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Posted in: Kim's sister says N Korea will reject any contact with Japan See in context

Boo hoo hoo

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Posted in: Japan repeatedly spots Chinese coast guard and warships near disputed waters See in context

Japan should park a few of their ships around the islands as well. Stand up to them!!

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Posted in: Major automakers may be using Chinese aluminum produced with Uyghur forced labor, rights group says See in context

Oh and lets not forget all those cobalt mines in Congo with thousands of child labor which help us have our Iphones too.

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Posted in: G7 to push for tighter cryptocurrency regulations See in context

Thats like saying, products offered in a hedge fund are a Ponzi scheme.

If someone scams you involving Yen, does it make Yen a Ponzi scheme?

Its the individual or organization that creates a Ponzi scheme, not the product.

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Posted in: Man in Joker costume with knife injures 17 people on Tokyo train; starts fire See in context

Maybe I need one for self protection now. Oh, and in case his is long, I will need a very long one to cover any situation.

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