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Posted in: Do you think the performance of the stock market in a country reflects the performance of the economy as a whole? See in context

To the experts/economists believe stock market do not reflect economy, I say, think again. Market driven by profits and growth so it depends on the economy. Good policies are needed for sustain and growth of econ while stock market sometimes fluctuate based on speculations and others, but overall strong econ drive market. The question is, if the elite economists who always mention mathematical & quantitative theories to credential their reasoning, why inflation and unemployment can't be controlled for good? Econ is not science but practical and common sense supply and demand balancing act.

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Posted in: Baseball superstar Ohtani announces marriage to Japanese woman See in context

Should a rich person need prenuptial agreement before marriage in Japan?

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Posted in: South Korea health alert raised to 'severe' over doctors walkout See in context

It is SHAMEFUL doctors are willing to walk off jobs and put patients lives at risk just so they can control their compensations; furthermore, the idea of limit number of doctors from entering the field so they are irreplaceable, is disgusting. Selfish and conscienceless is not enough describing these greedy doctors. Wish them straight to hell.

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Posted in: S Korean government orders doctors back to hospitals See in context

Please let it not be the same as in USA which has the highest spending on healthcare but among the worse in healthcare system. It is not affordable for many people because pharma, hospitals, clinics, and doctors are highly paid. MD in USA is known as key to being rich which is totally against the idea of medicine which is to take care of patients, not poor and bankrupt. Simple demand and supply theory, make it competitive, increase supply to control cost. As long as med. students pass all required tests and certified, the more the better.

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Posted in: 87% of Japan firms say paternity leave averages less than 3 months See in context

Stereo type? Must be and I apologize. Asian culture and believe is family first so must do our utmost best even sometime maybe culturally, socially, and sadly illegal but as immediate family members we must do what are necessary to make family proud and happy so when comes to the biggest root of family structure, which is preparing future of kids from birth, parental leave avg.

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Posted in: Foreign firefighters stifled by Japanese gov't bureaucratic restrictions See in context

Unbelievable. Are y'all kidding me?!

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Posted in: Why rich families are rich and poor families poor in Japan See in context

Money makes money, money buys power, power protects wealth. Working class conditioned to be thankful for jobs that at best adequate to shelter&feed family. Need security for future? Borrow to send kids to schools. Need some extras? Borrow. The riches are busy making $$$ while the working class are constantly worrying about their future. Solution for beginners, stop being politically correct toward the riches, they exploit hard works of labor through and through. Create wealth tax to fund safety net for the working class and lift the poor out of poverty. Now the riches and ignorant scream, "it is socialist". Got new for y'all, if making working class feel secure about their future and provide poor with minimum shelter&basic need is socialist? SO BE IT.

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Posted in: ‘I never lost a fight against a man’: The story of the only woman to join Japan’s notorious yakuza See in context

Should toughest gangster be glamorized? Imagine middle&high school girl read real life gangster story that is nothing but thrills&heroic?

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Posted in: Lucrative practice of 'sugar daddy dating' goes international See in context

Don't forget Japan is known for Porn so men like sex with Japanese to fulfill their fantasies like they saw in porn. Big question is why people get into prostitution? I dare say majority, if not all, are victims of trouble in life. Keep in mind prostitution is operated by criminal operation. How do we stop prostitution that exist throughout history of mankind? And that is the Question...

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Posted in: Christmas in China brings glittering decor and foreign influence concerns See in context

It's been a long time all European looks&fashions are the best, consequently, non Caucasian models., actors/actresses alter their natural beauties to look like white folks, which further glamorize European influences. Are many European made themselves look like Asian, black? Where in the world white dominated race glamorize Asian/African holidays to the level of Christmas and more and more Halloween held in some countries in Asia? I do nothing on Christmas but eat ramen, drink palm juice, chow down banana in coconut milk top with sticky sweet rice. Wish y'all peace!

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Posted in: Nearly half of young Japanese men in survey have never had a girlfriend; zero-boyfriend women rise too See in context

Comes down to three major causes:

1) High tech/soon to be invaded by AI makes people particularly teenagers accustom to life with computer/Iphone screen

2) Endless cultural&society pressure for well-to-do life while prospects of stable&secured job is progressively hard to obtain.

3) Standard of life according to over exaggerated reality shows and social media

Shall we also add government of, by, and for the people are hard to find nowadays.

Good luck to us all as we are rapidly aging...

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Posted in: Bug-repellant clothing being developed for sale by March 2024 See in context

As atheist I am not praying but honestly hoping a few years later not found out the invention itself is more harmful to human health than traditional care and protection. Also, is the process to make insect repellent fabric harmful to environmental&health?

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Posted in: UK unveils tough new rules designed to cut immigrant numbers See in context

Few if any are brave to admit what truly is the root cause of immigration. To solve immigration issues instead of making it more expensive, which only favor the well-to-do, rich&developed countries should address issues of poverty, dictatorship, climate, safety&security which cause people to search better life at where they're. Solve problems on own backyards only create corruption&bureaucracy.

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Posted in: Social media sites have become a phenomenal means of communication for hate groups, conspiracy theorists and deranged individuals and groups. Do you agree with this statement? See in context

It's a matter of time world social structure will be destroyed by social media&AI. Just watch...

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Posted in: Taiwan's Golden Horse awards sees return of Chinese stars See in context

My comment might be infamous but am disappointed Asian particularly stars and rich&famous have their god given natural beauty altered by surgery and artificially enhanced to resemble European mainly nose&eyes. It's practically impossible to distinguish movie starts since they mostly look alike especially Korean starts. Over many decades we are influenced by beauty of European features while don't appreciate Asian looks. We must promote and glamorize Asian look to get away from desire of nose&eye. Time to promote Asian beauty! Be proud of who we are, beautiful people.

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Posted in: This Thanksgiving − and on any holiday − these steps will help prevent foodborne illness See in context

Please say it ain't for Thanksgiving be another American export to the world.

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Posted in: S Koreans sit for key exam as flights halted to limit distraction See in context

Success the OLD FASHION WAY. It is traditional hierarchical classes or separation between elite and ordinary. Limit opportunities for success, self esteem, hope&dream for those may not afford EDU to prepare for the not so meaningful exam, and worse yet, persons livelihoods may be decided by a few hours of pressured/constrained time to show what a person is capable of. Outdated and need to be re examed for good of society. Also, this stupid exam caused suicide and severe depression from failures for life.

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Posted in: 25 alleged fraudsters detained in Cambodia to be extradited to Japan See in context

those committed crimes must be punished to fullest of law. Also wonder, Did these criminal bribe Cambodian authorities to run their con operation?

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Posted in: Why Elon Musk is obsessed with casting X as the most 'authentic' social media platform See in context

Elon Musk is a power and headlines grabber, narcissist, & sadly, a lonely man.

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Posted in: Social media inspires Japanese women to dash into rickshaw pulling See in context

I would not get on rickshaw pulled by fellow human being in 21st century. Just can't feel comfortable doing so.

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Posted in: Spain soccer chief faces emergency meeting as reports say he will resign for kissing a player See in context

He is a typical man loves attention and be important. Instead of apologize for his shameful acts (hugs,kisses,&held his crotch), he still believes he did nothing wrong and deserves to be still in charge. Thanks to public and media pressure he is now on verge of leaving his post. Also, FIFA instead of straight condemnation of his deplorable acts, prefer investigation while nothing to investigate since his acts seen around the world. Bigger pic. is this issue only highlight corruption in FIFA and all Football federations.

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Posted in: Ex-Prime Minister Thaksin enters prison in Thailand, after 17 years in exile See in context

$$ can buy votes thus power. Populist promises are synonymous to lies. Is power grabbed by guns better than by $$? Votes don't matter...

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Posted in: 7 Japanese nationals in Cambodia arrested over alleged fraud See in context

Escaped Japan to do criminal business in Cambodia, now repatriate to Japan just so they buy their way out to Thai? Laos? Vietnam? Sadly $$$$ buy freedom, everywhere.

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Posted in: Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra seen in video at Cambodian leader's birthday party See in context

Am I wrong to say in this case, "takes one to know another"? Hun Sen was in power nearly 4 decades! and now his son is in power for another 40 years then pass on to his younger bro? does it remind y'all of any dictatorship? North Korea? Russia? Thaksin to Yingluck, now Peatongtan? Pls say it ain't so. All about corrupt power to do nothing but make $$$$, ain't it?

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Posted in: Young Chinese opt out of rat race and pressures at home to pursue global nomad lifestyle See in context

How long it lasts before opportunities are no longer overseas? How long it takes for locals to be resistant to work tourists? etc? Problems everywhere and unless concrete solutions come up by so called G-power, unemployment, global warming, immigration, corruption, &more continue to get worse at alarming rate. BTW don't forget AI...

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Posted in: 3 schoolgirls drown in Fukuoka river on 1st day of summer vacation See in context

It's the organizer/school to be blamed and responsible for this sad tragedy; they should know better that kids are always kids, adults ignored risk factor while allowed kids to be at risk must be held accountable.

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Posted in: Cool it See in context

When weather got hot used to dip in river near by to cool off, but now can't, it is drying up. Even room temp water is no longer cool as expected it to be.

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Posted in: For the 1st time, every player at tWomen's World Cup will be paid at least $30,000 See in context

FIFA fair play - pay s/b based on revenue men&women soccer generate. If men generate far more than equal pay is greed & free loader; that said, women deserve at least $30k & more than $270k as cup winners. FIFA is corrupt and robbed soccer male & female players for so long.

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Posted in: Japan's ultra-wealthy population to shrink by 2027: report See in context

if decrease in wealth of riches made midclass and poor better off then trickled down econ worked otherwise workers and poor continue suffered. Taxation is a form of trickled down if the rates are fair and no loopholes for riches to pay less or even zero tax. Biggest misconception is riches work hard which is true because their works are done mostly by workers who barely make ends meet.

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Posted in: Chinese public sees Japan, U.S. as least trustworthy: survey See in context

First, peace & coexistence should and must be the believe by all, to live in harmony in today's world environmental, economical, political, and social conditions; that said, 3 or 4 decades or so ago USA&Japan survived quite well when China closed its contact with free democratic countries so there is no reason why we can't survive again w/o China. But again, now that China becomes a major global player we all have to work together to build trust and cooperation instead of compete as to who rules the world. Love and be loved, y'all.

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