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Posted in: House votes to hold Trump ally Steve Bannon in contempt See in context

This is nothing less than a vote on Democracy in the U.S. The attack on the capital was an attack on the Democratic principals the U.S. is based on and it was fomented by the then President of the U.S. Donald Trump. This will be a worse black stain on the Republican Party that Watergate ever was and will never be forgotten.

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Posted in: Hair from culled Hokkaido deer made into jeans See in context

Also we have a horrible problem in North Carolina with deer over-population due to the lack of predators. Buckskin clothing shoes and venison is very popular here.

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I am somewhat amazed that Japan would have a problem making cloth from deerskin or deer hair. Heck in the U.S. Native Americans always made clothing and shoes from deerskin.

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JeffLee "Wages are overwhelmingly decided in corporate boardrooms and through negotiations between corporate management and labor unions. There's no direct government role."

As long as government has the ability to tax Corporations they have the ability to affect wages. Now the question is only if the have the will or resolve to use that power

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So now you are supposed to work two jobs just to keep up and never get ahead. No life just work. In the U.S. it is the side hustle movement where you have a side job just to make ends meet. I can see where the  “lying flat,” or tangping movement is coming from.

I guess actually paying a living wage is just out of the question for Corporations.

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Potatoes are so cheap in the U.S. it's not worth the hassle of growing them yourself unless you want the red or purple flesh potatoes. $1.99 for 5lbs or 225 yen for 2.26 kilograms for Russets $2.99 for Yukon Golds.

When does Japan get potatoes from?

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Happy Day Oct. 13  05:37 pm JST

When he shut down production in the U.S. and gave more power to OPEC, what did Joe expect would happen?

Typical Right Wing misinformation. If you mean Biden he has zero control over the price of gasoline. U.S. Oil and Gas production is at all time high but all that Oil and Gas goes on to the World market. U.S. Oil and Gas production has never been strictly for the U.S. market since the 70s.

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So far from the outside looking in Brexit seems like the greatest failure possible for the British economy. Could someone tell me what positive effect Brexit has had for the U.K.

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How does the people who run the fictional Squid Games get the money that they pay to the ultimate winner? Is it a PPV TV show or what?

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Posted in: Kishida urges S Korea to do more over wartime row to improve ties See in context

I am just a little shocked at all of the countries that harbor ill-feelings toward Japan because of the pre-WWII actions. Now North Korea hating the U.S. makes perfect sense but it seems like the anti-Japanese feeling need to be let go of.

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I watched Parasite today and it was great. I think what is happening is that Capitalism has run amok and it destroying the very societies it used to help. The Squid Game is just the same thing take to the extreme. I really feel like until the excesses of Capitalism are brought under control these type of shows will continue to propagate

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I live in North Carolina in the U.S. Did the plane mistakenly drop an atomic bomb in a field? If not don't sweat it. Things fall off airplanes all the time.

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The Democrats in the U.S. have a similar plan to tax the 0.1% rich and Corporation but cannot get Republicans to go along. It will be interesting to see if Japan can pull this off.

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Companies say the cannot find workers and the is provably untrue. Companies cannot find worker to work for low slave wages in the $7 to $10 dollar range. Companies that pay $15 to $20 can find all the workers they need for low skill jobs. The minimum wage hasn't been raised since 2009 meanwhile everything has gone up in price.

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Posted in: How do Japanese fans feel about Netflix’s live-action 'Cowboy Bebop' opening sequence? See in context

Where's Ed? How can you have Ein without Ed?

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Posted in: Fuel pumps run dry in UK as govt blames panic buying See in context

This has everything to do with Brexit. Everything from Truck drivers, to farm workers, to fishery workers and a dozen other fields were filled by workers outside the U.K. and when they pulled out of the EU Boris and company had zero plans to how those job positions would be staffed. Everything about Brexit has been screwed up from beginning to end.

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Posted in: U.S. sets the stage for COVID booster shots for millions See in context

I live in the U.S. and already have my booster shot. I just asked my Doctor and he said ok. I know 3 people who died from COVID-19 who were unvaccinated. I got the Pfizer shot with zero side effects.

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