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I'll think about it if you can convince me that you are boycotting Chinese good and trade yourself.

How do you do it?

See the arrogance..... You mean World trade will become ZERO if they dont trade with China? Ridiculous....

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China is evil trader, dumping cheap, ultra-cheap goods all over world, killing every others nations manufacturing -China amass wealth, speculates, bad guy. Do not let them in. Boycott China, Chinese gooods, chinese trade.

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Obviously it is China who has "fabicated" Corona virus to cripple the world economy and establish its dominance. It is now exporting masks, medical equipment, chemicals so that it can accumulate Trillions of US$ and then snatch away US + Europe from its dominance. China shall rule the world. The masks and chemicals and medical equipment are designed so that it further propagates Corona and its variants. Shame China! Boycott Made in China, boycott China Olympics 2022!

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No human loss; corals will get restored over time. A lesson learnt for all of my marine officer fraternity and navigation captains.

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Chinese people are good but as a country, China is evil; boasts they are worlds manufacturing center. Why? China Stealing jobs of other nations trying to develop, prosper. China flooding whole world markets with ultra-cheap, extreme-low priced goods. Never buy Chinese goods and discourage others from buying Chinese products

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Kotooshu-san, taihen otsukare sama desu. You had been a great sumo wrestler and for a long time. Very graceful in wins as well as in defeats. With unique style and strong build, you are going to be a good coach too. Gambatte Kudasai. Large base of fans like me expect you to be around for many more years! At first, get refreshed and then come back soon!

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In Japanese corporate world, word "globalization" means buying a kaigai shucchou or overseas business trip ticket (business class), go there, enjoy, and ask gaijin staff to prepare minutes of meeting, bring cheap chocolates as souvenirs and after coming back explain to the team members how different the outside world is. And then file the report with X number of hanko. I attended a conference of around 800 high ranking officials, highly educated, in which gurobaraijeshon and guroburuka were discussed over 5 hours by several eminent speakers and networking session in Nihongo. I was the only foreigner in that audience and understood the real meaning of those terms. It is NOTHING. This country is a shimaguni, island and will remain so for next 100 years+. No change.

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Obama is excellent orator, if probles can be solved by giving speeches, he is right person. I guess the picture shows his humble nature and respect towards elderly and aged.

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