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Posted in: Taxi driver arrested for assaulting woman last December See in context

I dont think that ppl mean "leave you door open and you are wanting it to happen" Its called preventive do what you can to prevent things from happening...or at least make them more difficult to happen. Yes, its the guys fault all the way but if she would have locked her door, it is a good chance that it would not have happened. Thats why we lock our cars, watch our children outside playing, we take the preventive measures to protect ourselves and our families. Banks take preventive measures to help them in protecting our money...alarms, armed guards, vaults, etc... Its a shame that society has stooped to the levels it is at now but i do remember the days when i was a child when you could leave your front door open/unlocked. Times have changed, people have changed...we must do our best to protect ourselves for the likes of this taxi driver. He is a total butthead and I really hope they throw the book, bookcase, shelves and everything else at him.

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Posted in: 73-year-old man arrested for attempting to steal police car in Kanagawa See in context

That is one thing that he can scratch off his bucketlist...that one party dude!

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They have been getting alot of this happening all over japan lately. At least there is now one less.

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Natalie is gonna be a great addition to that team. She has extensive basketball knowledge and as long as the players can put her gender aside, she will do just fine. This is definitely a good moment in the BJ League and I hope that the Saitama Bronco's management does not set her up to fail, and give her the support they would give any other head coach.

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Posted in: Missing 4-year-old girl turns up safe; 21-year-old hostess arrested See in context

I would much rather hear of what kinda action the police are taking against the mother. A 21 year old leaving a 4 year old at home...alone, until the wee hours of the morning?? The friend could have been acting out of the kindness of her heart in taking the girl to her home. Was she trying to contact the mother but was unable too? Alot of unanswered questions on this one. The mom definitely needs to find a new line of work that will not keep her out until 4AM. Feel sorry for the little have to spend so much time at home alone.

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for murder of taxi driver in Fukuoka See in context

Good one Tahoochi...maybe CrazyJoe should write for JT...they sure have been gettin a few of their stories miss-remembered (in a Roger Clemens voice)

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