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Posted in: Roman jewelry found in ancient tomb near Kyoto See in context

Another thing that always intrigued me, when it came to ancient Eastern and Western societies was the idea of dragons. A huge, dangerous reptile that caused all kinds of havoc. Was there a singular source of this common myth, or was it independently created?

The simple explanation for common legends of dragons and giants is that they were based on ancient peoples' interpretation of dinosaur & giant mammal fossils.

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Posted in: Pediatric emergency services in Japan – How to locate help and what to prepare See in context

Bottom line is that all hospitals should be able to accept emergency patients 24/7.

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Posted in: Suntory tries carbonated coffee drink - Espressoda See in context

Just open your bottle near a plant and it will thank you for that CO2. =)

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Posted in: Apple kicks Google Maps off iPhone, adds Facebook See in context

You dont have to be telepathic to assess this change now. As an Apple developer I could download the IOS6 beta now and try it, but I prefer not to since I'm targetting IOS5, and dont want to bugger my phone up if the beta has issues.

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Posted in: Car hits 1-year-old girl while backing out of hospital parking area See in context

There is simply no excuse for the parents not holding the child's hand or carrying her. If they don't recognize the dangers of walking through a car park, and let their one year old 'walk behind' them anywhere, then they were simply an accident waiting to happen.

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Posted in: Hashimoto clashes with Osaka officials over tattoo survey See in context

What a horrible small minded bigot. To put people out of work at a time like this over something as meaningless as whether or not they are tattooed.

When an employer shows they are prepared to focus on nonsensical criteria to assess their workers it can destroy moral of all employees, as it shows that their hard efforts, dedication and skill in their field is of secondary importance to those criteria.

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Posted in: Do you enjoy watching movies in 3D? See in context

3D is something that very few consumers want that is being almost entirely forced onto us by the industry's greed since they can make more money off 3D screenings of movies compared to 2D ones.

I would be fine to use the glasses at the cinema if they didnt dim the image, and werent scratched and blurred. I find it incredibly frustrating to have to look through a pair of glasses that ruin the image quality due to their bad treatment by other users.

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Posted in: Stars, sexism row share Cannes opening spotlight See in context

Personally I feel that a director's work should be judged on its own merits, irrespective of the Director's sex. This 'row' only exists because a group of individuals want to utilize positive discrimination to obtain undeserved publicity.

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Posted in: Park Hyatt Tokyo to celebrate annular solar eclipse with breakfast at New York Grill & Bar See in context

I took my in-laws there to celebrate my Father in-laws retirement.

The NY Grill has a starter and dessert buffet that is served on a long table.

At the start of the meal both my MiL and FiL returned from the buffet with starters and desserts on the same plates, it was pretty strange to see them eating profiteroles and crème brulee before the main course even arrived.

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Posted in: Micron in talks to take over Elpida See in context

My computer has some pretty high performance RAM that was manufactured by Elpida, it's a shame to see a firm that makes cutting edge consumer products go bankrupt, it means the competition has slightly less incentive to compete.

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Posted in: One in seven thinks end of world is coming, with Dec 21, 2012, likely date - poll See in context

Gurukun: Easy... sun emits a burst of heat and as the earth rotates along the date line it roasts everything neatly.

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Posted in: One in seven thinks end of world is coming, with Dec 21, 2012, likely date - poll See in context

It's a shame there are so many idiots in this world.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man scalds 4-year-old boy for drinking juice without permission See in context

Personally i hope that if anything happened to me, my life insurance and in-laws would be sufficient to support my wife and son without her having to find another man until my son is in his mid teens. Non-biological parents are vastly more likely to abuse or kill children than biological parents. Lookup the 'Cinderella Effect'..

That said, the biological mother is the most common abuser (when neglect is included as abuse), which annecdotaly aligns with a lot of the cases we read on JT where both the mother and boyfriend were complicit in abuse and/or murder.

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Posted in: Power harassment exposes dark side of 'kizuna' See in context

missplaced my quotes above :(

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Posted in: Power harassment exposes dark side of 'kizuna' See in context

I once saw someonde driven to leave a team because they were leaving each day at 7pm, whilst all of her colleagues stayed later. Her boss told her 'You must have too little to do to leave so early, and then gave her 3x as many accounts to handle as all the other staff' eventually forcing her to quit as the workload became impossible.

A-san's case should be good for his career, I can't really feel bad for him losing his drinking budget for 2 months, perhaps he can work on his social life outside of the izakaya for that duration..

B-san's case is Sexual Harassment, not Power harassment.

C-san should have either asked them what their problem was, or found other friends. The same thing happened to a girl in my wife's class in high school. When my wife made friends with that girl because she felt sorry for her the others (i.e. the bullies) excluded them both.

I hope D-san gets justice..

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Posted in: 17 children among 19 killed in China bus accident See in context

Apparently 62 children and 2 adults were in a minibus with seating for 9.

Of the 44 of those involved that are still in hospital, 12 of them are in a serious condition and 2 are critical.

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Posted in: Something's fishy See in context

Christmas is now ruined for the families of the small fish that were eaten in this stunt, shame

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Posted in: Potpourri of post-quake crimes contradicts foreign media's reporting of placid Japanese See in context

Strange that there is no report of the infamous 'gangs of foreigners' commiting crimes that a few JT readers believed would materialize.

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Posted in: Joji Takahashi, Mika Mifune chosen as 'Partners of the Year' See in context

She married a 40 year old man 1 year after her 77 year old father died. I think there is a strong chance that her marriage was more to satisfy her need for a father figure than a husband, since she was only a child at the time.

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Posted in: Virus that hit embassy computers designed to send data to servers in China See in context

Governments need to catch up with the times and install proper security systems, and train their staff in Information Security.

They also need to redefine the scope of the term 'an act of war' to include state-sanctioned cyber terrorism, so that the full suite of retaliatory measuresare aer available to them should China (or any other nation) persist with such behaviour.

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Posted in: Suzanne promotes sexy photobook See in context

Funny that people are picking up on her katakana name's pronounciation and complaining that her English name should be changed to be pronounced the same; yet I doubt they would ask people to call them Furedo Sumisu if their English name was Fred Smith.

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Posted in: Footwear company SKECHERS to double business in Japan See in context

Surely if they have to support the burden of a local subsiduary, their business sales may double, but their profits are likely to stay the same.. Not sure why they feel the need to add more onshore staff for such a low target, do they realise the huge limitation it puts on their ability to expand or contract their business in line with the market?

I suppose it will just be this big name director and a bunch of adecco temp'ers.

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Posted in: Chest X-rays for lung cancer do not save lives: study See in context

Nicky, that sounds like heaven compared to a prostrate examination ...

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Posted in: Nintendo's loss swells to Y70.3 bil for first half See in context

Unfortunately as gamers and the market matured Nintendo never got out of the rut of creating 'toys'.

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Posted in: Nuclear radiation from Fukushima twice more than estimated: report See in context

Twice in this case means 200% more radiation than previously reported. It's frightening.

No, 'twice' means 100% more....

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Posted in: Olympus ex-CEO pursues the $687 million question See in context

Good stock to sell now, just put in a stop loss and stick to it incase it has already bottomed out.

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Posted in: Moe Oshikiri passes sommelier's test See in context

Japan has more qualified sommeliers than any other country in the world... Not a big deal really..

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Posted in: Why Japanese values and morality confound us so See in context

Your Parent's morals shape your morales.

Most Religions originating from the Middle East seem to just shape your guilt or self-righteousness.

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Posted in: Vietnamese woman cuts off husband's penis See in context

Is there any proof she was abused, such as past reports by her to authorities, physical evidence, or corroborating observations from co-workers/neighbours? if it is puerly based on her testimony it could be an excuse to justify actions performed out of pure jealousy.

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Posted in: KDDI to sell new iPhone in Japan, ending Softbank's domination See in context

Personally I would be very happy to get my wife an AU iPhone4S with 64Gb, then swap her SIM for my softbank one from my iphone4, since I would definately make use of the faster processor and capacity for gaming, whereas she doesn't give a stuff about such things and would barely load 4Gb of music/Apps onto hers.

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