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Posted in: 3 members of family die in apparent suicide in Hyogo See in context


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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

Good luck to Japan in recovering the Kurils but it ain't gonna happen.

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Posted in: Gov't considering ¥20 tril extra budget to spur virus-hit economy See in context

Where does all this money come from?

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Posted in: 85-year-old man arrested over death of 80-year-old wife See in context


Waddo had it right.

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for killing brother with hammer See in context

Can't Touch This

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Posted in: Suga signals readiness for new stimulus package See in context

Help the unemployed

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Posted in: Japan to reopen borders for all foreign visitors with permits to stay in country See in context

I would love to hear from those who successfully met the restrictions for those holding a zairyu card. The whole enchilada of getting a permission letter from their local Japanese embassy to securing a negative result on a PCR test within 72 hours of landing at the airport.

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Posted in: Japan to reopen borders for all foreign visitors with permits to stay in country See in context

Those travelers must be accepted by entities or organizations capable of ensuring they have tested negative for the virus before entering Japan.

I don't understand this sentence. What entities or organizations? I hold a spouse visa. Does that mean I can enter or not?

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Posted in: Man found dead in car on rail crossing suspected of killing woman See in context

Police believe Umeda killed the woman and then himself.

The order sounds right.

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Posted in: Japan to ease entry ban to allow long-term stays from Oct 1, but not tourists See in context

Reckless ...

"If anyone has experience getting the PCR test in the States 72 hours before returning to Japan please post your experience. I have been unable to find such a provider in Florida yet."

I live on an outer island in Hawaii and the odds of me meeting the re-entry requirements are insurmountable. Mine is a spouse visa.

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Posted in: Mystery odor haunts Kanagawa Prefecture, worries seismologist See in context

SO2 smells but not like gas.

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Posted in: Health experts say ALS woman's death in Kyoto not euthanasia See in context

I tend to agree with euthanasia but funds should only be charged for actual expense, not profit.

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Posted in: As virus aid talks stalemate, Trump scorns help for cities See in context

I can understand when citizens support the GOP but I really don't get how anyone supports this bozo and his inner circle.

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Posted in: Ghosn says he is helping everyone who stood by him See in context

The reason is because he knows that the average person doesn't know this, and by obfuscating and sewing seeds of doubt and confusion, he might be able to deceive some low IQ supporters.

For a minute there, I thought you were talking about someone else ... .

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 107 new coronavirus cases on Thursday See in context

We were all bullet-proof once upon a time. Problem is, Covid-19 is a real bullet that the young will not survive.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking pregnant woman in Sapporo See in context


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Posted in: Kyoto woman arrested for stealing cat from pet shop; offers strange justification to police See in context

There are literally thousands of strays all over this country and instead of having them killed just because they are alive, is black eye on society here! Pick one off the street and give it a home!

Found your significant other in a homeless shelter, did ya? Some folks choose animals because they like the breed just like most folks choose mates because there's something appealing about them. Not all breeders are bad.

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Posted in: Soap dispenser in Tokyo public toilet switched with one full of acidic liquid See in context

That's evil.

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Posted in: 5-year-old girl falls to her death from 8th-floor balcony See in context

Dammit....what the hell??!?!? How many of these do we have to hear about?

You'll hear more. Consider that the Japanese population is half that of the US, yet lives in an area the size of California. There's no room for urban sprawl, thus high-rise apartments.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy who killed father to undergo psychiatric evaluation for 3 months See in context

Three months for an eval is great. The kid deserves some therapy for the abuse he suffered under his father's hand.

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Posted in: Rally against racism, in support of Black Lives Matter held in Tokyo See in context

Japan could have stood down but some chose to join the protest. Good on them.

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Posted in: School restarts picking up in Japan amid lingering coronavirus fears See in context

There's another lesson here, too. Echoing complaints from last year ... teachers are overworked. They need help not more responsibility. Recent news reports that teachers are now escorting students to school as well as carrying desks and chairs in and out of school buildings. Also, staggered classes mean teachers are duplicating lessons. More teachers (or assistants) are needed.

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Posted in: Anger over police killings boils over in several U.S. cities See in context


too true

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy arrested on suspicion of killing father See in context

Then run away. Call social services. Go to the ward office. Go to the police station.....any number of things could have been done.

A teenage boy doesn't think of the larger world as his protector. When I finally realized I could take away my father's power over me, I did so. Gratefully, there wasn't a knife in sight at the time.

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for throwing concrete blocks from bridge onto expressway See in context

This act is too common to be ignored. The crime seems to be committed by teens in most cases. Thrill seekers. Perhaps if it were treated with the same scrutiny that smoking is, we'd see far fewer incidents and casualties.

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Posted in: U.S. accuses China of blocking U.S. flights See in context

SimonB, I regret hitting the send button on my snarky comment.

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Posted in: U.S. accuses China of blocking U.S. flights See in context

I seriously think this guy is losing it big time. He is spiralling out of control.

Oh, how cute. You're only just noticing that.

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Posted in: Japan joins calls for investigation into WHO's virus response See in context

Just because the US is politicizing the WHO doesn't mean Japan or any other nations should jump in the water, too. Tiring, really.

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Posted in: Man arrested after pit bull attacks police officer at BBQ attended by 30 people See in context

Only one reason to own a pit bull.

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