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Posted in: Emergency landing closes runway at Tokyo's Haneda airport See in context

Sensei, With a hydraulic failure, depending on the aircraft and indicated failure, the pilot may choose not to dump fuel. A hydraulic failure is a particularly dangerous and often progressive condition in which most pilots will choose to land immediately rather than risk losing control of the aircraft if the fault progresses.

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Posted in: Amazon Japan says it is cooperating with child porn probe See in context

Meanwhile, on Japanese owned websites, business has picked up to make up for the difference, now that the big, evil, foreign company is out of the child porn business.

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Posted in: Tsunami survivor’s Y1.2 mil camera: heart-felt gift or PR stunt? See in context

Not a PR stunt. Funashi is a PR stunt.

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Posted in: Microsoft announces $40 bil share buyback See in context

I don't exactly pity the fool who bought Microsoft stock. If you bought $10,000 of its stock in 1985, it would be worth $3,000,000 now.

source: my uncle, who bought $100,000 worth in 1985.

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Posted in: All the Emperor’s Men: Kurosawa’s Pearl Harbor See in context

Dear volland, you have made some interesting points, but more importantly, you have discredited your opinion quite considerably by baseless and flat out wrong statements. The United States did not make the abandonment of any historical revisionism a condition of aid following the unconditional surrender of Germany and Japan. Also, I challenge you to prove any connection between Kurosawa being fired as anything more than a movie studio fearful of losing money from bad publicity.

Secondly, I will ask you the same question, "Was Hawaii part of the US when it was attacked?" You claim historical truth as a casualty of of ignorance. But in order to make this claim you have to get the facts correct, which you haven't

Also please explain what is so ridiculous about the image that Japan has of itself?

Thank you for contributing to the conversation!

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