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Tomohisa Yokoyama comments

Posted in: ANA cites 'terrorism' in reporting 20% quarterly profit drop See in context

They just invested in Vietnam Airlines a money losing state owned enterprise expect more losses.

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Posted in: TripAdvisor study names Hanoi as world’s best value destination for city break See in context

Any city in Vietnam is inexpensive if you stick with local stuff, you can live off peanuts, but if you live like an expat it can get very expensive (imported goods) 5 star hotels etc are comparative in price to any city, in any case I would have thought they would have picked HCM, rather than Hanoi, it's a little more cosmopolitan.

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Posted in: 2 women sexually molested by man near train station in Saitama See in context

Please have more respect for victims.

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Posted in: 143 Tokyo subway stations to have free Wi-Fi beginning in December See in context

Only because of the olympics sheesh welcome to 21st century

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Posted in: World's longest-running cartoon 'Sazae-san' to go digital See in context

My 4 year old loves this show

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Posted in: Korean man arrested for trespassing in Yasukuni Shrine grounds See in context

Some 21,181 Koreans are remembered here, almost 1%. May these souls rest in peace.

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Posted in: 1 in 3 Japanese women want to be housewives: poll See in context

Of those married or hope to be which is a fragment of the current population.

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Posted in: Japan and the rise of the male parasol See in context

glad to be back in Canada with 20c weather - June - July was crazy in Japan, but yes August with those crazy temps in Japan I'd sport that Umbrella.

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Posted in: Left behind See in context

he looks more like a sumo than a sprinter

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Posted in: A tomato, milk and lemon drink that only Japan dares to produce See in context

Here is the ingredient list

Milk, sugar, dairy products, tomato juice, lemon fruit Juice, salt, acidulants, ph adjustment, stabilizers, flavoring and pigment

It comes in 500ml and 1 liter carton box.


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