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Posted in: FSA estimates couples need retirement savings of up to ¥30 mil See in context

Forget about getting married and move to Pattaya, Phuket, Medellin, or Estonia for retirement. Avoid Philippines if possible. Thank me later.

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Posted in: Nearly 50% of Japan's singles have no dating prospects: gov't survey See in context

Name one benefit that a man gets for being in a relationship that he can't get outside of one. I thought so.

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Posted in: Ailing woman dies at home while son spends month in internet cafes See in context

Is this even a crime?

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Posted in: Iran's supreme leader tells Abe Trump 'not worthy' of a reply to message See in context

This oil tanker 'attack' is a classic move taken from the George Bush playbook.

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Posted in: Tired of looking for The One? Try Japan’s new DNA matchmaking service and maybe you’ll find them See in context

Marriage for men is like buying a car. You can get one that is old, used, and beat up. Or you can get a new one, fun in the beginning but depreciating in value everyday.

I recommend rentals or walking.

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Posted in: Japan offers most paid leave for fathers in world, but few take it See in context

Feminist where you at?

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Posted in: Abe meets Iranian president; warns of armed conflict amid soaring tension with U.S. See in context

Japan is playing the role of ALT/English teacher. They both come from foreign countries dressed in suits, aiming for 'international cooperation', but in reality aren't needed and have no real impact.

Everyone is scared of the US and no one besides China, Russia, and North Korea can stand up to them.

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Posted in: Domino’s Japan unleashes 1 kilo of cheese pizza See in context

Not all heroes wear capes.

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Posted in: Illustrator shows different types of perverts encountered on Japanese trains See in context

Why are the illustrations all of dudes?I've had many women try to grope me, only to be overwhelmed by what they found.

Being a fat guy or chick is usually a good deterrent. Stay safe everyone!

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife appeals to Trump for help in U.S. media interview See in context

Very very smart. If Trump tells Abe to roll over, Abe rolls over. If Trump throws a stick, Abe goes and fetches.

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Posted in: Labor minister opposes banning female dress codes with high heels See in context

The labor minister needs to stand up and tell them no. Simple, end of discussion.

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan to cancel 70 flights in June due to pilot shortage See in context

JT readers: "Give people more vacation, typical (insert derogative)" gives vacation...

JT readers: " worst company ever!!!"

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Posted in: Politician’s birthrate plan: Parents should nag their kids to have at least 3 babies See in context

Men and women from developed countries tend to think of their career, finances, hobbies, etc before having kids.

This trend is natural and won't reverse.

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Posted in: Canadian English teacher filmed hitting 2-year-old child at daycare facility See in context

When foreigners with useless degrees become 'teachers'.

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Posted in: U.S. men avoid spending time with female colleagues in the wake of #MeToo See in context

False accusations are consequence free weapons being abused by many women.

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Posted in: Alert issued on sexual enhancer, diet pills sold on foreign websites See in context

If I'm going to go down, I'm going down hard.

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Posted in: Suga, in rare official overseas trip, discusses N Korea, abductees with Pompeo, Shanahan See in context

North Korea shouldn't ever give up it's Nuclear arms. It doesn't mean that it should use them, but it and China are the only thing keeping the US from invasion.

Look at Iran, the only reason Saudi and America haven't invaded is the nuclear deterrent.

Israel and Saudi have the US on a leash.

....I'm not sure why Japan thinks it's relevant in this issue.

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Posted in: School intruder says he intended to stab young Prince Hisahito See in context

Forced confession

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Posted in: Japanese women’s magazine’s list of traits for an ideal man is both understandable and baffling See in context

Fake news. You can be obese, missing half your teeth, severly balding, Hepatitis B positive, and STILL get ANY women as long as you have lots of money.

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Posted in: Ex-AKB48 singer Minami Takahashi gets married on 1st day of Reiwa See in context

The guy paying for the wedding is hiding his face. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

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Posted in: K-pop stardom lures Japanese youth to Korea despite diplomatic chill See in context

Waste of Daddy's money.

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Posted in: U.S. to sanction 5 nations, including Japan, if they import Iranian oil See in context

Saudi Arabia and Israel have the US in their pockets.

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Posted in: Ghosn indicted on aggravated breach of trust charge See in context

I salute you Ghosn, take the fall and become a martyr for the rest of us.

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Posted in: Pop superstar Adele splits from husband See in context

Hello from the other side...

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Posted in: English level at Japan's secondary schools falls short of gov't target See in context

Time to cut all non-private English 'teachers' or reduce their salary.

Unacceptable performance, always deflecting the blame.

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Posted in: Virgin territory: Study shows heterosexual inexperience rising in Japan See in context

Sex is great, but a lot of people take it too far and get married. I recommend having many women.

If she stops meeting your mental, physical, and spiritual needs, starts nagging/spending/talking too much, you can move on without being trapped/divorced, as so many men are currently(or are in denial of).

I can't wait for the advancements in sex robot technology to solve all these problems.

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Posted in: Sexual harassment toward job-hunting students by alumni widespread See in context

Just curious, what incentive would these apps have for alumni?

It's essentially a well-disguised survey /extortion with no benefits.

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Posted in: Japanese mom finds dead dad’s Amazon cart has one last message of love for his grandchildren See in context

Maybe he forgot to delete it from his cart. Happens to the best of us.

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Posted in: Brunei's new Islamic criminal laws including stoning to death for gay sex and amputation for theft See in context

Brunei's Sultan doesn't care about a few random people online who pretend to be outraged about a country that they have never, or will never visit. If the majority of his people approve, then he his doing his job as a ruler.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber puts music on hold while struggling not to fall apart See in context

You get married, and this is what happens.

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