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Posted in: What's your prediction for the Belgium-Japan World Cup game on Monday? See in context

I just can’t root for a team that put on that display. It was a mockery of the game. I thought Belgium was the better team anyway, and they still are. 2-0 Belgium, becuse I don’t see Japan coming to play.

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Posted in: 7 Netflix shows that will help you understand Japan See in context

Ok I’ll admit it Terrace House has become an extremely guilty pleasure. My girl friend watches and I have tried to watch with her on 3 different occasions. It just didn’t click.

Last week I actually tried to watch, and while I’m bored most of the time, it has grown on me. I actually found myself chuckling at the differences in how the room mates interact compared to the shows back home, like real world.

i know it’s scripted. The hosts are banal and cringeworthy. Yet the show is.. soothing? I guess I have finally went crazy.

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Posted in: U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to impose a 25% tariff on car imports. How would such a move help U.S. car buyers? See in context

The part that I would love for a supporter to explain to me is how this helps. Choices help consumers, period. The tariff is being imposed as a punitive measure, for both the car makers and consumers that choose to buy from them.

i have had Japanese cars, German cars and American cars. There are good and bad in them all. Competition is good, it forces companies to raise the bar. This is an artificial way to push one company over the other. The sad part is so many don’t seem to realize it.

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Posted in: What are some countries or places in the world that are on your travel bucket list? See in context

I have seen a lot, but I would have to say Brazil is high on my list. Something that is more likely I haven’t seen Southeast Asia. Singapore is a place I consider moving to.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan to offer free iced coffee — for 5 days only See in context

I wonder if the free joe is worth the inevitable wait in queue...

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Posted in: Trump suggests revoking credentials of reporters over 'fake news' See in context

I remember the campaign thinking what an amusing footnote in history this would be.

I remember after the inauguration thinking how much damage could Trump really do.

This type of action is exactly the sort of thing we need to guard against. Whether I agree with all the talking heads or not, this is one degree from muzzling unfavorable press.

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Posted in: Foreigners welcome to apply for jobs as designers on Nintendo’s new 'Legend of Zelda' game See in context

Well, the Big N said they wanted to take Zelda in a new direction with Breath of the Wild...

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Posted in: Uniqlo to open its first store in India in autumn 2019 See in context

i like Uniqlo, affordable and comfortable. India is a huge market waiting to be tapped.

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Posted in: Good feeling, or bad feeling about young Han Solo? 'Star Wars' fans wait and see See in context

I’m still not certain this is the story that I needed to have told, but I love Star Wars. I’ll see it and hope for the best.

Love Donald Glover, I’m looking forward to seeing a young Lando more than Solo to be honest.

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Posted in: Another ward in Tokyo to recognize same-sex couples from August See in context

I never understood why this is a problem anywhere. Let all couples be recognized. Love doesn’t hurt others, and doesn’t infringe on anyone else’s method of expressing their own love.

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Posted in: Finance Ministry officials given lectures on sexual harassment See in context

It’s tough for me to say which feeling is stronger- I’m glad that this is being taught, so there is no longer “confusion”. And I’m appalled that this actually needs to be explained.

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Posted in: Aso repeats controversial comment on sexual harassment See in context

As an American I can say our leaders only say what they feel will not hurt them. At the end of the day, he has to feel there are no repercussions for this type of talk, which is as sad if not sadder than his actual comment.

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Posted in: MariCar go-kart driver mounts pavement, causes serious damage in accident See in context

Whats the balance between a fun time for tourist and a literal accident waiting to happen?

I first learned of these on Battle Trio when I was in Korea and thought it looks like a cool video to post on social media, by how is turning a bunch of tourists loose in the streets on go karts a good idea?

Apparently it wasn’t.

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Posted in: House fire by tracks disrupts bullet train services See in context

Always good to see no loss of life, not sure if hanging out by the fire is necessarily the best idea.

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