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Posted in: More than 200 dead after M7.1 earthquake hits central Mexico See in context

Thank you all for your good vibes, and I am very sorry to tell you about it, but if wanna donate $$ please do it through companies not government, corruption in Mexico is so bad, in the previous earthquake politicians keep all the food and things donated, and distribute the help to promote for the elections (nasty thing) and some of the food was already expired, some people just received cookies or Twinkies instead of food. I feel so ashamed to tell you about it, but I preferred you to help people donating good vibes, praying or donating through companies, I think Honda Mexico has this support, and soon Mazda, Sumitomo, maybe Toyota, etc.. Thanks again everybody!! God bless you all.

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Posted in: S Korea hates Japan more than N Korea, Gallup Poll reveals See in context

Get over it S Korea, about history, I'll bet all those guys (soldiers and politicians from that time) are already dead and Japan already apologize for "historical facts", none of the living Japanese guys participate on those facts, so be nice and good neighbors OK!!!

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Posted in: Pregnant woman, 7-yr-old girl killed after car hits schoolchildren in Kyoto Pref See in context

death sentence for this animal!!

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Posted in: 14 found dead, dismembered in Mexico border town See in context

The main problem is not the drugs, but the 100000 of weapons available so easily to this "social cancer", if they don't have weapons it would be easier for the authorities to put them in jail or... take'em down!!

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@Rick Kisa, actually the Nuclear Plant is not so far from the affected area... hehehehe!!!

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Posted in: Zapping testicles with ultrasound could be male contraceptive See in context

After it, you will be like the SPLENDA, you provide a sweet flavor, but FAT FREE!!! LoL!! o_O

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Posted in: Death toll from Philippine flash floods tops 1,000 See in context

@Elbuda Mexicano, c'mon dude... it says: last week’s massive flash flooding... but yeah 2 sad!!!

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Posted in: Have it your way at Burger King this spring See in context

I rather Carl's Jr a 10000 times over BK!!! I miss Carl's Jr so much, the Prime Rib... OMG!!!!

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Posted in: Xoom emerges as first real iPad competitor See in context

I'm sorry for those "Andoroido-Lovers" but the truth is that if you have and iPad1 or 2, plus a Jailbreak, you can Kick in the 4SS those Android Products, Apple Rules no matter what you people say!!

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Posted in: Mexican candidate, his wife and 2 sons killed See in context

I am Mexican and I am sorry every one for this...for all this things you hear and see on tv from Mexico, there are nice places, and not all the people there is bad, unfortunately they are afraid of situation and some of us just escape from hell...

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