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Posted in: How much money are Japanese people willing to lend their romantic partners? See in context

I have 2 lady friends in Japan and have "given" them both $$ . Never a loan but to help in their daily living expenses. I know both and both live very conservative lives. I am older and have plenty to live on and a good pension. But, I would never knowingly give or loan money to anyone on "drugs" or who gambles or wastes their income any other way.

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Posted in: Defendant in fatal Kobe stabbing rampage found not guilty due to insanity See in context

zichi, so when do you not know what you are doing ? at 5, 10 , 15 or 21 years of age. From minor to adult is just a figment of someone's imagination. I shot birds with my BB gun at 6-7 yrs old against my Mom's wishes but I sure knew what I was doing. I also knew it was really wrong to shoot a human as I could be in serious trouble. But, the system today , at least in the USofA is "blame someone else" for your wrongs ! Never the accusers fault right ? The accused was abused or came from a lousy family or neighborhood - just couldn't help themselves. F'em . put a bullet thru their temple and be done with them. As for capitol punishment. yea, not much deterrent as the criminal usually spends 20 or more years imprisoned / appealing , etc and most times the crime is completely forgotten by the time the punishment is meted out. Give the Kobe killer a sword and make him commit Harakiri !! Like one person said, definitely eliminates repeat killers/killings and if done immediately knowing the criminal is 100% guility I believe it would open a few would be offenders eyes. Chop off a shoplifters hand/hands - put a stop to that crap too !

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