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Posted in: 13% of employees in Japan teleworking due to virus See in context

I know companies where Japanese decided to keep going to office to avoid staying home with family. Despite the company allows teleworking.

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Posted in: Confirmed new coronavirus infections in Japan now 1,528, including cruise ship cases See in context

government strives 

What?! They are doing nothing at all.

including asking people to avoid mass gatherings 

Streets are as packed as always in Tokyo. The virus is spreading like crazy, but nobody knows the magnitude of it. We are in a total uncontrolled situation.

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Posted in: Abe requests event cancellations for 10 more days See in context

In my opinion, the key question is not how many people are being tested or not in Japan. The key question is what is the trend of people now being hospitalized because of serious respiratory problems in Japan? Is it increased dramatically over the last 2 weeks or so, or not? If not, it means that probably, and despite our belief or bias caused by what's happening in Italy, it means that the virus here is not spreading.

But again, we don't even have this number, we our blind and incapable of judgment.

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Posted in: Kobe woman, Nagoya Sagawa delivery man, JAL cabin attendant test positive for virus See in context

Why nobody talks about the case of an employee of a supermarket in Higashi Nakano: .

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Posted in: Film about Fukushima heroes warns against complacency See in context

Oh, come on. There are tons of documentaries available since forever about the truth of what happened in Fukushima, wake up!

Just for reference, this is maybe the most trustworthy one.

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Posted in: French shrine visit See in context

Ehm .. I think you are not supposed to drink directly from the ladle. Nice catch!

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Posted in: TEPCO will have to dump radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific, minister says See in context

There is ZERO harm produced by this solution, neither for humans nor fishes nor the environment. The ocean itself is already immensely more radioactive than the water contained in those tanks. People, really, go read what scientists say about this solution and you will be much more relaxed about it. The best nuclear experts in the world are suggesting this solution since years already.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics to ban fans from posting photos, video of events on their social media accounts See in context

Haha, and how are they going to find out? Do they have an agreement with SNS companies to stop this? The Japanese way :-) it's cute.

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Posted in: Kono suggests need to end reversal of Japanese names in English See in context

Finally, a real social issue that Japan needs to focus on and fix!

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Posted in: Fukushima contaminants found as far north as Alaska's Bering Strait See in context

The newly detected Fukushima radiation was minute. The level of cesium-137, a byproduct of nuclear fission, in seawater was just four-tenths as high as traces of the isotope naturally found in the Pacific Ocean.

Come on, please stop this useless alarmism!

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Posted in: Tokyo ramen restaurant has 50 kinds of all-you-can-drink sake, unlimited gyoza and fried chicken See in context

At Nabezo you get 2 hours all-you-can-eat (meat, vegetables and dessert) for 2600 yen + all-you-can-drink for 1500. 4100 in total.

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