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Posted in: NPA left red-faced after official blows his top at Narita See in context

It is interesting that, even after all he did, Mr. Masuda was allowed to go through and board a plane. I wonder if the same thing would have happened if he were not an NPA official. I also strongly suspect that if he were Chinese, Nigerian, or Pakistani the intervening "senior police officer" would not have just "calmed him down".

The especially troubling part is that Mr. Masuda's job was to supervise the police. How many legitimate citizen complaints did he overlook or cover up because of his belief that the police are "different from" us?

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Posted in: Russia stops all gas supply to Europe via Ukraine See in context

adaydream - Actually, there is no evidence of any theft by Ukraine, and every appearance that Russia is escalating both the situation and the propaganda. Let us only hope that Russia is not attempting to create an excuse to invade Ukraine.

The clear lesson for all Europe, including Ukraine, is that dependence on Russian energy is costly in many ways.

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