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tokyotom comments

Posted in: Japanese passenger arrested in Hawaii for punching Delta flight attendant See in context

these oyajis feel that any trip more than 30 minutes, train or other, means they need to drink like fish, probably sat in the JAL lounge at Narita getting all liquored up, then continued on plane, customer is god!

make him walk the plank

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Posted in: Midtown skating See in context

It's more fun than playing keepaway from the Nigerian touts

hmm, you just gave me an idea of what to do with the skates.... hate those naggers!

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Posted in: Midtown skating See in context

what is with all the skating in Roppongi?

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Posted in: Yamanote line likely to get first new station in 40 years See in context

i like that idea of train between shibuya and ruppungi

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Posted in: Subway manners See in context

come on the biggest "lack of manners" on the subway is able bodied people not giving up their sit for elderly / pregnant woman, etc, they just sit there and pretend not to notice, is shameful

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Posted in: Omotesando nights See in context

its begining to look a lot like 'Crassmas" all that shopping so little time

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme’s Chocolate Karnival See in context

didn't make it to japan this year, everyone still lining up across the bridge in shinjuku for these babies?

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Posted in: Young will.i.am See in context

aint singing for coke huh neil, but singing for the US of A!

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Posted in: China sends patrol ship to disputed waters See in context

china should use these sailors in a more positive way, holding up wobbly school buildings in chengdu

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Posted in: Cruising See in context

can store all that dough in the closet

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Posted in: Cruising See in context

needs to be closeted off from these fans, they are too close

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Posted in: Tokyo beats Paris again as world food capital See in context

once again, the vast majority of japanese don't care, and if explained to, wonder how gaijin can properly judge their food Michelin will go all ga-ga over some other nation one of these days

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Posted in: Lost children See in context

this spot is written about in "grotesque", an interesting book by Natsuo Kirino

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Posted in: Something's fishy See in context

i am going to eat me some homer sapien

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Posted in: Radium 226 sample found at Tokyo residence See in context

imagine what kind of samples you could find on gaien higashi dori on a sunday morning, surely something more lethal than this

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Posted in: Sony chief to fight on after 'annus horribilis' See in context

lots of "I's" and very few "We's" in his statement

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Posted in: Def Leppard plays two concerts in Tokyo See in context

two steps in front i'd say oh back in the dayz of hair metal.......

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Posted in: Star power See in context

tiffany rossdale was there, where is her photo?

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Posted in: Pete Townshend brands iTunes a 'digital vampire' See in context

all these rebels turn corporate in the end when you are talking about the "buck"

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Posted in: Adopting English as workplace language in Japan has its downside See in context

the best trick of any Japanese leader of a foreign company in Japan is to control the flow of communication to HQ, if you are the only one who speaks English, you own the home office people would you agree Mr. Naruke?

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Posted in: South Korea urges Japanese leaders not to forget history See in context

jesus korea, let it go

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Posted in: Triumphant ladies See in context

all is forgiven JT, thanks for the mornin' jolt

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Posted in: Japan beats France on three-star restaurants, Michelin says See in context

great if you like sushi, what if you don't

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Posted in: Kick off See in context

best legists

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Posted in: Afternoon tea See in context

she is a little butch, but the victory still makes me happy gambatta na!

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Posted in: Eye spy See in context

next is best t-backist looking forward to seeing the cougar category leaders, Noriko / Sugimoto / .....

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Posted in: Meisa Kuroki, Masaki Aiba among 'Best Jeanist' winners See in context

this is how you win best jeanist


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Posted in: Is this the shortest escalator in the world? See in context

i thought that one was from akabane station, don't know how these pass the accountants gambarre nihon!

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Posted in: Single females mean big bucks to Japan tourism See in context

i like the ones that go solo each night in roppongi

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