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Posted in: Honda, Sony joining forces on new electric vehicle See in context

Until I heard that Sony would be involved in EV, I had no interest whatsoever. I prefer my Prius hybrid, but Sony!

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Posted in: Met Gala returns in style with Eilish, Lil Nas X, Rihanna See in context

Looks pretty trashy to me. Not as bad as the Video Music awards, but super-trashy.

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Posted in: Japanese university developing coronavirus vaccine in form of a nasal spray See in context

Japan knows how to do it better.

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Posted in: Woman goes on trial for burying body of newborn baby in Tokyo park See in context

Mothers shouldn’t kill their unborn infants inside or outside the womb. If she’s guilty, then lock her up. Abortion is always and everywhere evil.

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Posted in: Kishida singles out China threat See in context

Japan can do anything it sets it’s mind to. Any nation has a right to defend itself against an evil, hostile, and authoritarian country such as China.

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