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Posted in: U.S. military declares five missing Marines dead after crash off Japan's coast See in context

WIthaca the number of aircraft the USNAVY has not many crashes at all still sorry to hear about it

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Posted in: Nagoya High Court orders mother to return son to father in U.S. See in context

You can make marriage work you need to sit down and talk out the problems my wife and I have been married 46 years and II'm not the easiest person to be around at times someone said that marriage isn't heaven I'm white and my wife is okinawan

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Posted in: 10 things foreign guys do that make Japanese girls fall head over heels See in context

Not sure what I did when I met my wife but what ever it was we have been married 46 years we are the same age.neither one of us were looking for what we found but it is all good and true love.some of these stories sound real fake to me

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Posted in: Rape victim wants Japan to do more on U.S. military crimes See in context

If you commit a crime off base it comes under Japanese law

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Posted in: U.S. holds parachuting drill at Okinawa base despite opposition See in context

The American bases will stay.My brother in law doesn't agree with all that happens he says if the bases close a lot of okinawan people Wil be out of work Okinawa does have the highest unemployment rate in Japan also the JSDFwil take over the U.S. bases and bring their won people to work there by the way my brother in law is Okinawan

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Posted in: U.S.-born singer Chris Hart obtains Japanese citizenship See in context

Green cards are good for 10 years.you can't be a dual citizen.

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Posted in: Mother killed, 1-year-old son injured after being hit by truck; driver arrested See in context

He told the cops he was checking a map on his smart phone

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Posted in: A tourist in Tokyo Q&A: Toilets, menus and naked bathing See in context

Be brave with the fo I don't and culture.My Okinawan wifes be jock is I eat more japanese food than her and she was born and raised in Okinawa and I'm a white American.

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Posted in: Man attacks woman, steals her underwear as she walks home See in context

A pervert

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Posted in: Trump to choose Hagerty as next U.S. ambassador to Japan See in context

Some people go to Japan for a week and say they know everything about japan.I lived Okinawa and main land Japan for 12 years and been married to an Okinawan woman over 44 years still a lot I don't known about Japan

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Posted in: American man arrested for smuggling marijuana in candy See in context

He need Laila time and than deported

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to sign pact to limit base workers' immunity from prosecution See in context

Kenney Franklin was not under SOFA he is a Japanese resident he worked for a Japanese company that had a contract with the military.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes indoor smoking ban as early as next year See in context

****leave it as it is

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Posted in: U.S. airman arrested for alleged drunk driving on Okinawa See in context

Ones that drive drunk in Japan will also drive drunk in the states.

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Posted in: U.S. military says restrictions are to respect Okinawan murder victim's family See in context

The guy that raped and killed that girl works for a Japanese company and running around with an okinawan name how do we know if he became a Japanese citizen rather way Japanese need to hang him.he married to an okinawan woman and they have a kid he should have been home with his family and not out look for another woman

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