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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors shareholders approve ouster of Ghosn See in context

To hell with Nissan, Mitsubishi & Renault

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Posted in: Prosecutors suspect Ghosn's wife contacted parties linked to his case See in context

Stop this farce, stop this mafia style. What a shame & a dirty way facing this matter.

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Posted in: Ghosn's detention extended until April 14 See in context

bail's money must be returned

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan boss Ghosn served 4th arrest warrant; calls it 'outrageous' See in context

Should I laugh? or cry? BRAVO Japanese prosecutors, this is a total hatred. 28 days of freedom for 9 million USD, meaning $321,428.57 per day this is a profitable deal for Japan.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for stabbing classmate at school See in context

What is happening with humans those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Ghosn posts ¥1 billion bail; released after 108 days in detention See in context

Time to fight back.

Good luck Mr. Ghosn

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Posted in: Nissan cuts forecast in first earnings report since Ghosn's arrest See in context

Just what they deserve

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Posted in: Japanese swimming star Ikee diagnosed with leukemia See in context

Praying God to save her. How sad :-(

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Posted in: Renault denounces Nissan over Ghosn investigation: report See in context

Mr. Ghosn, now you can sit back relax and watch Nissan drowning. Hoping that Nissan will get what they deserve back to the bottom again.

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Posted in: Renault probes gift from Versailles chateau linked to Ghosn's wedding See in context

Only God knows what is happening in Mr. Ghosn's case. Feel like dirty laundry of all malicious will be dropped over Mr. Ghosn shoulders. This is the most sarcastic myth ever made. A large amount of bull s..t are processed with this soap opera.

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl arrested for extortion in sugar daddy case See in context

both are dirty

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Posted in: Nissan to freeze payments of unstated remuneration to Ghosn See in context

Why does Nissan insist to destroy Mr. Ghosn's life & reputation?

They are dealing with him as a criminal.

The trial didn't start yet.

What if Mr. Ghosn is innocent and the Japanese court couldn't accuse him?

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Posted in: Nissan poised to propose Ghosn replacement on board: report See in context

This is very rude & unfair.

What Nissan & Mitsubishi will do if Mr. Ghosn is innocent?

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Posted in: Ghosn: Bail refusal would not be normal in any other democracy See in context


You don't have to blame Mr. Ghosn for the dismissal of thousand of employees and closing 5 unproductive factories, you have to ask Nissan at that time why they arrived to bankruptcy. 

The only mistake that Mr. Ghosn did, is helping and rebuild companies such Nissan & Mitsubish.


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Posted in: Ghosn tells Nikkei arrest due to plot, treason within Nissan See in context

Hoping this interview will be a break through

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Posted in: More details emerge over fatal abuse of 10-year-old girl by father See in context

may your soul rest in peace little angel, this is horrible :-(

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for a lamp???????? lets assume that the boy was drunk, and he really hit the police man, does he deserve a 9 months detention?????????????? he is only a boy!!!!!!! is this a nightmare? when it will end. 

Come on this is Japan and not one of the underdeveloped countries.

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Posted in: Baby with umbilical cord attached found in convenience store toilet See in context

Jesus, !!!!!!!!!!! this women cannot in any way be a mother.  :-(

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

the teacher should not allow this conversation ...... sorry for the typo

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

two sides of the story:

1- regarding the boy, rules must be applied. If the earring is forbidden then he must respect, otherwise switch to another school. but it seems that the boy has a temper of bullying that he can be implemented toward his colleague.

2- the teacher should not be allowed this conversation in the first place, he must simply send the naughty boy to the school director, so he can take the necessary action.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies Ghosn's latest bail request See in context

Feel like the Japanese prosecutor is a wizard, he's keeping surprising us by pulling out rabbits from his pocket. Nissan accuse him following by Mitsubishi, then who??????? I think the vegetable store around the corner will accuse him too.

Stop this farce, this is faraway to be fair and respect the human rights.

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Posted in: Ghosn again asks for bail; promises not to flee, pay for security guards See in context


with all respect it is waste of time replying to you.

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Posted in: Ghosn again asks for bail; promises not to flee, pay for security guards See in context

To all haters of Mr. Ghosn, hope you all face the same situation as he did now, then let's hear your comments.

It is 2019 or in 1919?

Freedom & justice for Mr. Ghosn

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Posted in: Ghosn appeals against bail rejection See in context

Boycott NISSAN..............

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies request for Ghosn's release on bail See in context

This action was predicted, but till when?????????????

freedom & justice for Mr. Ghosn

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife says he is suffering 'harsh' treatment in detention center See in context

For me Japan is the land of human rights, justice & democracy. In one word Japan is my dream land .

what is happening with Mr. Ghosn is far away from humanity.

Give me back my dream

Justice & freedom for Mr. Ghosn

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Posted in: Ghosn indicted on 2 new charges; Nissan cancels lease on his Tokyo apartment See in context

@Will Goode:

Hope that Lebanon will take action, but unfortunately, Lebanon already has critical issues: "

9 months till today & no government has been settled yet,

bad economic conditions,

bad political situation related to disunity between the political parties .............

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Posted in: Ghosn indicted on 2 new charges; Nissan cancels lease on his Tokyo apartment See in context

Come on, seriously ? !!!!!!!!!!!.................

Is it related to the fact that Mr. Ghosn refused to stop dealing with Iran???????

below article from daily mail online:

French carmaker Renault will maintain its presence in Iran while taking measures to avoid the risk of penalties for breaching renewed US sanctions, CEO Carlos Ghosn said Friday.

"We will not abandon it, even if we have to downsize very strongly," he said at the annual shareholders' meeting in Paris.

"When the market reopens, the fact of having stayed will certainly give us an advantage," he predicted.

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Posted in: Ghosn suffers fever; interrogation suspended See in context

once upon a time, there was a justice.............. :-(

what's happening is a shame

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Posted in: Ghosn re-arrested for aggravated breach of trust See in context

Shame, this is the longest soap opera ever. :-(

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