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Tom Doley comments

Posted in: Businessman paid $8.2 mil by Tokyo Olympics bid lobbied figure at center of French corruption probe See in context

You know Japan is guilty of corruption when the JOC 'accidentally' shredded/hid/lost/[add whatever excuse] all the financial documents just days prior to the independent investigation, and when the previous head of the JOC Takeda resigned over alleged corruption, apparently to save Japan's face/butt.

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Posted in: With more infections than China, Spain tightens lockdown See in context

Although the governments of Italy and Spain aren’t saying it for fear of retribution, their current situation had been somewhat exacerbated by the use of Chinese test kits that produced more than 70% of people having false negatives.

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Posted in: Japan warship, China fishing boat collide in East China Sea See in context

Last year it was a North Korean fishing boat. This year it’s the Chinese. There seems to be a common denominator here.

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

WHO have done nothing useful and are a big joke so really who cares what they say anymore. 

Unbelievable. Again, I emphasize, even third world countries don’t rely on such pathetic criteria.

So you are saying people without symptoms should be tested now? You're not making any sense. I'll just ignore that.

Up to 40% of people carrying the virus do not show symptoms at all. For people that have symptoms, there’s an incubation period of average 5 days during which they show no symptoms. In both cases, people can still shed the virus left right and center even when showing no symptoms. Comprehende?

And people with light symptoms should go and get tested, just so they can go back home and isolate, which is what they were going to do in the first place!? 

Which is exactly what Japan is not doing because they aren’t testing people with light symptoms but those with fever for 4 consecutive days, and even then, in some cases being rejected for testing. And because they aren’t being tested, they don’t know they have the corona, and therefore they won’t even self isolate.

Good luck with that happening. SK were prepared because of the MERS outbreak a few years ago.

So, is Japan acting feebishly now to prepare for the next outbreak? It’s a pathetic excuse. Extreme periods require extreme measures, not hold onto some self pride and ignore working methods developed by your arch rivals.

Stop acting like Japan is doing far worse than every other country, when many of them have body bags piling up and nowhere to put them.

Dear oh dear. With this kind of logic, I really worry about the future of Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

There are certain conditions you have to meet, including having a fever for 4 days. The info is even available from a link at the top of JT.

Even a 5 year old wont come up with pathetic conditions like this. No other country has such conditions. Even WHO recommended to test all potential carriers. And the same 5 year old can tell you that all potential carriers does not equate to every citizen.

They would have to go to a hospital then, when most likely they'd be self-isolating. And we've already seen how most of the cases recently were spreading in a hospital. So no, not necessary more logical.

This is such an asinine comment. If you test positive and don’t have symptoms, why be quarantined in hospital when you can self isolate at home, like what most other advanced nations are doing. The hospital is only for those that are critically ill. I find it so outrageous that the Japanese keep using this as an excuse to limit testing.

They could set up drive-though test centers, but even then people without a car would never get tested.

Unbelievable excuse. What about the walk through booths similar to what South Korea introduced?

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Posted in: China's new coronavirus cases trend lower See in context

The CCP excludes people that test positive but are asymptomatic. So, the Chinese figures aren't directly comparable to the rest of the world's. But having said that, at least they do test and track asymptomatic people. Compare that to Japan where it only tests people showing symptoms, but even then, only for those people that have had fever for 4 days, but even then, only if you are lucky enough not to be rejected at hospitals, or you have darn connections to the elite. Simply outrageous.

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Posted in: Virus-striken Diamond Princess leaves Yokohama Port See in context

Twas the ship with another name - international conveyance. All because of some incompetent crooks who begged and bribed WHO with $10m. Sayonara.

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Posted in: Abe faces struggle on coronavirus, economy, after Olympics delayed See in context

The economy was heading downwards way before the corona or the postponement of the Olympics. It’s always so easy to blame something or someone in Japan.

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

Only dictators of communist countries care about their butts more than peoples lives. I really feel sorry for the Japanese people.

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Posted in: Abe says Trump supports Olympic postponement 100% See in context

What kind of garbage propaganda is? Abe making it seem like that it was his idea to postpone it when in fact it was Trump who suggested to Abe. And the only reason why Abe eventually decided to postpone it was to save face from all the boycotts. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Cruise ship responsible for jump in Australia coronavirus cases See in context

This won't be classified as 'international conveyance'. Australia won't try to downplay COVID19 and they certainly won't pay $10 million to WHO.

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Posted in: 3 company execs accused of exporting bio-agent producing device to S Korea See in context

Change of tone by the communist dictator? Used to be Japanese did no wrong, only Koreans violated export control.

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Posted in: Abe says no need yet for emergency declaration; Tokyo Olympics still on See in context

Japan is testing at a rate of 80.5 tests per million people.

Actually, when you consider that this figure includes tests conducted for Princess Diamond passengers and exclude them, it is around 50 per million. Japan’s healthcare system is trending downwards into third world territory just like their economy. Thanks all to the communist dictator.

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Posted in: Will Abe declare emergency over coronavirus after law revision? See in context

Japan has fallen out of the top 10. Well done, Based on the above numbers, Japan's is doing a great job.

That’s such a Japanese mentality. No doubt Japan will continue to fudge numbers to save face. Heck, they even bribed WHO 10 million dollars to classify diamond princess as it’s own ‘nation’.

But this ain’t a competition to be out of the top 10. While the whole world tries to contain the virus through early detection and intervention, Japan goes the opposite. You see, the virus is contagious even before people show any symptoms. You need to detect people as quick as possible, and not let them roam around willy nilly and infect others.

By the way, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines now thank Japan for their incompetence because it was the Japanese who spread it into their countries. Great result for not being in the top 10.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son criticized for offering free coronavirus tests See in context

Japan is the only country in the world desperately trying to minimize its numbers. They even bribed WHO with USD 10 million of taxpayers/printed money to ensure Diamond Princess was classified as ‘international conveyance’. Further, when countries like Switzerland with less than 10% of Japan’s population now has more confirmed cases than Japan (despite having their first case recorded much later), you know Japan is effed up. Grow up Japan!

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Posted in: Japan eyes entry ban from virus-hit northern Italy See in context

Planning to ban? Abe had no qualms in banning Korea on the spot at dinner with two nippon kaigi members. But for Italy, you need a task force meeting three days later? Further, the official justification by j gov for its action was that cases in Korea were approaching ten thousand. Italy has how many? Proof that there’s no logic to this communist dictator.

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Posted in: Japan to invalidate 2.8 million visas for Chinese amid virus fears See in context

Just as I predicted last week, predictable Abe brought out the Korea card yet again.

With support rate at all time low, imminent cancelation of the olympics, failed virus containment, abenomics flunking, GDP per capita now falling behind South Korea’s, the only way for Abe to gain his sheep’s and hardline nippon kaigi’s support was to bring out the Korea card.

And talk about double standards, Abe informs the Chinese gov of its intentions diplomatically but for Korea, it was stuff you, find out through your media. Japan deserves all the retaliation from South Korea. If Abe wants respect, act like a grownup, not an immature headless communist dictator.

Thinking about his citizens? BS. As some people pointed out earlier, if Abe really cared about his people he should have also banned Italy, stopped his citizens from spreading the virus around the world, and actively tested his people.

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Posted in: S Korea protests over Japan's virus travel restrictions See in context

How come SK complains only to Japan? LOL

I read that South Korea did complain to the other countries, the same as they did to Japan. Ie. China, Israel, Australia etc. The article would be more useful if it stated such facts instead of making it seem only Japan was the target. But of course, the media has to be subservient to a communist dictator.

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Posted in: S Korea protests over Japan's virus travel restrictions See in context

This belated lunge is clearly a desperate, politically-motivated attempt to shift focus onto South Korea and distract attention away from his failures at home.

Well spotted. It’s the only thing Abe is good at. Using the Korea card.

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Posted in: S Korea protests over Japan's virus travel restrictions See in context

Good. There’s greater chance that the tourists will be infected by the locals now with all the lack of testing and transparency.

Further, why not ban Japanese tourists going abroad? They’re spreading the virus overseas unwittingly. You know it’s underreported in Japan if they only find out they’re infected when they go to a third country.

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Posted in: BOJ Gov Kuroda offers bleak view on economy See in context

Poor virus, being made the scapegoat for the lackluster economy. The economy was already in the doldrums due to abenomics and the pathetic export controls. In 2019 according to the OECD, Japan's GDP per capita fell below South Korea's. That ain't the virus' fault. This is nothing but Abe and his accomplices always trying to find an excuse, blame others, or whitewash the facts.

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Posted in: Australian stores ration toilet paper amid coronavirus panic buying See in context

Japan should be absolutely proud of themselves for starting this worldwide toilet paper purchasing trend.

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Posted in: Japan pushes to remove Fukushima references from U.N. exhibition See in context

Japan’s favorite pastime. They spend too much time and effort on trying to restore their honor. I wonder how they will whitewash the cancellation of the Olympics this year.

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Posted in: Last crew members leave cruise ship quarantined at Yokohama port See in context

I have one question- how are the infections and deaths of the international conveyance going to be counted now that the ship is empty?

As usual, the People’s Republic of Japan never thought about the mid term consequences of reclassifying it when they lobbied (or rather threatened) WHO. Their only concern was to fudge numbers like China, just as they did with the Fukushima radiation, all because saving face is more important than transparency. My other question is, why weren’t the planes that carried infected people called ‘international conveyance’?

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Posted in: Panasonic, Tesla to scrap solar panels partnership See in context

Not surprising. The two have marriage problems. Musk has incessantly complained about Panasonic’s rigid management.

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Posted in: University student arrested for molesting woman See in context

Repeat the mantra, “safety country”. They’ve even got the stats to prove it!

From memory, that report was sponsored by a Japanese company NEC. So yep, the stats and conclusion would be very accurate.

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Posted in: IAEA chief says Fukushima water release plan meets global standards See in context

Japan is all grandiose in talk, but when it comes to walking the implementation, it’s BS as usual. They still haven’t properly filtered out strontium nor cesium yet.

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Posted in: 'Where's Abe?' critics ask, as coronavirus spreads in Japan See in context

Approval rating down? No worries, let’s use Korea to drum up support. Hang on, I can’t use North now because my master isn’t doing it, and I can’t use South because I just got burnt economically doing it the last time. Let me go to my bunker and think for a while.

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Posted in: 'Parasite' star hopes film will help Japan-Korea cultural ties See in context

What does any of that have to do with the article and the discussion here?

Again, if you had cared to read properly, my comment was a reply to a previous comment. Further, it helps explain why according to you 'Koreans need to grow up and start acting like grown adults'. You see, the relationship between the two are not new - the distrust of Japan has evolved over many centuries. Yet, the Koreans I know normally don't dwell on this past. That is, unless aggravated by Japan in which case the floodgate of bad memories open. The fact is Japan is as much to blame for the current situation.

There are some Japanese who love South Korean culture. However, why not mention the majority who hate the culture as well? Comfort women statue at the Aichi exhibition? Demonstrations against Korean dramas on TV? Right wing nutmegs trying to stop BTS concerts? Anti-Korean comments on live TV? Anti-Korean section in book stores? 80% of all online commentaries are anti Korean? etc. etc.

In fact, the word 'Korea' is one of the top two most searched words in Japan. Break it down by age group and gender, and the only group interested in Korean culture are females under 30. The rest of Japan search for news on Korea, hoping to see something that Japan is better at to brighten up their day.

For Koreans, the word 'Japan' isn't even in the top 10 for all search engines. Koreans don't even care about what goes on in Japan.

Therefore, it's Japan that needs to grow up, understand their history, and stop aggravating its neighbor.

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Posted in: 'Parasite' star hopes film will help Japan-Korea cultural ties See in context

What a joke, a Korean saying that the mentality of the Japanese is stuck in the 1900s. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence will know that the opposite is true. Too funny.

If you read correctly between the lines, I was implying that both Koreans and Japanese are stuck in the past. That is, you're both the same. Jokes on you buddy.

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