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Posted in: Coronavirus third wave puts many Japanese hospitals on overload See in context

Third wave? Any country can seemingly create waves by increasing and decreasing the number of tests as and when desired.

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Posted in: Samsung Electronics forecasts 25.7% jump in Q4 operating profit See in context

More blatant proof that Abe's pathetic policies on 'export controls' had no impact on Samsung and the South Korean economy.

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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo prefectures to request state of emergency See in context

Seems like the local governors have higher IQ than the LDP government as a whole.

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Posted in: Gov't gave more than 100 contracts over 10 years to Dentsu-linked non-profit groups See in context

Only 100? Similar to other figures reported, this is also understated by about 90%.

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Posted in: Japan opposed sanctions against China after Tiananmen crackdown, declassified documents show See in context

Thanks Japan. And now you wonder why China is this big mess now.

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Posted in: Honda wins world-first approval for Level 3 autonomous car See in context

Wins??? What kind of propaganda is this? The J gov will lower the standards at all costs to achieve their image. Just look at how they lowered the safety standards at Fukushima.

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Posted in: After unpredictable Trump, Biden presidency will still be challenging for Japan See in context

Not to worry. I'm sure Suga will have learnt from his bum chum predecessor that it's best to brown nose the US president and then everything will be rosy for Japan.

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Posted in: Japan sees near-record 1,547 coronavirus cases in possible 3rd wave See in context

Not to worry. Japan's got a good handle on this. Just crank down the testing a little bit more and then the cases will drop. Need to maintain that safe image.

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Posted in: S Korea expresses concern over any Japanese radioactive water dump See in context

The way Japan has been handling this, and all other disasters, has been a disgrace, on par with North Korea. No plans, ignore experts, reject international monitoring, and just drag on and on and on. And then they have the audacity to blame neighbors for raising concerns.

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Posted in: Japan urges S Korea to present solution over wartime labor row See in context

I’ve to commend Japan’s persistence with trying to normalize fallacies. Experts, Japanese lawyers, and even international organizations such as WHO have all commented that the 1965 treaty did not cover slavery nor sex slaves. Even, governments prior to Abe admitted that these claims are uncovered by the treaty. Yet, we have these looney tunes from the LDP trying to ensure the floodgates of individual claims do not open, not only from Korea but from the rest of Asia. Grow a pair Japan!

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Posted in: Japan's total coronavirus cases top 100,000 See in context

Japan spent $10 million bribing WHO to reclassify approx 700 cases from Diamond Princess as international conveyance in order to save face and the Olympics. Money well spent, NOT!

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Posted in: Man arrested for indecent exposure on train See in context

Why him only? Honestly, I saw so many flashers during my stay in Japan previously.

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Posted in: Europe, U.S. facing new round of shutdowns amid virus surge See in context

At least all the other countries in the world test enough to know the real picture of the virus.

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Posted in: Opposition grills Suga over science council, virus response See in context

LDP = oyajis = my way or the the high way.

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Posted in: Suga says plan to release Fukushima water coming soon See in context

This J gov is so incompetent. First, Suga said he was going to release the water swiftly, then after the protests Suga decides to delay the release, and now Suga said he will come up with a plan soon. They should have come up with a plan 9 years ago FIRST. Complete joke!

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Posted in: Fujifilm partners with Shanghai firm to seek Chinese COVID-19 approval for Avigan See in context

Gotta love the two sides of Japan. Govt creates the quad to contain China, and at the same time, the Govt encourages the private sector to court businesses in China. In other words, it’s all about image and money.

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Posted in: Group protests to NHK over tweets considered prejudiced against Koreans See in context

LOL. People saying Koreans are behind this didn't even bother to read the article.

The protest by the Peace Philosophy Center, based in Vancouver, Canada

Satoko Norimatsu, who heads the peace advocacy group

Forgive these people. Nothing seems to be going well for their country, so they need an easy punching bag to vent their angers.

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Posted in: Toyota, Nissan to seek reimbursement from UK if Brexit talks fail: Nikkei See in context

Another one of those veiled threats by the masters.

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Posted in: Pompeo calls Suga 'force for good' during visit to boost solidarity against China See in context

Another one Abe's stupid legacies as he tried to make Japan more relevant in the international stage. Next target of China's wrath will be Japan. There are other ways to counter the Chinese, and Quad is not one of them.

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Posted in: Japan's 'yuru-kyara' mascot competition to end after 9 years See in context

“Organized votes”... they only realized this after 9 years? C’mon, this is the land where cash rules. As expected.

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Posted in: Gov't already planning approval of antiviral drug Avigan in November See in context

So the j gov is now back flipping on their original backflip, which is as expected.

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Posted in: Post-Abe candidates make late-stage appeals in debate See in context

What a show. Proudly brought to you by the LDP.

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Posted in: Gov't to let foreign athletes enter Japan under certain conditions See in context

With certain countries contemplating boycotting the games next year due to the pandemic, shouldnt the government consider begging the athletes to come to Japan instead?

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Posted in: Abe plan for land-attack counterpunch could mark major military shift for Japan See in context

If Japan wasn't constantly being harassed and antagonized by its neighbors whether North Korean missiles or Chinese territorial disputes, this would never have been needed.

err, wasn’t it Japan that constantly harassed and attacked their neighbors for thousands of years? If Japan wasn’t as barbaric in the past, the neighbors wouldn’t want to defend/attack Japan, would they?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 276 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 692 See in context

Why so many people with fever for 4 consecutive days in Japan? And how many with similar symptoms were rejected by the gov for testing? Obviously, numbers make no sense in Japan.

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Posted in: 75th anniversary of end of WWII marked at Pearl Harbor See in context

Shhhh. This is different to what’s been taught in Japanese textbooks.

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Posted in: PM candidate Suga: A stern enforcer who does 100 sit-ups daily See in context

Japan is no different to North Korea. Propaganda glorifying upcoming leaders so the sheep will become loyal to their new shepherds. What a joke!

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Posted in: Moon says he is always ready to talk with Japan over historical disputes See in context

Btw, an apology in Japan is not the same as in the west. It's lip service to save face and force the victims to silence.

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Posted in: Moon says he is always ready to talk with Japan over historical disputes See in context

So in the other story from today, Japan focuses on remembering the victims of WW2. When Korea focuses on their own victims, the Japanese tell them to move. Oh the hypocrisy.

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Posted in: Japanese war orphans tell of pain, shame and recovery See in context

Not even third world countries treat one of their own like this.

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