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Posted in: TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt See in context

Regarding the meaning of the now infamous T-shirt, it seems to be have been designed to commemorate Korean Liberation Day on August 15. (1) the nuclear bomb represents end of WW2; (2) the people celebrating at the bottom is an actual picture of ordinary Koreans celebrating the surrender of Japan and end of WW2; (iii) the words are Konglish, and I guess they are supposed to mean that Koreans should be patriotic about their country.

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Posted in: S Korea says it won't seek to renegotiate 'comfort women' deal with Japan See in context

"no intention of changing the deal even by a millimeter"

It seems Abe is the Scrooge or Shylock of Asia!  I guess the victims have no choice but to accept Japan's non-apology~

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