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Posted in: Fans to be banned from Olympic events in Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures See in context

Welcome to the 2020 Tokyo Olympcs.

The special games where tax-payers, who funded the whole thing, aren't invited. Instead tax-paying residents can expect to have their belongings ransacked at the train stations in Tokyo. I already feel warmth, spirit, and inclusiveness on these games.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 920 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,191 See in context

I anticipate a stagnation in the numbers now while the positive percentage will sky rocket. That's how it went the last 3 times.

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Posted in: Japan officially launches its largest ever Olympic delegation See in context

With such a massive delegation I expect some results, Japan.

100+ gold medals on the table please!

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Posted in: Japan to give 6 mil doses of vaccines to Taiwan, 5 Southeast Asian nations See in context

The AstraZenica vaccine is useless at this point. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

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Posted in: Ugandan team coach arriving in Tokyo had Delta virus variant See in context

Remember: "Safe and secure"...

The only two words that exist in Suga's vocabulary whenever he's in Diet.

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Posted in: Truck driver sentenced to death for hit-and-run deaths of two people See in context

Oh, this is scary.

I'm often out on my road bike in the Miharu area. It's great place for cycling.

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Posted in: Suga insists emperor not worried about Olympics See in context

Lol. Why wouldn't he be worried??

Suga you're just so bad at everything.

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Posted in: Suga calls on public to watch Olympics on TV as Japan eases state of emergency See in context


So the sponsors can get their money's worth? Just GTFO strawberry man.

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Posted in: 2 children found dead, mother wounded in Gunma home See in context

Those kids must have screamed in fear and pain as their lives were taken away by their own blade wielding psycho mom. Why are there so many unpredictable lunatic moms in Japan. What do they gain by doing this...

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Posted in: G7 pledge to share vaccines, make a fairer global economy See in context

Human chess! Looks fun.

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Posted in: Suga likely to call snap election after Olympics, Paralympics: report See in context

Very soon, the Sit-ups King is going to have a lot more free time for doing Sit-ups.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan reaffirm alliance amid China territorial claims See in context

Either someone forgot to tell Suga that covid exists and elbowing is the norm in front of the cameras, or he is asking to have his lunch money back...

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Posted in: EU leaders express support for Tokyo Olympics See in context

EU leaders most likely have no flippin clue what's happening in Japan. They look at ot hear about the 'low' number of cases in Japan and so everything's fine.

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Posted in: Japan to start vaccinating Olympic athletes from June 1: JOC See in context

By foreigners I mean olympic staff from abroad who have not quarantined. Not us foreigners in Japan in general.

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Posted in: Japan to start vaccinating Olympic athletes from June 1: JOC See in context

From a medical perspective this makes little sense. Rather they should be focusing on all the volunteers, staff etc. who will come into contact with foreigners and might quickly spread it to the rest of society. Ahh well, the King of Sit-ups knows what's best and everyone will be 100 % safe...

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Posted in: Japan to impose 10-day quarantine on travelers from India, 5 other countries See in context

Every mortal entering Japan (except Olympic athletes and others who aren't mortals) has to quarantine for 14 days.

The 10 days being referred to here is time spent in a government mandated location. For India and Pakistan this was 6 days before and for a bunch of other countries 3 days. After that the remaining days must be spent at home or in another location indication by the traveller. Taking taxis, public transport etc. still isn't allowed.

The reason they do this is to test the traveller multiple times during this period so it is not a bad thing to keeping Japan safe. Just very tiresome for the traveller.

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Posted in: Japan OKs Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccines, but AstraZeneca to be put on hold See in context

I'm sorry, but AstraZenica's vaccine is best reserved for the trash bin. British monkey scam vaccine.

Good that Moderna is finally getting approved though.

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Posted in: Japan to cut number of visiting Olympic Games officials to less than 90,000 See in context

90k people with no quarantine.... International party time

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Posted in: Frustration in Japan as Suga pushes Olympics despite virus See in context

Until recently I was considering finally procuring a TV to be able to watch the games comfortably.... my interest is now gone. What a piece of work that Suga is.

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Posted in: IOC says negative public opinion no threat to Tokyo Olympics See in context

Over the years the Olympics have turned into a pillage fest of the host nation by the IOC who is taking larger and larger cuts while demanding increasingly elaborate facilities. No wonder the number of bidding nations has dropped to just a couple.


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Posted in: Japan to vaccinate Olympic athletes: reports See in context

....Suga: "I've never prioritised the Olympics"

.... "Japan to vaccinate olympic athletes..."

....."Monthly death toll in Osaka broken in less than two weeks"

.... "Desperation at Tokyo Hospital: Stop the Olympics"

.... Suga's health policy advisor: "LOL"

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Posted in: Japan to vaccinate Olympic athletes: reports See in context

Oh no, they didn't....

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Posted in: Publisher slams gov't handling of virus in 3 newspaper ads See in context

Then again, the official Japan death rate has been calculated to be around a tenth of this estimation of total mortality, which puts it over 108,000:

Thank you for posting this link!!

It is remarkable but unsurprising if the covid mortality rate in Japan is actually more than 10 times higher than reported. Among the most severely under reported in the world it seems.

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Posted in: Deaths at home in Osaka Prefecture surge amid COVID wave See in context

Tip of the iceberg

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Posted in: Opposition leader Edano says Olympics cannot be held safely See in context

They haven't got this under control

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

I think Suga forgot he's supposed to run the country. Pathetic.

Forged his way into power unelected and via shady backroom deals... and has demonstrated zero leadership or political competence so far.

We no like.

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Posted in: Unused COVID shots piling up in Japan amid slow rollout See in context

"Local government employees are really working hard, as are the call center staff so I ask that people refrain from issuing complaints as much as possible," Kono told reporters on Friday.

It takes only very basic training to learn how to administer the vaccine. Why is it that these morons won't realize that students, volunteers and others can do the job. Just look at how it is being done successfully in other countries.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor says mutant strains of COVID-19 becoming dominant See in context

The sign is aimed at international media, not at us "disposables". That's a no brainer. 2,5 months before the Olympics and the Tokyo government wants to reassure that "something" is being done and everything is in complete control.

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Posted in: Nurses say they are needed elsewhere, not at Tokyo Olympics See in context

That's right. Stand you ground. Don't give in to this garbage. Enough is enough. Nurses should be given more time off and paid much more. They have been treated horribly by the government and it is becoming clearer and clearer.

It takes a special level of stupidity to make the remarks that Suga did. Never seen something so remarkably stupid from the leader of a country other than Trump.

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