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Posted in: Sweden stakes claim as Women's World Cup favorite by stopping Japan 2-1 in quarterfinals See in context

Maaa.....sonna mon ka na...まああ。。。そんなもんかな。。。。

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Posted in: Bridge girder falls, killing 2 workers at Shizuoka construction site See in context

Negligence, what are they doing at 3 am? Poor design, poor construction supervision. Japan should not be allowed to take part in overseas bridge projects till the guilty are found and punished. I find many laugh at overseas accidents sarcastically; but see under your nose, so many accidents keep happening here every few days.

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Posted in: Japan remains open to dialogue with China: Hayashi See in context

There are millions of Chinese with their families here now. Culturally assimilated. Japan owes so much to China. All cheap goods Made in China, neatly packed flooding markets, growing trade. Moreover, NHK is 100% pro-China (look at the way they interpret the news) so also most of locals here. US is an enemy nation by the kanji itself, right from root...Nobody will wonder if US gets back-stabbed in favor of China if - God forsake doesnt- a real conflict arises. US better guard their bases and guard Taiwan....

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Posted in: China vows it will fight to the end to stop Taiwan independence See in context

At the end, Japan will favor China, its close, its getting bigger and stronger and J-companies have invested huge sums in Chinese manufacturing. Go to Aeon, Daiei, Daiso, Seiyu, Ito Yokado, any shop- 95%+ goods are "Made in China". NHK openly sides with China in its opening and closing remark. Locals dont identify themselves with Yankees; they respect Chinese culture, discipline, cheap labor, Chinese obedient low wage loyal emplyees. There is nothing similar to western and everything close to China here.

And of course these is "Omote" "Ura" here. Honto no hanashi.....chuugoku suki da.....Homma Yasui.....

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Posted in: Kishida to visit India to build Indo-Pacific partnership See in context

EvilBuddhaMar. 18  04:02 pm JST

"What should they have done? India handled the situation."

Just being an evil, no sign of Buddha here...Shame

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Posted in: China may cozy up to Japan to tackle economic slump, but faces hurdles See in context

Already Chinese manufacturers have swallowed up Japanese, surrounding region manufacturing. Go to Aeon, Daiso, Daiei, any super for that matter. Over 90% of goods are Made In ChinF". Where one buys 2 nose-rests for "Made In Japan", you get 5 of them "Made In ChinU". You buy a tea-cup "Made in Taiwan" and next shelf you see a larger size tea-cup that is "Made in ChinC". Almost all Electronics that you buy in Japan is "Made in ChinK". 

And if you combine all end-letters instead of "a", result is what Japan got XXXXed by loving China!

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Posted in: Japan, China spar over diplomat's detention in Beijing See in context

They will do nothing, NOTHING.

90% of DAISO and Aeon and so on... goods, cheap merchandise are "Made in China". Maybe forced labor, illicit operation, CCP funding. But its accepted here. And if China retaliates stronger after Japan reaction, it can cause tremendous harm to Japan and its economy. So I guess, this is just like a crying child in Nursery, they will have to mend ways, to follow teacher, here China. Its not a NHK news yet, nowhere else in media so already "news hide/ dumping" process has started...

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Posted in: Foreign businesses worry as China food import law kicks in See in context

China is a rogue nation trying to rob world of manufacturing and then gag them by promoting only their goods and at their price. Disengage, boycott, dont-buy China- One and all for the betterment of the world. The nuisance being caused by China to world economy is enromous. Lets stop it now. URGENT!

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Posted in: Apple puts India iPhone plant 'on probation' after mass food poisoning See in context

Never read this news in Indian media....Looks JT is on a scoop mission, trying to get much needed limelight....

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Posted in: Abe again hints at Japan's possible military role in Taiwan contingency See in context

Every time somebody writes against China, all their puppets come out and dance here. Same thing happening today. China may be mighty but not indefetable. If we dont restrain them with Taiwan today, they will surely expand to Okinawa and the Phillpppines and Malaysia, so on next decade.

Take the Chna threat seriously, dont criticise each other and pull legs of the those on same side.

China is a BULL, dirty BULL, that needs to be restrained..... lets not forget that...

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Posted in: Japan's foreign minister invited to China See in context

If he is going then perhaps it is like past politician- to collect first instalment by cash and make a agreement to buy more Chinese dirty cheap goods- collect balance payment by home delivery later.... So cheap....

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Posted in: China submits application to join TPP free trade deal See in context

I'll think about it if you can convince me that you are boycotting Chinese good and trade yourself.

How do you do it?

See the arrogance..... You mean World trade will become ZERO if they dont trade with China? Ridiculous....

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Posted in: China submits application to join TPP free trade deal See in context

China is evil trader, dumping cheap, ultra-cheap goods all over world, killing every others nations manufacturing -China amass wealth, speculates, bad guy. Do not let them in. Boycott China, Chinese gooods, chinese trade.

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Posted in: China rejects need for further WHO coronavirus origins probe See in context

Obviously it is China who has "fabicated" Corona virus to cripple the world economy and establish its dominance. It is now exporting masks, medical equipment, chemicals so that it can accumulate Trillions of US$ and then snatch away US + Europe from its dominance. China shall rule the world. The masks and chemicals and medical equipment are designed so that it further propagates Corona and its variants. Shame China! Boycott Made in China, boycott China Olympics 2022!

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Posted in: Japanese-owned ship deviated from shipping lane before Mauritius impact, data shows See in context

No human loss; corals will get restored over time. A lesson learnt for all of my marine officer fraternity and navigation captains.

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Posted in: China warns Japan a TikTok ban would affect relations See in context

Chinese people are good but as a country, China is evil; boasts they are worlds manufacturing center. Why? China Stealing jobs of other nations trying to develop, prosper. China flooding whole world markets with ultra-cheap, extreme-low priced goods. Never buy Chinese goods and discourage others from buying Chinese products

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Posted in: Bulgarian sumo wrestler Kotooshu retires See in context

Kotooshu-san, taihen otsukare sama desu. You had been a great sumo wrestler and for a long time. Very graceful in wins as well as in defeats. With unique style and strong build, you are going to be a good coach too. Gambatte Kudasai. Large base of fans like me expect you to be around for many more years! At first, get refreshed and then come back soon!

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Posted in: Are Japan’s efforts at internationalization succeeding or not? See in context

In Japanese corporate world, word "globalization" means buying a kaigai shucchou or overseas business trip ticket (business class), go there, enjoy, and ask gaijin staff to prepare minutes of meeting, bring cheap chocolates as souvenirs and after coming back explain to the team members how different the outside world is. And then file the report with X number of hanko. I attended a conference of around 800 high ranking officials, highly educated, in which gurobaraijeshon and guroburuka were discussed over 5 hours by several eminent speakers and networking session in Nihongo. I was the only foreigner in that audience and understood the real meaning of those terms. It is NOTHING. This country is a shimaguni, island and will remain so for next 100 years+. No change.

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Posted in: Meet and greet See in context

Obama is excellent orator, if probles can be solved by giving speeches, he is right person. I guess the picture shows his humble nature and respect towards elderly and aged.

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