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Posted in: 'Women, go back to the kitchen' command election banners seen in Okinawa See in context

to be honest this looks and smells more like dirty LDP backstabbing... again.

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Posted in: Tamaki wants U.S., Japan, Okinawa talks on U.S. base move See in context

If the US Base really are of national significance - then why are 74.7 percent of the land for the bases contributed by Okinawa only and not equal in ALL Japan.

Frankly Okinawa has more than earned its right to contribute to much needed talks about equally and how serving heavily for over 70 years for the rest of Japan for "national significance" has left many scars and problems that need to be solved -- with diplomacy and not dictatorship.

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Posted in: Okinawa base referendum may deal nationwide electoral blow to Abe See in context

Voters see the strength in PM Abes lion-like leadership, and the mouse-like weakness of opposition parties. PM Abe to stay the course until 2026.

more rat-like to me consider the tactics the use forcing through everything.

Hopefully not another 1-2years, his real enemies are already sharpening the knifes behind his back

and those enemies are not even sitting in the opposition, his own LDP/Kaigi people will throw him under the bus as soon they see the chance for replacing him with a less scandal ridden puppet.


The US Base problems ( its not just "a Okinawa" problem !) will be still burden all politicans until then, heavier and heavier.... until its really solved.

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Posted in: There is a sad reality that more than 60 percent of local governments are refusing to cooperate with the recruitment of new SDF members. See in context

Needs just more Shinzo style fearmongering and Korean/China-bashing on their housebound brainwash NHK, then their "sad" reality might change and a couple of young cannonfodder will sign up.

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Posted in: Japan reluctantly supports U.S. exit from arms pact with Russia See in context

Good dog, now sit and buy some more weapons....

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Posted in: Wage data errors seriously undermine trust in gov't indicators: poll See in context

Abe to Suga - how do we get out of this ? Suga : its regretable but a couple of brown envelopes here and there and we gonna cook up some more Korea & China news. Give it 2-3 days and the people's amnesia is back around next election.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea need to resolve radar issue swiftly: Kono See in context

The bottom line ? One North Korean Boogieman gone, trillions wasted on US warmachines that no one wants to have near their town/prefection, elections incoming. Let's Restart the fearmonging, some folks need this kind of politcal nonsense to get off the chair to the votingstations.

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Posted in: Abe says he plans to push for peace treaty with Russia See in context

The legacy of Abe will be a trillion depth, falsifications and secret law to hide everything under a rock.

And... isnt it too early to sell the golden PR milk already ? Mr. Putin wasnt too happy about how Mr. Abe is (high-)handling the Okinawa or generally the US Bases problem.

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Posted in: Business leaders want structural reform, innovation to move Japan forward See in context

Get less pay, work more, welcome to Japan

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Posted in: Okinawa governor, in New York, calls opposition to base relocation people's will See in context

He is doing is job, give it a rest.

Maybe some of you should start doing your job as well, yet another F/A-18 crashed today in Okinawa.

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Posted in: Campaigns begin for Okinawa governor race; base transfer in focus See in context

According to Okinawa Peace Appeal in English and other sources, Sakima has said he wants to convert the base into a UN facility, specifically a Command-Rear military center. The UN Command-Rear, describes its purpose "to maintain the UN‐GOJ SOFA [UN-Govt of Jp Status of Forces Agreement]" set up during the Korean War. UN Command-Rear nominally has joint authority, with the US, over 7 "UN-flagged" bases in Jp: Camp Zama, Yokota Air Base, Yokosuka Naval Base, Sasebo Naval Base, Kadena Air Base, White Beach Naval Facility, and Marine Corps Air Station Futenma. The current headquarters is at Yokota, not Futenma.

During Sakima's mayoral campaign, he said he would close Futenma and seek to replace it with a Disney resort or Universal theme park, with the support of Jp Def. Minister Yoshihide Suga. No confirmations of their ideas were ever given by Disney or Universal, and, after Sakima's election, they stopped mentioning replacing Futenma with a Disney resort or Universal theme park.

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Posted in: Gov't to go ahead with sales tax hike in Oct 2019 See in context

Just for once I wish people would read the article and think.

1st, the consumption tax is going from 8% to 10%. 10% is very low. Look at Europe:

Austria 20%

Belgium 21%

Denmark 25%

Finland 24%

France 20%

Germany 19%

Great Britain 20%

Italy 22%

Spain 21%

Sweden 25%

So Japan's rate is very low compared to Europe's rate.

No its not very low. just half the truth, like comparing water with wine.

Most of those "high" tax countries provide free medical care, free education, pension from 65 years and more,

where Japan only takes taxes and hide it under slushfunds for the next "difficult" election ( like in Nago, Okinawa, in Atomic Energy towns.. where the LDP politican only can win if he promises )

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Posted in: Trump threatens U.S. allies on trade before leaving G7 summit See in context

Maybe its time to end the freerides the US gets all over the world - start by charging fees for every military base the US has in the EU, Japan.

Thats what gonna hurt most I guess, as the War business is the only surplus for the US.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker justifies remark urging more childbearing See in context

Considering the 100 hours overwork law they railroaded earlier, young working people will even have less time for bearing or caring their children.

The death of a country, ruled by 70s politicans who are too busy sexually harrassing their staff.

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Posted in: Abe, Son among Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People See in context

Keep patting at each others shoulders, oh yes lets remind them we are so great while still knee deep burried in lies and scandals.

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Posted in: Sagawa says he got no instructions from Abe or Aso to alter land sale documents See in context

The worst piece of Muppet Show the Japanese Politics had to offer lately.

What did we get here ? a half-chewed-bone, with parts blacked out & rewritten by the his masters. Are we happy now, is it solved ? Nope.

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Posted in: Restaurant owned by Akie Abe receives threats See in context

Her business is booming then I guess.

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Posted in: If Abe goes, who would succeed him? See in context

In these days its probably more important to ask - who is the successor to Suga ?

A good couple of Billion Yen Secret Slush funds and a hawkish Chief Cabinet Secretary is the key. Once the Chief Cabinet Secretary has stable control of News, TV, socialmedia the future Prime Minister has secured his long naptimes in the Diet.

Scandals ? Voters and Damage Control ? Thats what the Secret Budget is for.

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Posted in: If Abe goes, who would succeed him? See in context

Simple, any Puppet with Nippon Kaigi Pin will do. Pretty face or offspring of former politican is a +bonus ( for voters ), Brain not required - as everything else is decided in the background by the NipponK's Grandpa's anyway.

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Posted in: Most Japanese think Abe bears responsibility for scandal: polls See in context

Its time to think about the international fallout and Japan's Reputation ( see Kobe Steel fake data scandal .. etc) that most or everything of Japan's "good quality" is faked and probably not just single cases also politically or even connected as those LDP grandpa's usually get all those good high-ranging jobs once there politically done and wasted.

To get back on track, just frying a couple of low level fish wont solve it.

Big Heads need to roll, and that soon.

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Posted in: Japan to explore possibility of Abe having summit with N Korea's Kim See in context

Well, he can refill the glasses, why not ?

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Posted in: Abe tells S Korea envoy Japan wants abduction issue resolved in N Korea talks See in context

LOL.. es expected, here we go again. The decades old abduction issue gets warmed up the 100st time ( as always without solution ) to smokescreen the ongoing scandals.

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Posted in: Finance Ministry admits altering land sale documents, removing name of Abe's wife See in context

Those Prosecutors in Japan are probably also on the payroll of the LDP, now lets guess what names they will find exept Mr. Scapegoat and a couple of bonus small fish who usullye type what the big(untouchable)boss ordered.

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Posted in: Police probe possible suicide of finance official amid cronyism scandal See in context

Probably comes very handy for some bigwigs and highranking crooks, they just have to be fast enough with their -lets pin everything- on the poor dead soul.

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Posted in: Japan wary of N Korea's summit agreement with South, overtures to U.S. See in context

not to bad for the US - but time to make some fresh enemies and threads so they be able to find buyers. The sale with Japan was quite a deal, so time to move on I guess _

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Posted in: Abe cabinet's support rate dips to 48% from Feb: poll See in context

and the streamlining of the peoples attention away from LDP scandals ( Morimoto, Labor Reform, ...)

will start in 3...2...1

... with the some more of the good-old Northkorean Rocket / lets punch the fat boy - News. Worked pretty well last time, should be good for another scandal or two.

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Posted in: N Korean leader invites S Korea's Moon to the North See in context

damn... no one will need the not-working Missles from USA anmore ?

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Posted in: Abe vows to proceed with U.S. base relocation in Okinawa after mayoral election See in context

It’s noteworthy, however, that mayor-elect Toguchi is still ambivalent about whether or not he is for the Henoko relocation as he was during the campaign

Im also not sure if Toguchi is just clever enough to not talk about the "sideeffects" loud right away. Intern the deal with his Abe & friends is probably already clear, rubberstamped and done. Given the fact that Toguchi is coming from the Construction business, he probably will make sure there will be a few pieces of the Henoko cake for him left.

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Posted in: Voting under way in Nago mayoral race; U.S. base transfer in focus See in context

meeehh. another LDP sided paid "news" ?

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Posted in: China orders Muji to destroy catalog over 'problem map' See in context

... now replace the word "china" with "USA" and you reuse your text for most other issues as well.

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