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Posted in: Campaigning starts for Nago mayoral race; U.S. base issue in focus See in context

The gov. aid should care for economy revival not only during the weeks of campaining. But the Okinawa people are probably aware of that. Once an election starts, the old geezers with the big checkbooks are droping by promissing the blue from the sky. Fact is those money is for Touguchi and his construction firm mafia, but of course you can get your hopes up if your not really following politics usually.

Its gonna be loud in Nago ( shouting Election promises from 9 to 5 ) but if Touguchi wins its gonna be loud 24/7 with roaring Helis and Ospreys in the sky Monday to Sunday, so take your pick.

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Posted in: Deputy minister resigns over Okinawa gaffe See in context

It's another gaffe, disrespecting and proof of much he Ldp Gov. Is looking down on Okinawa. Maybe the Ldp should start doing something to solve these decade old problems, but no they prefer to make disrespecting marks about it. Even more embarrassing is the fact that the Jpn Gov don't have any say about national security matters, as the US Army I ignoring to listen to the Gov. And take steps.

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Posted in: Museum opens in Tokyo, displaying documents to defend claims to disputed isles See in context

Just smoke and screen, so the LDP rightwinger are kept on the line ( see Abe attending the Olympics in Korea )

Next, make a museum how Okinawa is ignored and abused since 1972 and before, its belongs also to The Japanese minister in charge of territorial issues. But I guess we wont see that - as now elections are on the way in Okinawa.

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Posted in: U.S. military copter makes emergency landing on remote Japanese island See in context

Yup.. many reason - so maybe its time for the USMC find them ? But first shut those heli's down NOW - and stop telling lies they are "safe". Maybe a good time to start showing a bit respect & consideration for the guest country ?

Matt Hartwell. : Good point Im sure there must be Chinese or NK Spy hidding within the USMC, probably dressed up as Henoko Protester daytime and nighttime hampering the AH-1 & Ospreys.

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Posted in: Top court orders state to disclose secret funds papers, without names See in context

"... such as for gaining cooperation from someone related to important national policies or paying for intelligence provision."

Yup.. its the same luggage full of cash Suga will carry again trying to buy voters for the Henoko soon, or was wasted on 100s police officers that are harrassing the Okinawa people there ( and have a nice state payed stay at the Kanucha Bay Hotel )

but Im not surprised as the cornerstone of LDP politics is the checkbook ( wasting taxpayers money to buy votes ).

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Posted in: Abe rejects S Korean call for new steps to help 'comfort women' See in context

Im sorry but its not, Japan' s Gov has to learn that not everything is "solved" by its Checkbook diplomacy. And I mean that by not only wasting taxpayers money, also by really meaning to solve the issue --- with diplomacy, talks and a since appology.

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Posted in: Rotor abnormality led to emergency landing of U.S. military copter in Okinawa See in context

“emergency landing “ or “crash landed” - for people in Okinawa it wont make much difference, its this week's proof that the US army is flying junk over their heads and the Japan Gov. puppets have nothing to say as they as shadow state minions.

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Posted in: Japan faces greatest danger since World War II due to N Korea: Abe See in context

..more like deep pockets and love for wasting taxmoney .

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Posted in: Abe's drive to reform Constitution linked to his re-election odds See in context

A couple of goodold and "warmed up" North Korea news will help him for sure (again), if not play some golf again with the orange-Blondy & the people will applaud again. to taxrising, highest dept ever and a bit extra military spending to make some US based warmongers even more richer.

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Posted in: Backlash grows on 'Star Wars' video game 'loot boxes' See in context

googleplay, apple and mobllephones & co will be very very very silent now, as all those looting & pay to play

started pretty much with mobilephone games.

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Posted in: Japan detects radio signals pointing to possible N Korean missile test See in context

when somebody gets too much grilled about Kake Gakuen the order is to spread some more fear... and the sheep look and run the other way.

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Posted in: Japan to enhance control over privately owned land on remote islands See in context

Just wait .... At the end they Gov. will use it for military buildup or give the land to the US for free (for US Army training, "test"-bombing it )

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Posted in: U.S., S Korea, Japan urge N Korea to cease 'irresponsible' provocations See in context

As long as the US has also Nuklear weapons it wont stop. Without a Face to Face of all 5 leaders ( China aswell) it will never stop.

Give them one tiny room, let them punch each others face - but without a solution no one should leave the room.

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Posted in: Abe: Nationalist blueblood at home, shrewd diplomat abroad See in context

Guess the japanese people (and not just the 56% ) earned them some more Abe time, more brainwashing, more propaganda, friends of the LDP can be happy too - cronyism can go back to normal (ab)normal levels. Enjoy it people, or change over to the shoganai- 金魚 (Goldfish) group.

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Posted in: Gov't to recommend more flexible 'Premium Friday' after poor results See in context

It just shows how much the Gov. is out of touch with the working people. Ask Mr. Aso or Mr. Abe what about a normal family needs, they probably have no idea.

Besides - the ordinarly slaves...umm... I mean working people in Japan still are been forced to overwork (mostly for free), and cant leave no matter what you call that Friday.

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Posted in: Japan braces for election-day typhoon rain See in context

probably 60% or more dont go voting anyway, doesnt matter if rain, sunshine or no more beer at home.

But thank you for pointing out multiple times "Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appealed to voters ..." - the LDP propaganda continues.

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Posted in: Nowhere to hide: N Korean missiles spur anxiety in Hokkaido fishing town See in context

holymoly, that must be the worst piece of LDP propaganda piece I read in the past weeks.

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Posted in: Okinawa assembly protests crash-landing of U.S. military helicopter See in context

Take pick, its a long list :


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Posted in: Nuclear power issue unlikely to be decisive factor in election See in context

woah... how much did the LDP pay for this news flash ? If so, big fail.

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Posted in: Japan expects U.S. to halt CH-53 helicopters for indefinite period See in context


Come on .. really ?

the old "Onaga is China side" propaganda lies ? ( if you didnt know, this fairy tale is straight from the Rightwinger News Sakura Channel )

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Posted in: Japan expects U.S. to halt CH-53 helicopters for indefinite period See in context

See it from the positiveside, the War.inc. USA may use this chance for a few fresh deals :  Embrace for more Ospreys, bought by Japan taxpayers ( + a few % bonus to Nippon Kaigi's pockets) dumped to far away (Okinawa) again... and again...

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Posted in: Member of Nobel Peace Prize winning group raps Japan over nuclear weapons treaty See in context

The problem is Japan cant decide by themselfs, its just a shadow state of the US.

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Posted in: Japanese media surveys show Abe heading for big win in Oct 22 election See in context

I guess it fits to Halloween, the braindead are coming... and voting the the same old zombies

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Posted in: Aso retracts Hitler comment after criticism See in context

it just proves, Better not to wake up the usual snorring Aso, or replace him with a bag of potatoes chips ( = more useful)

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Posted in: Osprey makes emergency landing at Oita airport See in context

@Yubaru : LOL, What kind of comments do you expect if its emergency landing and crashing on weekly basis lately ?

Since Its sooo safe, lets use it for VIP flights. Free flights and weekend travels for LDP Politicans with the awesome Osprey. (//sarcasm off)

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Posted in: N Korea fires missile over northern Japan; Abe speaks with Trump See in context

At some point the people may wake up and realize that evertime Abe plays his broken record "will do the uttermost to protect the people" is already the uttermost he can do.

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Posted in: TEPCO faces $5 bil lawsuit in U.S. over 2011 Fukushima disaster See in context

Let me know or compare how much billions the (japanese) people of Miyagi, Fukushima and surrounding got ( or still fighting to get ) ... for loosing their jobs, houses and loved ones.

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Posted in: Gov't mulls installing recordkeeping supervisors at each ministry See in context

... and if the record keeping shows some irregularies, there is still the "state secret laws" which allows the politicans to hide it from public.

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Posted in: Defense chief seeks understanding of Okinawa over Osprey flights See in context

To funny thing is Defense Minister Onodera is nothing then a minion to the US Defense, reading off, rubber stamping whatever report they will send him or his before minions ... probably since 1945. See also "bring in nuclear weapons ahead of Okinawa reversion" report.

Maybe its time to wake up to the reality that the US is mainly pulling the strings, and your LDP politicans are the puppets ?

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Posted in: Japan approves U.S. Marine flights of Ospreys after crash See in context

please share that "understandable explanation" the US army has given to the Defense Ministry. They probably didnt even get anything, just are trying to save face because the Japan Defense is too weak, to low to demand or even protest to the US.

Little doggy sit, the master decided.

Japanese residents, is that who you like it ? Your country mostly already ruled by an foreign goverment ?

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