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Posted in: 70% of Japan flight attendants report photos taken of them secretly See in context

I sympathize with the flight attendants. However, the old-fashioned insistence of most Japanese airlines on hiring only young, good-looking female flight attendants may be a factor. They are expected to marry and retire by 30, and if they don’t they tend to get shifted to office jobs, I believe.

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Posted in: World’s first NFT of a Japanese novel with English translation hopes to provide profitable opportunity for translators See in context

I believe the author means “Japanese literature” rather than “literacy.” Ironically, that is a somewhat “illiterate” error.

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Posted in: The 'zombification' of married life See in context

Just a factual correction: The divorce rate peaked in 2002, not 2020.

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Posted in: Suga, wife have dinner with Jill Biden See in context

Just wondering…. If the Olympics were being held in the USA, and Suga stayed home and sent Mariko along to represent Japan, would she get VIP status and have dinner with the Bidens? Or would the Americans feel somewhat sup unbend?

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Posted in: Olympic, Paralympic posters See in context

As for the Paralympic poster, I think you’re being a little harsh. It’s not THAT similar to Composition VIII. Kandinsky is determinedly abstract, whereas this composition invites us to read it as an exploding party cracker shooting colorful confetti into the air. And I don’t think Kandinsky ever incorporated typography into his works, whereas the Goo Choki Par lad have rather pleasantly incorporated “TOKYO 2020” into their design. And I give it some credit for not looking anything like the official Paralympic logo, which I view as discriminatory: complete circle for the Olympics, broken circle for the Paralympics. So, not totally original, but I still like it! And incidentally, I’m clearly not the only one since I see from the Tokyo Olympics merchandise page that it appears to be the only item that is sold out… one day after its unveiling.

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You make some excellent points, snowymountainhell. Indeed the blue sphere is not a good choice for these pandemic times. Not only does it have that spreading feeling that you mention, but also it bears quite a strong similarity to a close-up picture of a Coronavirus. That is due largely to the fact that it is so very similar to the official Olympics logo, pictured right below it on the display board… so similar as to make one wonder what the point of this new image is… and that image in turn is so similar to a virus image that the Number One Shinbun could not resist parodying it, resulting in a huge row.


Actually it’s got even more pustules on it than the logo itself. Perhaps I was a little over-generous when I said it was “nice enough.” Here’s 100 yen that says this too is going to be subject to satire or ridicule.

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Posted in: Olympic, Paralympic posters See in context

A spot of Kandinsky influence in there maybe?

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Posted in: Olympic, Paralympic posters See in context

The cool blue sphere is nice enough, but I far prefer the explosive energy of the Paralympic poster. I want one!

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Posted in: Lesbian couple hold symbolic wedding ceremony in Tokyo See in context

It is rather irritating that the article doesn't tell us whether this wedding took place in Shibuya, with its new progressive policy, or in some other part of Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japanese restaurants in New York introduce ban on tipping See in context

John Ocupy the Moon Daly, just as a matter of interest, I wonder how the IRS calculates income tax on tips. Is there some theoretical level???

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