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Posted in: Andrew Garfield says he's gay 'without the physical act' See in context

what is mean " without the physical act " ?? Remember he kissed Ryan Reynolds in the Golden Globes 2017 !

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Posted in: Tokyo chooses bike helmet-design for new national stadium See in context

is really look like big spaceship, it will be cool if can fly too : )

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Posted in: No time for cleaning? These hot guys will take care of it for you See in context


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Posted in: AKB48 urge Tokyo residents to vote in gubernatorial election See in context

People who support something like this is stupid. There is no talent, no cuteness and all is fake. Stupid always support stupid ! And don't why this kind media ask people to vote. What horrible, awful and no class !

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Posted in: Why are Tokyo cabbies so clueless? See in context

From my experience. Is a polite think if the taxi driver ask you to tell the way to go to your destination, because they think you know how to go to the destination. But if you don't know usually they will tell what road they will take to make sure you okay. Usually I just said "the fast road please" and they will use GPS to check or just tell you the fast road ( sometimes must avoid traffic jam ). And another experience if the driver take wrong road, usually they will apologize and always give me a discount about the mistake. From your article I think you just really have a bad bad day and luck.

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