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Posted in: Japan, S Korean FMs vow further talks after rare meeting See in context

Japan can be more peaceful when it stays away from Koreans

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Posted in: Abe bets U.S. alliance, ratings can weather Yasukuni visit See in context

GJ PM Abe. Many Japanese have been waiting for his visit at Yasukuni. He should go there daily if he would like. He should be considered as the best prime minister we have had after the war.

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Posted in: LDP wins landslide victory in Tokyo elections See in context

I am so happy to see the demise of JDP. They have done so much damage to the Japanese society.

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Posted in: Gov't to review statements on wartime history, revise textbook guidelines See in context

I think the issue is honesty. There is so much lies and dishonesty about the facts about the war. I hope the U.S., China and Korea can face the facts about the war as much as Japan should.

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Posted in: China concerned by Japan's move to boost military See in context

It's funny that they are now concerned about Japan's military expense, whereas they seem oblivious to other nations' concern about their own. My impression is that China wants war but wants to present themselves as a victim while provoking Japan to defend itself and hoping to overreact to their subtle or not very subtle instigation.

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Posted in: China, Japan scholars seek way out in islands dispute See in context

I thought China has been engaging in "Unrestricted Warfare" already and their "vital" interest is to control the island at any cost.

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Posted in: U.S. position on island dispute a betrayal: China See in context

Japan needs US until it changes the constitution to own its own full-fledged military. After that Japan can defend itself from China. Meantime China will have more problem domestically and I wonder if Communists government can survive the war both internal and external with Japan as well as the withdrawal of foreign capitals out of the country.

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Posted in: Abe, Obama discuss importance of alliance See in context

I am amazed by the "autopilot" of people here to attack Abe with little knowledge of his actual policies. He is conservative but not R wing. His economic policies are not so different from those of many European countries or US. He is not pro-TPP or Pro tax hike as long as the Japanese economy stays deflationary

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Posted in: Japan has apologized for waging aggressive war and oppressing its neighbors, but those apologies have fumbling and awkward, and often been undercut by revisionist statements from senior politicians. See in context

Americans can not be the objective third party observer to judge if the Japanese views of the war against China or the relationship with Koreas. Obviously Americans have their own agenda to see the rightfulness of their own engagement in WWII, including the usage of A-bomb and air raids throughout Japan. From Japanese point of view, we are not denying the facts or not willing to apologize for what actually happened; but when the facts were clearly concocted by someone as "truth", how can you apologize for them.

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Posted in: Shinzo Abe: Comeback kid with conservative agenda See in context

Abe is the only politician who is offering the comprehensive policies for the future of Japan. He is touching the heart of both young and old alike. His economic policies are very aggressive in terms of easing the money supply and public investment. I believe his diplomacy will be active by nurturing closer relationships with countries such as India, Vietnam, Philipines, etc and will be more tactful and assertive with China and Koreas. He is good for japan and probably not so much for a few other counties.

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Posted in: Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves See in context

Evidence documenting sex-slave coercion revealed


Abe's point is that there was official policy against such behavior and when this happened the people involved was persecuted by the Japanese military.

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Posted in: Police see rise in membership of extremist groups See in context

What a hype! They are just fringe groups of conservative movement. They are completely harmless.

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Posted in: Despite 2011 disaster, pro-nuclear LDP favored to win power See in context

Shimazaki-san summarized the sentiment held by many Japanese today. Assuming that most of the people here are non-Japanese, I am impressed to see how little understanding people here seem to have. LDP is offering significant changes with their policies, to stimulate the Japanese economy, focusing on the expansion of domestic economy as well as international trade by easing Yen. Koizumi days are all in the past.

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Posted in: Despite 2011 disaster, pro-nuclear LDP favored to win power See in context

As someone mentioned above, many of Japanese are getting tired of the biased reporting done by the Japanese media, including this article, and how the media (newspapers, TV) and education systems have been hijacked by the Left-wind activists, including the current members of administration, who have started their career as student activists during 60s and later. This issue is very complicated and it is just a beginning.

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Posted in: South Korean protest player finally gets Olympic soccer medal See in context

I wonder how much money Korea spent for this. IOC is so corrupt.

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Posted in: China warns of strong measures in Japan island spat See in context

Chinese are so sneaky to do their best to look like they are the victims. Japan is forced to make the countermeasures to fend off the Chinese aggression here. They are the aggressor and not the victim.

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

We have enough comedians making fool of themselves on TV. Too many of them and I think people are tired of seeing the on TV. I don't enjoy watching another fool making fun of himself.

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Posted in: China calls on U.S., Japan to fix their finances See in context

ROC will collapse in near future. They know it and the Chinese with money are moving out of the country with the money they have extorted from their own people, Chinese people. sad

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Posted in: Japan should apologize for wartime aggression: N Korea See in context

North Korea should stop the current aggression. and return all those innocent Japanese and other people kidnapped by them.

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Posted in: S Korea: Japan must educate its people about World War II See in context

I completely agree on the need for Japanese to be educated about WWII, but I am certain that South Koreans would regret the outcome. Japanese would form their own interpretation of history that differs from the view of S Korean government.

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Posted in: Abe seeks a second chance at becoming PM See in context

Japan has made mistakes and did somethings wrong. It's other nations who refuse to admits their wrong doings.

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Posted in: Abe seeks a second chance at becoming PM See in context

Abe is right. He is the true defender of Japan.

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Posted in: Former PM Abe wins LDP leadership election See in context

People here are completely out of touch with the current sentiment of Japanese people, especially among youth. Abe is the man, believe or not, with the fresh ideas that are needed for Japan right now.

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Posted in: China tells Japan it will not tolerate violations of sovereignty See in context

Noda government no longer represents Japanese people's sentiment and will about Senkaku. I hope they will not do anything stupid before Jiminto takes charge.

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Posted in: Taiwan, Japan coast guards duel with water cannons See in context

A little more escalation of conflicts with China, Koreas would be helpful for Japanese domestic politics.

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Posted in: China tells Japan it will not tolerate violations of sovereignty See in context

It's obvious that China does not tolerate violations of Chinese sovereignty but doesn't care about violating other nations' sovereignty.

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Posted in: Japanese firms say China protests affect business plans See in context

Actually Japanese companies have been investing more in other Asean Countries to mitigate the China risk. They should be more careful and possibly move back in after China implode or explode. The Chinese are uninformed of the reality due to PRC control and mentally too volatile now and possible for many decades to come.

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Posted in: Chinese leaders may come to regret anti-Japan protests See in context

The Japanese nationalists and the US government are benefiting from this recent conflict over islands. Abe's popularity is increasing and the revision of Peace Constitution is likely. It's a good thing. The ultimate power struggle inside Japan is between the nationalists and those who rely on close tie with the US.

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Posted in: Nationalism may rise under Japan's next gov't See in context

It is a good opportunity for Japanese to develop a healthy nationalism. In Japan nationalism was discouraged after the WWII from all sides, communists, socialists, and those friendly with US influences. There is nothing wrong with Naitonalism as long as they are effectively expressed in hopefully in non-violent ways but the nation must have the resolve to defend herself militarily as the last recourse. Without such military options Japan has learned that the diplomacy is never effective in the world, especially with China and Koreas. Also I think that young people just want to know the truth about how the WWII started and they are gradually learning that what they are taught in school is only one side of truth, lacking the Japanese perspective. This does not mean that they are becoming militaristic or want to fight the war with China or Korea.

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Posted in: China pushes Japan with sea claims, trade threats See in context

Import and export is only 5% of GDP for Japan. Not trading with China does not hurt the Japanese economy as a whole. Japanese multinationals can go elsewhere to survive without China or they can do whatever they please. Japan should focus on trading with other more stable countries and consider developing domestic economy, which LDP is talking more about recently.

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