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Tibor and Libor both need to be reformed; there was a good article about it recently in Bloomberg. This is just one example of why. The cynical take would be that the only difference between this guy and par for the course is this guy got outed by his peers.

Some context here

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a week after the big one there were several hundred on here. at least it's calmed down a bit.

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The worst part about this is that TEPCO is NOT bankrupt, when they should be. There's no way the government (and by extension, taxpayers) should be footing the bill until Tepco goes under. Giving Tepco a bailout, which the government has already been in effect doing, is paramount to condoning evil corporate governance.

The stock has of course fallen quite a bit, but it's actually back up from its June lows, and is still valued at 700+ billion yen. Think how much land that could buy.

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5SpeedRacer5, the billions you scoffed at don't come from deaths, but from class action suits and general costs to cover the recalls... nice summary here:

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