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Posted in: 57-year-old man acquires diver’s license to search for wife lost in tsunami See in context

My heart goes out to this wonderful man.

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True, enforcement may take a father a lot of time and money, but this would still be a very good step forward.

The real dynamic of this situation is that Japanese women who marry foreigners are considered a bit to be black sheep, antway; deserting country and culture, etc. But when they divorce, they are coming back into the fold, as it were.

In truth, most Japanese prefer to believe the woman were suckered into an abusive (or at least difficult) relationship than that possibly a Japanese woman could bear at least 50 percent of the responsibility for the break up.

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Posted in: Abe visits Meiji Shrine in apparent rightist appeal See in context

I never understood this issue. What if the Vietnamese, Germans or Japanese objected to the US president visiting Arlington National Cemetery? Would anyone say we should be more sensitive?

It's a local, national issue, not an international one. I think the Japanese PM can visit and pray anywhere he likes. Ultimately, it's up to his constituents to judge.

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Posted in: Labor ministry to scrap employee pension insurance system See in context

I worked in Japan for three years and paid into the pension system. After I had returned to the US, I was able to request and receive a refund. I was quick and easy. They seem to prefer that than having to pay a pension. Either way, foreigners in Japan don't lose the money they put into the retirement system.

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