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Posted in: Half of 7-Elevens in Japan to start selling 100-yen Daiso products this month See in context

I only go to the 7-11 when they're selling those strawberry and whipped cream sandwiches.

Sometimes for a coffee on my drive to the office.

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Posted in: Incumbent Nago mayor defeats anti-U.S. base transfer rival See in context

Okinawa was its own sovereign kingdom/nation. It was invaded by the imperial Japanese army just like Guam, the Philippines, Saipan and countless other small Pacific Island nations. There should not have been a “reversion”. It never belonged to Japan. If anything, the US should have supported it like Guam or it should have been returned to its original state like the Philippines

It's a closed deal. Move on.

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Posted in: Japan to expand quasi-emergency areas as virus cases surge See in context

Remember to keep your distance when visiting Universal Studios in Osaka!

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Posted in: Toyota production in Japan hit by parts crunch from COVID-19 See in context

4 years to receive delivery of the new Land Cruiser isn't quite in synch with Toyota's famed JIT.

My 2 cents.

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Posted in: Japan mulls delaying controversial Sado mine list for World Heritage See in context

Korean opposition again?

Some folks would have you believe that anything ever built between 1939 - 1945 was by Korean "slaves" and that not a single one of them willingly signed up to work or was paid for working in the mines, in the factories, in the fields, etc.

rolls eyes

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Posted in: China's bubble bullet trains start Winter Olympics venue dash See in context

Another Chinese high-speed rail miracle?

Brings back memories of Wenzhou on July 23, 2011.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: ‘Why hostess clubs?’ See in context

Why not?

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Posted in: In Texas, driverless trucks are set to take over roads See in context

Nada. It's not going to happen anytime soon.

The reasons are too long to list here.

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Posted in: 'Throwaway economy' thwarting climate goals: report See in context

Actually, I'm totally OK with a "throwaway" economy.

It's not that mankind is going to be around forever anyways.

Enjoy it while you can.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan in 2021 fell to record low 245,900 See in context

That's good in some ways.

I don't miss the hordes of Chinese tourists.

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Posted in: Olympic athletes urged by activists not to criticize China See in context

Once again the world tolerates and dances around China, instead of addressing the fact they caused a global pandemic which has killed millions and they have not yet been held accountable for.

China lied. People died.

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Posted in: Tokyo condo frees up space by putting a shower in the kitchen See in context

Anyone else care to chime in on how well off they are living in Tokyo or wherever?

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Posted in: A 21st-century reinvention of the electric grid is crucial for solving climate change crisis See in context

You will love your EV.

To be honest, there isn't enough space here to go over the EV vs. ICE debate in any significant depth.

Make sure to do your homework before jumping on the EV bandwagon.

My 2 cents.

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Posted in: Japan hopes to lead Asian zero-emissions push: minister See in context

JT posters know what's best for Japan.

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Posted in: One view on dealing with the coronavirus is that we have to learn to live with it. What does "live with it" mean to you? See in context

It means stop whining and complaining about Japan.

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Posted in: S Korea, Taiwan expected to top Japan in GDP per capita in 2027, 2028 See in context

Expect that gap to grow even further as more bitter and disillusioned foreigners in Japan move to SK and Taiwan.

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Posted in: COVID pandemic nowhere near over: WHO See in context

Tedros has ZERO credibility. Go away.

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Posted in: Emperor hopes for end of coronavirus pandemic in poem ceremony See in context

Thank you, Emperor Naruhito.

It is unfortunate that your kind words do not touch the hearts of some of the posters here.

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Posted in: Toyota yearly production target hit by chip shortage See in context

Toyota enjoys market dominance in more than 170 countries all over the world.

Net revenue of Toyota was 247 billion USD in March 2021.

Operating income of Toyota is about 20 billion USD in the fiscal year of 2021.

The total number of workers was around 360,000 in the fiscal year 2020.

In global sales, Toyota sold around 3.9 million units in 2020.

Toyota generated approx. 87 billion US dollars of revenue from North America.

Sales of the company were $249.4B in May 2021.

Market capitalization of Toyota was $219.2B in May 2021.

Toyota sold 8,958 thousand automobiles in the fiscal year 2020.

Having said so, Toyota will do just fine despite any chip shortage no matter what the haters say.

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Posted in: Do you think that binge-watching your favorite TV shows or movies can become problematic or addictive? See in context

Oh, no. Not at all. Just plop down on the couch with a bottle of Bud and some salted peanuts. Enjoy!

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Posted in: Japan’s best-selling beer changing its recipe for first time in 35 years See in context

Japanese, German, Belgium, Czech or whatever.

Each to his own.

Just enjoy it.

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Posted in: China drops plans to sell Olympic tickets to public as virus cases rise See in context

What Olympics???

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Posted in: Japan looks to expand COVID quasi-emergency to Tokyo, 10 other prefectures See in context

The J government should consult the folks here first.

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Posted in: Japan’s best-selling beer changing its recipe for first time in 35 years See in context

I'll give it a try.

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Posted in: Japan looks to expand COVID quasi-emergency to Tokyo, 10 other prefectures See in context

I'll comply.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors to exhibit electric vehicles and SUVs at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 See in context

The current Mitsubishi lineup doesn't do much for me.

Not interested in BEV's either.

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Posted in: Cream Stew latest flavor coming to Pringles cans in Japan See in context

Never liked the texture of Pringles.

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Posted in: North Korea fires 2 suspected ballistic missiles in 4th launch this month See in context

It's quite obvious that sanctions don't work.

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