COVID-19 INFORMATION What you need to know about the coronavirus if you are living in Japan or planning a visit.

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Posted in: Rare online outrage in Japan forces Abe to delay controversial bill See in context

Abe is trying to turn Japan into an Oligarchy. Good to see the Japanese people challenging it for their own good.

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Posted in: Japan more likely to completely end state of emergency on Monday See in context

Ok lets look at the numbers.on the 21st the welfare center received 951 inquiries and 89 people were tested and among the 89 tested maybe some had already tested negative since one has to test negative twice to be cleared.

Those numbers are remarkable for a number of reasons.

How come less than 10% of people making an inquiry are allowed to be tested? The health authorities should be well aware that symptoms and disease progression with this virus varies greatly from person to person. Also, why not increase monitoring in order to mitigate a second wave? If anything, allowing people a test may relieve some anxiety. 951 tests in one day should be at a level that Tokyo can easily manage.

Less than 1000 inquiries is remarkable. I find that to be an extremely low number. It could suggests that Tokyo is controlling the spread very well. Or have people have given up even trying to be tested? Or perhaps think that a positive diagnosis will put them through so much trouble that staying silent is worth the risk? Stigmatization and ostracism are well known issues in Japan...

On the upside, if the 3 positive results that came back from Tokyo yesterday are out of about 90 tests, the infection rate has dropped by a huge amount! But then again, how many of those 90 tests are from people that are already in hospital and have already tested positive? Remember that the 3 positive cases are newly confirmed cases.

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Posted in: The line should be drawn between foreigners on short-stay visas and those who stay in Japan based on other statuses of residence. Those whose lives are based in Japan need to be able to return. See in context

Japanese policymakers as usual haven't got a clue what they're doing and how it impacts the lives of the people who live in and contribute to this country. In this case foreign residents. My guess is that the restrictions will be eased eventually, but not until an unforeseeable amount of further non-inclusive "considerations" have been made.

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Posted in: Parts of Japan emerge from virus emergency; Tokyo needs fewer than 20 daily infections See in context

The Japanese government has really shot themselves in the foot on this one. Because of where the bar has been set regarding the state emergency, they have no choice but to keep fudging the numbers in order keep the country open and the economy going. A foul circle of insincerity and dishonesty.

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Posted in: Japan to test 10,000 people for coronavirus antibodies See in context

10,000 and that's it? Thank you Mr. Katsunobu Kato for providing daily comic relief. This man never fails to deliver.

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Posted in: Has Japan dodged the coronavirus bullet? See in context

"If there is an exponential outbreak again, we need to have more testing."

Is this genius really a university professor? :D :D

How are you going to trace a sudden growth in a timely manner without testing proactively?

An exponential outbreak again?.... hmm.... so he is suggesting that Japan has all measures in place to prevent that? I'm not so sure.

Even if this virus is less fatal than we first thought, it simply cannot be claimed that Japan is doing sufficient testing to claim to be in control of the spread. That is absolutely ridiculous and a false proposition.

The comments from this professor reeks of bias. Embarrassing.

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Posted in: Abe announces lifting of state of emergency for 39 prefectures See in context

Like the rest of the world, Japan is eyeing a "re-opening" (was it ever really closed?) of the country and the economy. As a developed nation, it is no wonder.

However, unlike most of the rest of the world, Japan is trying to do so on a pseudo-scientific and completely uninformed basis, which is strange given the capabilities of a developed country. Indeed a very strange and very risky strategy.

Furthermore, the highly ambiguous state of emergency seems to have created large gaps in people's understanding of the implications of the state of emergency in the first place. Many people have taken it to the extreme and have been able to confine themselves in their homes for weeks or months while others have made no efforts in changing their lives whatsoever.

Therefore a "re-opening" is also very ambiguous - especially without a phase plan for when, where and what is supposed to open and what a successful gradual opening looks like. So far this seems to be lacking or at least it is not communicated. It appears that the Japanese government is seriously on the back foot with things.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 39 new coronavirus cases; lowest in 4 weeks See in context

Japan's response to this pandemic resembles that of a third world country in many ways.

Only centralized testing and nurses and doctors having to wear trash bags and raincoats due to the apparent lack of equipment and facilities.

Clinics and hospitals everywhere even shutting down in desperate acts of self-preservation leaving people who are severely ill with no support.

"Mild" cases being lodged in hotels at own expense despite the "low" number of cases in Japan.

Meanwhile, the Japanese government's response has been incompentent, irresponsible and borderline criminal.

The Abe administration seems to care more about presevering its own image and wealth rather than the health and wellbeing of its citizens.

The government has turned the debate onto its re-usable masks and cash handouts, treating the outbreak as a PR crisis between itself and each individual citizen rather than focusing the country's resoures locally to support municipalities, healthcare workers etc.

And then there's the media. It is unfathomable why most Japanese media is not challenging the narrative. 

If people in Japan are to be accused of complacency, it is definitely not being helped - catalyzed rather - by the media and the lack of truthful reporting.

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Posted in: Tokyo running out of beds and gear, medical staff say See in context

On Friday, a non-profit organization that offers developmental aid abroad, said it would build a makeshift hospital with 1,200 beds by the end of April in a bayside shopping district of Tokyo.

The fact that it has come to the point where non-profit organizations are the ones to take responsibility is just mortifying.

Why Japan has not setup any real emergency plans, medical equipment procurement plans, testing schemes etc. puzzles me. What has the government's coronavirus task force been doing up until now?

Regarding testing, Germany has recently ramped up its testing to 500,000 a WEEK! They are literally walking door to door to test people in their homes. In Korea they've setup temporary testing stations throughout Seoul where you can walk in from the street to get a test. Japan has tested around 40000 people since January...

Without data, it is impossible to understand the scale of the problem and thus impossible to conclude whether any measure taken is having the desired effect. It is genuinely scary to think about it.

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Posted in: Many schools in Japan reopen after monthlong coronavirus shutdown See in context

If closing the schools was the right call in the first place, opening them at this problematic time makes little sense, does it?

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