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Posted in: Japan's new home-run hero breaks barriers See in context

V. interesting article. Would be interesting to have a similarly in depth article on the 'secretly introducing a new ball' story

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I assume the games will be held in August.

Yup, July/August. October (as in '64) or Sep/Oct (as in Seoul '88) might have been better?

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I think it's fair to say (???) that folks have been a bit negative on this website in the past about Tokyo and the Olympics . . . so it's good to see mostly (!!!) positive responses above.

Congrats to everyone . . . especially Yuki Ota, who everyone says did a great job with his presentation.

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The Madrid bid is in bad shape with the Spanish doping scandal, so we're still in the race.


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Posted in: Manga critic calls for Japanese comics to read from left to right See in context


If people are that easily confused, maybe they should just stick to reading comics.

Woah, hang on a sec...

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it would be more helpful if we thought of “better English communication” as meaning “better English ethos, pathos and logos.”

Seems like an answer to last week’s “TOEIC is no guarantee of success” story.

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Posted in: Toyota remains top selling automaker despite sales fall See in context

Rather than pursuing numbers, we try to sell one car at a time, producing good cars. We aren’t focused on being No. 1

I can think of soooo many companies that would benefit from adopting this kind of attitude.

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Posted in: 11 nations OK Japan's inclusion in TPP talks See in context

It’s not only this region where China is “gaining clout” - just a few days ago, Iceland became the first European country to sign an FTA with China.

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Posted in: Required or not, English knowledge no guarantee of success See in context

TOEIC was never designed to measure how “persuasively” someone speaks, because how do you quantify that?

TOEIC simply measures “English proficiency”.

If you want to know how how much “human depth” someone has - well, that’s what job interviews are for.

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Posted in: Pop culture subcommittee formed to show world ‘Cool Japan’ See in context

CH3CHO: How many of them know Nintendo? Exactly!

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