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Posted in: 5-year-old boy survives fall from 8th floor apartment See in context

The kid was lucky. Dumbass move by the mother to let a 3 and 5 year old play on a balcony. You'd think with all these reports some of this would get through to parents who leave the balcony doors unlocked.

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of Japanese movies? See in context

A lot of touchy feeling crap that nobody but teenage girls care about. Some good movies too but they are too few compared to the teenage dramas.

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Posted in: How a meaningless argument ended in murder See in context

For a group on drugs they sure seemed to know what they were doing.

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Posted in: Flower power helps keep thieves away See in context

Maybe keeping a gun in the home might sound like a good idea until it gets stolen.

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Posted in: Model citizens See in context

front row is ok, back row looks bad.

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Posted in: Man slashes woman because he 'can't get a girlfriend' See in context

Slashing women won't make them like you dumbo. Try flowers next time.

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Posted in: Let’s talk about you-know-what See in context

Wait a minute.... those massage joints were actually sex joints? And here I thought it was just the way they massaged in Japan.

Japan flashes sex signs and scantily dressed women all over it's cities but nobody wants to talk about it. Hard to believe a non religious people could act so christian towards sex talk.

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Posted in: 10 Keio Univ students face charges for streaking through station See in context

This is pretty normal stuff for Uni students to do. Not a crime.

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Posted in: Woman on minibike injured after run-in with rope tied across road See in context

Maybe it was some kids messing around knowing that the paper lady took this route. It's a holiday so they can stay up late and watch. Cruel.

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Posted in: Merry Christmas See in context

Christmas already? How much was I drinking?

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Posted in: Book looks at 24 years of Noriko Sakai's life See in context

Milking the cash cow and taking people's lives apart because the country thinks they own this person and they deserve to know about their life.

Useful as toliet paper as are more tabloids.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing friend with kitchen knife in Mie See in context

Not much of a friend if he stabs him in the neck is he?

As I said last week, banning knifes won't work because as seen here people can just as easily use kitchen knives. No knife? An axe. No axe? A screwdriver or a hammar. People expect a more peacful society by banning knives.

Here's an idea. How about people start talking about their problems, have more psychologists to help people.

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl dies after being hit by train in Hyogo See in context

6 or 7 is not old enough to play alone but these kids walk to school alone and take the train alone so it's likely normal for Japan.

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Posted in: AKB See in context

To cactusJack, there is no way they can be the next U2. First of all, majority of the world do not have lolita complex. Also U2 have talent, these girls just have looks which won't last as long as Talent.

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Posted in: Cup holder for cars See in context

Wow, cutting edge tech here. Did this come from the US?

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Posted in: Politics meets porn in Japan See in context

which was predicated on a promise to break the LDP’s incestuous old-boys network

Incestuous? Am I missing something here?

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Posted in: Mystery still surrounds death of Crayon Shinchan creator See in context

Just because we are in Japan and because he fell off a cliff doesn't mean it's suicide. It could easily be an accident too.

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Posted in: The good times flow at Oktoberfest See in context


Normal water will do just fine thank you.

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Posted in: Letterman admits affairs; claims extortion See in context

The man made a mistake alright. Must have taken some balls to talk about it on TV like that.

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Posted in: Tokyo police nab 31 train gropers in Sept, including 15 repeat offenders See in context

I don't think that number is high when it happens on trians everywhere every day.

except for one man dressed up as a woman. LOL! Now that's the best deterrent!

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Posted in: On the Button See in context

The championship is his to lose now.

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Posted in: Would-be store robber gets yelled at by employee; calls police himself See in context

Don't mess with Obasan.

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Posted in: 18-year-old university wrestler arrested for rape in Yokohama See in context

wow whats with all the underage crime? He can't be charged either.

You just answered your own question. He can't be charged so he can get away with it by doing it now. I hope he burns. Minor my butt.

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Posted in: Tattoos See in context

You don't have to worry about CT scan with Tattoos unless you got some crappy cheap ones from prison or somewhere that use metals in their inks.

Picture of the girl looks hot IMO.

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Posted in: 100-hour chicken curry See in context

I cooked my curry in an hour.

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Posted in: The age of the disposable male See in context

So this means girls are less clingy to men. And that's...bad?

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Posted in: Saitama police launch new unit to prevent groping on trains See in context

This is good. About time they did something about these sickos.

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Posted in: JR installs anti-suicide lighting on platforms See in context

Blue lights make me feel blue. I think the will to kill oneself is stronger than blue lighting. How do you make a suicidal person serene? Why not pass out drugs to them instead or have counselors at each station.

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Posted in: Figure skater Miki Ando rumored to be in love with 3-time divorcee coach See in context

Wow a 21 ice skater girl fell in love with her older male trainer. What a surprise. Not. He gets sex, she gets a father figure. I bet he was counting the days till he manipuliated her into bed.

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Posted in: Waiting for Nori-P See in context

I'm tired of seeing this crap on TV all the time. You'd almost think she was the first person in Japan to take drugs.

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