoners by Japanese troops were - in the complainant's eyes - 'exaggerations and events had never occurred'.

Since it is well known that such atrocities were committed, and even the author stated that he had actually 'toned down' those aspects of the comics for the sake of younger readers, this is a blatant example of revisionism, and is EXACTLY the kind of thing that other nations find so hard to swallow about Japan. If the 'education' board had even an ounce of integrity they should have refused the request to withdraw the books.

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Posted in: I won’t leave. Companies aren’t supposed to act this way. It’s inhumane. See in context

If Sony finally learns something from this individual, reforms their HRM policies and gets in place a proper career path plan, then it could be of tremendous benefit to the company. Sometimes the boat needs to be rocked a little in order to produce positive change.

Except for the fact that what will actually happen, and what is already being discussed is to simply make it easier for companies to fire any FTE. Lose-lose for everyone.

I remember one of my friend working in NOMURA (Japan's biggest Security Firm) got similar treatment (was asked to seat at home, when she refused to quit), finally she resigned out of shame and anger.

Yes and NOMURA, Mizuho and Daiwa only offer 1 year contracts to IT staff now as a direct result of their inability to fire them when times are hard.

I have seen useless managers moved to permanent roles that have no purpose, and underperformers refusing to leave resulting in more competent staff being cut.

In what way is SONY responsible for this person's entire life? They likely paid him well enough, since he started working during the bubble. Are they trully responsible for the next 14 years of his (potential) working career? At what point is he responsible for himself? Companies cannot retain and transform their entire workforce as markets change, when entire units become obslete they sometimes simply have to cut. By law he would have priviliged consideration over any outsider for any SONY role that was advertised externally if he was qualified for it and applied. If his story listed the number of times he was denied internal roles, or was denied training, then he would have at least tried; but to complain that he was put in a boring role after refusing to take a 20-50 million yen payout doesnt elicit much sympathy from me.

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Posted in: I won’t leave. Companies aren’t supposed to act this way. It’s inhumane. See in context

He has made himself unemployable in his industry due to his decision to not take redundancy because the firm that he worked at for 32 years will black ball him to anyone asking for a reference.

He should have taken the money, and now he is just a drain on the productive staff who may themselves get cut in lieu of him. Totally selfish behaviour!

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Posted in: Abe may make offering to Yasukuni Shrine through representative, media report See in context

This isn't something I personally agree with, but you all have it backwards... In the eyes of the Shinto religion, the shrine cannot be tainted by interring or commemorating anyone, since the act of interring them 'purifies' the people interred/commemorated.

Thus as soon as the class A war criminals were enshrined there, from the Shinto perspective they became effectively 'pure'.

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Posted in: Aging hikikomori children's lifelong dependency on parents See in context

Welcome to Japan. Don't think that people are lazy or don't want to work. They are forced to stay with parents because they can not afford to live elsewhere.

That doesnt hold water. If the parents are covering all the living expenses (which they are in the cases above), then the children could work for disposable income, or as a partial contribution to their upkeep. They are lazy or unable to face work.

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Posted in: Aging hikikomori children's lifelong dependency on parents See in context

Society is not to blame, the parents are.

If the parents didn't want to end up in the situation where they retire with these ridiculous manchildrern sucking the joy out of their twighlight years, they should have put more effort into instilling them with the confidence to face life, and failing that, given them the boot years before.

They have completely failed as parents by not preparing their children for the real world, and then supporting their unnatural lifestyles.

We will certainly see a spike in the number of elderly parents being murdered by their own selfish offspring as hikikomori begin to realize what is expected from them in their parent's old age and/or the money runs out and they are asked to curtail their expenses. if something isn't done, this will end up in tragedy.

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Posted in: Major quake alert mistakenly issued for minor shake See in context

Don't know about all you out there, but this was the first time my iphone alerted me all loud

Same here

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Posted in: Will No. 1 reactor at Fukushima become a future tourist spot? See in context

I seriously doubt it, why would anyone want to go there? Any operational reactor would be more interesting. By the time it is safe to go there it will be nothing more than a heap of crumbling concrete, scaffolding and panel surounded by wilderness.

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Posted in: Japan unveils biggest warship since World War II See in context

Funny that the South Korean ship model that serves the same purpose is called 'Dokdo'.. surely Japan should protest this deliberately provocative naming !! (joke)

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Posted in: Suspect arrested in connection with dumping of baby's body in public toilet See in context

mikihouse I agree that penalties for such crimes is too lenient in Japan. it's almost as if a child is simply the property of the parents here.

Compared to the UK where a mother and boyfriend were sentenced to 30 years minimum or torturing her 4 year old to death, similar cases get 2-4 years here.

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Posted in: TEPCO returns to profit on bailout, rate hikes See in context

What does 'effectively nationalized' mean?

Eitehr the tax payer now owns TEPCO, i.e. the government bought it out with tis bailout, or they were given Loans by the government.. which is it?

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Posted in: Aso retracts Nazi remarks amid criticism See in context

I cant wait for this generation of silver spoon-fed moronic dinosaur politicians to die out in Japan. Career politicians and political families are a curse on democracy.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Ibaraki See in context

Scott. Irrespective of the law and personal consequences, surely any decent human being would have got out and assisted the injured party?

At some point the driver chose to gamble this boy's life against his chance to escape, and now they are both losers.

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Posted in: Man leaps to death after killing ailing wife See in context

eimiiwatanabeJul. 22, 2013 - 10:56AM JST He could've thought of something else than killing himself and his wife --

Yeah, I'm sure he came to the decision lightly... (being sarcastic)

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Posted in: Woman jailed in Dubai after reporting rape hopes to warn others See in context

According to her interview on the BBC, she and her male coleague was drunk. She wanted to return to her room. He told her to go to his, 'because that would give them both less chance of oversleeping'. She agreed, passed out, woke up, and realized she had been raped.

Irrespecitve of the ridiculous conditions that would be required for her to escape a conviction (a confession or 4 male witnesses), her conviction for drinking and extra marital sex isn't hard to comprehend in a country where her going into his room would have likely been considerd 'consent' by most of its populace.

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Posted in: Has Facebook caused relationship problems for you or somebody you know? See in context

My advice is to activate the setting that restricts all tagging of yourself, or posts by people on your wall, until you approve them. Then use the aquaintances category (configured so that it doesnt have access to your spouse or family members names), and add all new people to that until you know they aren't nutters.

I still hate having to search my wall to remove any updates that refer to comments I made on other peoples posts, and my 'likes'. The interface and lack of flexibility of the various privacy settings is utterly frustrating.

I once had a woman I had just met at a company do (that sat no where near me) post 'Thank you for last night it was wonderful' on my wall...

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Posted in: Tomato juice fad dead after 6 months See in context

Pretty sure that a Bloody Mary is a hell of a lot more likely than a cocktail that adds clam juice to it (ewww).

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Posted in: 69-year-old man arrested for stealing melons worth Y60,000 See in context

Perhaps he intented to steal 101 melons and fashion them into some kind of Melon-skin coat...

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