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Peeping_TomToday  05:43 pm JST

"If Japan wants to catch up with the world, it truly needs to become a multilingual country"

They have already surpassed about 97% of the world; while speaking Japanese.


Not sure why this would get so many down votes.

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It's just the pc thing to say.

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If ROK and DPRK win, you know Kim Jong Un will make last minute and unreasonable demands when hosting Olympics.

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Funny, watching YouTube many of the attackers on elderly Asians seem to be African-American though maybe they're not all American.

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Samit BasuToday  11:42 am JST


Korea is fine with a neutral name like the Yellow Sea. Korea once offered the name "Blue Sea" to Japan as a compromise and Japan refused.

So we now end up with the official IHO name "18th Sea" instead. Should have taken the Blue Sea compromise and save a lot of headache sooner.

Now it is upto each government to persuade each map publisher to add "East Sea" and "Sea of Japan" in their commercial maps, because map publishers have no obligation to put anything other than "18th" on the water between Japan and Korea.

You know that Korea is fine with a neutral name so long as it does not have Japan in it. I'm pretty damn sure Korea would never change the name to a neutral one had it been named Sea of Korea to begin with.

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There would be no sea to call if Japan wasn't there. Maybe Korea should focus on trying to change the name of Yellow Sea to Sea of Korea. Makes more sense.

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bakakumaToday  08:44 am JST

I thought Japan was supposed to be a non-violent society....

another façade! and another day in Japan!

It is. But it's not perfect.

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Chip StarToday  06:50 am JST

Japanese police clearly don’t have the same guidelines for continuing a vehicle pursuit that American cops have. We periodically read about these crashes caused by someone fleeing the police.

which town American cops are you referring to? Are there federal guidelines? Most are quick to fire their their weapons.

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DisillusionedDec. 15  07:26 am JST

There are a lot of desperate people out there under the fail of Abenomics. His debts are most likely health insurance, city tax and pension. All city halls are under orders to clear all debts coz they are going broke and they have no qualms about taking your whole salary until the debts are cleared regardless of the destitution they create. This is the real Japan in 2019. Both petty and violent crime are rising quickly as the failed Abenomics forces more and more people into destitution.

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