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I really don't understand Japan's mentality of this. It's like the last article I read here called "Osaka 'maid cafe' waitresses fly to Taiwan to attract tourists"

It would be like America using Hooters Waitresses to attract tourists.

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From what I read here and at this site (Hope it's OK to link) It's seems all the Japanese higher ups want mindless drones to just do their jobs.

50,000 fans sign a petition to keep a manager, um this should tell you to keep him Mr. Setoyama. It's not often you come across something like this where there is this much loyalty especially for a manager of a baseball team.

Too bad the petition is not online (at least that I know of) or I can get to a game (by the time I get there for vacation the season will be over) I would like add my signature.

Best of luck to the Chiba Lotte Marines and of course Bobby V.

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I tried to get into I Survived A Japanese Game Show. I was all ready for it, but when the reality part of it kicked in I was turned off. The reality part of it reminded me of Survivor.

I enjoyed watching Takeshi's Castle (Beat Takeshi's Genki Ga Deru) or as it is known here as Most Extreme Challenge. Now that was a Japanese Game Show.

Right you are Ken! - Vic Romano - MXC

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Is this the Cobra as in Space Adventure Cobra? The same anime (or actually footage) that was used for Matthew Sweet's music video Girlfriend?

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I have to add this to my to do list the next time I'm in Japan. I can't say no to good Italian food. Best continued success to the pizza man.

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I hope they find the person responsible and claw his eyes out.

Isn't the cat supposed to be sacred? (Like the Maneki Neko, speaking metaphorically).

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I don't see what the hype is on her. She's an over hyped no talent hack. All she does is it high notes in her songs. She destroyed Def Leppard's Bringing the Heartbreak.

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