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Those who 'believe' in 'manmade global warming' have been completely brainwashed by the mass media and are merely tools of this propaganda when repeating their mantra. Please don't do it.

A good place to start reading the reality behind this climate change scam is here:

We know what climate change is NOT caused by - mankind and CO2.

And for a more likely motivator behind climate change, for real, physical science behind climate change rather than computer models (garbage in, garbage out, right?) then start reading about Svensmark, cloud theory, and CLOUD experiments at CERN.

First part of a series of videos here about this theory here:

Wikipedia on Svensmark:

And a little on the CLOUD experiment at CERN that so far substantiate Svensmark's theory, although more analysis is being done:"

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Interesting...I do the same out of Machida myself. I will have sleepless nights trying to figure out who you are!

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