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I know this is an old post but I can't help but notice that you seem to be reading straight out of the anti-gay/homosexual/LGB playbook in regards to fears, biases, and presumptions toward our demographic. First, there was the lambast toward "political correctness". I grew up within a rural area of the American Bible Belt where political correctness did not exist in any form. As a result(?), my young developing ears were inundated with negativity toward homosexuals and homosexuality from a very early age that continued on to adulthood and beyond. This had a decidedly negative effect on my psychological development and sense of self, since I was and still am homosexual.

Following your comments, this bled into an almost abject disbelief that a 10-year old child could possibly self-identify as homosexual followed by an accusation of child abuse toward the parents. My retort to this is that "one never seems to be too young to realize they're straight, but one is never old enough to know that they're gay." This is the double-standard that I've encountered regarding sexuality. I have spoken to many heterosexual males who have stated that (even prior to puberty) they felt a draw toward girls. They just felt something alluring to girls and found them to be beautiful. This would, of course, bloom into full-blown heterosexuality upon the onset of puberty. Likewise, I, myself, found other boys (and men) to be alluring and beautiful. I found myself to be intensely drawn to them in a profound and visceral way. Meanwhile, I never felt any of these same feelings toward girls. And, for the record, I was reared within an intensely old-fashioned family and had a strong connection with my father. It only deteriorated when they discovered that I was homosexual and then that's when the abuse unfortunately began. Finally, I was kicked out of the house during my senior year of high school for getting caught logging on "gay" websites.

Boys begin puberty anywhere from 9-14 years of age, girls start anywhere between 8-13. So, it is entirely possible that this youngster could already have begun puberty. Likewise, feelings of attraction may have already manifested themselves even before becoming sexual with the advent of puberty. It is important that these children are not exposed to anti-homosexual rhetoric in their formative years as "recurrent chronic humiliation" was found to be the greatest contributing factor with regards to children developing mental illnesses and psychological issues in adulthood as a direct result of their childhood/adolescent experiences. This was from the Adverse Childhood Experiences study. Gay/bisexual/lesbian children are a demographic that is known to be overwhelmed with these experiences of shame, humiliation, and invalidation. This is a huge contributing factor to the epidemic of mental health issues that plague us. And it has been connected to the stigma that we endure time and again.

Another piece of recurring misinformation that I see being pandered from the anti-LGBT crowd is that we only represent an increasingly tiny portion of the population. Indeed, we are a minority. But that percentage continuously shrinks in blogs/reports/statements from the Right/Anti-Gay/Anti-PC crowd as time goes on. Now we're being told that we only make up 2-1%? The actual range seems to be 1.2-6.8%. One must also take into consideration that many LGB people are not open about their sexuality and would, thus, be invisible and counted among the seemingly heterosexual masses in these statistics. In the end, the insidious message that is seemingly being conveyed through this misinformation is that "the LGB make up such a small portion of the population that they ultimately don't matter. We need not be burdened with consideration for their needs or rights as citizens."

Ffinally, and most damning in my opinion, you raise the spectre of homosexual pederasts/pedophiles as a scare tactic. You seem to be pandering the idea that the only (or main) reason why homosexuals would be interested in LGB children is for abuse and molestation. This, of course, is nonsense. It is especially unpalatable that you would try to conjure the old fear and prejudice that homosexuals are perpetually lurking in the shadows, salivating for the opportunity to violate and corrupt humanity's vulnerable youngsters. This was the type of prejudicual fearmongering that was pushed in old propaganda films from the mid 20th century, such as the infamous "Boys Beware." This was the same type of propaganda that pushed the disgusting idea that homosexuals must "recruit" children in order to replenish our numbers. I, as an adult homosexual, naturally feel protective over LGB children and have a strong desire to provide for them any kind of relief or protection that I may, in hopes that they may avoid my own sad fate and are not subjected to my own unfortunate circumstances growing up. It would sadden me profoundly if an adult were to harbor suspicions that my intentions were less than honorable when it comes to my care and concern for LGB children. I want to protect them from all predators, as well. But I believe that it is dishonorable, disrespectful, and unworthy of you to insinuate that homosexual pedophiles are a more prevalent concern than heterosexual pedophiles.

I must say that it has always struck me as being so sardonically humorous that so many of our detractors seem to engage in the very activities that we have been accused of. Specifically, those of recruitment and indoctrination. A person either is or isn't homosexual. Ergo, we cannot recruit. Religious people however must recruit in order to ensure their religion's continued existence. Likewise, they must also indoctrinate (perferably at a young age) in order to ensure that their beliefs are safely instilled within their recruits and that they will be followed accordingly. As has been humorously written before by another, you don't see homosexuals knocking on doors holding pamphlets, asking if you've heard the 'Good Word' of our Lord and Saviour, Elton John.

If I have misunderstood you in anyway then I apologize. You seem to have a strong stance against political correctness. I believe that anything can be taken too far, PC being no different. However, in this regard, you seem to be tossing the baby out with the bathwater.

And, bluntly stated, you seem to possess a decidedly negative and sadly misinformed opinion regarding homosexuality and homosexuals.

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