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Chinese provoked Japan by insisting that Senkaku is part of their inherent territory (such as Tibet,) and started talking about their plan to take over the islands. They have also suggested that Okinawa is their's too. I think something ugly will happen since knowing this, Japanese will not back down this time especially when LDP government come to exist.

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It's a good idea. Believe or not most of the Japanese are not well informed about the island issues over Senkaku or Takeshima. It is best to educate the Japanese first so that they/we can understand the policies proposed by the government. Koreans and Chinese have so much government propaganda instilled in them, it would take 100years before they can see the issues more objectively.

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It's not that Japanese cannot accept the truth. Most Japanese believe that Korean version is false. And they keep demanding that Japanese should accept the false "truth" based on their wrong facts. As Osaka Mayor Hashimoto explained a few days ago in his interview, there is no evidence to prove that prostitutes were recruited forcefully by the Japanese military. They were recruited by private operators, often Koreans themselves, and they were "supervised" by the military. Japanese would not deny this truth based on the evidence and fact as we know it.

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The rudeness of Korean government is unbelievable. I thought they are concerned about their international reputation. where did their pride go?

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The end of TPP. Good for both countries.

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Also I wouldn't be concerned about Toyota, Nissan of Japanese companies. They are multinational companies and can move their base elsewhere in the other parts of the world. Japanese government should focus more on domestic economies anyway.

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I hope Chinese and Korean would express their hatred toward and talk about attacking Japan. That would be only way Japanese people come to realize that the dysfunctional current Constitution should be changed.

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It's hard to believe Chinese government has the nerve to talk about Japan when they are the one who have been committing the war crimes over the last several decades. I don't think Japan has killed anyone for a long time.

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Rational resolution of differences with Korea is impossible knowing their historical conjecture and temperament. We just have to learn to live with the differences as they are. Another way is to approach UN to change the ICJ rules so that "Compulsory" jurisdiction can be made without both parties having agreed to submit to its decision

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Japan is not picking a fight with China. China is by claiming the Senkaku and now, Okinawa, the same way they claim Tibet as their own. Japan must defend them.

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Posted in: Owners of disputed isles shun Noda's bid in favor of Ishihara's See in context

By the way Chinese history is all lies, political propaganda based on their grandiose fantasy.

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Posted in: Owners of disputed isles shun Noda's bid in favor of Ishihara's See in context

Japanese has the right to defend its own land and China thinks they can have whatever they please if they have sufficient military power to win the battle. This is not the legal issue since China is not interested in bringing this to the International court. Ask Vietnamese or Philipino about what they think. They have similar problems with China right now.

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Posted in: Majority want Taiwan, China to cooperate on island dispute with Japan See in context

China only believes in power. The history is not on their side to go after Senkaku since there are documents showing the ownership of Senkaku by Ryukyu. Now they are talking about taking back Okinawa. Crazy.

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Posted in: China state media accuses Clinton of 'meddling' See in context

Chinese apologists, propagnda and lies. They sure work hard to influence the public opinions.

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Posted in: China state media accuses Clinton of 'meddling' See in context

I hope we can “preserve our security, and existence, trusting in the justice and faith of the peace-loving peoples of the world. “(Japanese constitution) What happened to those peace-loving Chinese people we can count on?

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Posted in: K-pop concert in Hyogo canceled due to organizer's bankruptcy See in context

K-pop is out of fashion,finally

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Posted in: China calls Ishihara's remarks on Senkakus 'irresponsible' See in context

The islands belong to Japan. So Ishihara or City of Tokyo can buy it, no problem. I support his actions 100 %.

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I suppose it is ok for the newspaper to write anything that pleases them. But this biased, shallow description of Hashimoto is shameful. Newspapers have become useless to inform us of something that really matters in life. I personally don't like Hahimoto except a few things he is doing with the Nikkoyoso and Doa. But again the newspaper can be entertaining only as a cheap joke.

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I was going to add my negative comments about Chinese but all have been said already, can’t add any more, except that some Chinese have said the same thing about themselves, and they are motivated only by money.

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They met look cool for a few years but then... I can't imagine how ugly it will look in 10 years. I suppose it's not my business.

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These groups must be mass produced by Hyundai or Samson. They should be sued for dumping practice.

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I can't tell the difference from one group from the others. Stay in Korea.

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Left-wing newspaper description of "Right-wing" activist. ZitokuKai’s actions appear outrageous, rude but they are not harming anyone physically, and their intentions and goals are often sound and should be supported by Japanese. But I must say their tactics should be changed.

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Japan can't afford giving up nuclear energy and industry in case we have to consider the option of building the nuclear arsenals in the future.

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We can't live without nuclear energy at least until other resources become available, e.g., wind energy, gas hydrate, etc.

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Posted in: S Korean forced laborers during Japan's colonial rule win 1st legal victory See in context

This has nothing to do with Japanese “guilt.” This is the issue of Korean’s failure to live up to the agreement officially made between two nations and the Korean government’s avoidance of responsibility for their own citizens.

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China has internal problems and the narcissistic injuries inflicted by Japan dating back to Sino-Japan War 1894. Japan needs to change the Constitution and protect the country from their irrational aggressive military policy. I am glad that Ishihara is trying what he could to protect Japan.

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How can Japanese face the lies concocted by Koreans? This is motivated by hate, not reality. Show the facts and have the open debate about the facts before going nuts and making fool of themselves.

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Posted in: S Korean forced laborers during Japan's colonial rule win 1st legal victory See in context

I must agree with the fact that there has been no open debate about the history especially after the Russo-Japan war in Japan. But contrary to the impression many people here seem to have, the debate has been preempted by the groups of professionals (teachers, university professors, journalists, etc) that are Left-leaning, who held mostly negative view of Japanese “recent” history. They tend to share the same criticisms directed toward Japan by Koreans and Chinese. In the elementary school I attended some decades ago, more than 80% of the teachers belonged to Communist party. The Right-leaning voices have been mostly silenced in academic institutions and media, etc, obviously with some exceptions (Mishima, Ishihara, and others). The conservative voices have not been taken seriously among intellectuals, various types of elite. However, this seems to be changing gradually today.

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Posted in: S Korean forced laborers during Japan's colonial rule win 1st legal victory See in context

@TA I don't where you are from but if you are from US, England, Holland, Spain, etc. how much guilt are you feeling about your colonial history? I am not justifying what Japan did in the past. I just don't want to see some people acting as though they are innocent. Japanese were just lucky enough to avoid the victimization by European "colonization," possibly till the end of WWII.

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