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Tony Ogawa comments

Posted in: Defense ministry wants its own early-warning planes See in context

****JAPAN will be rdy to make new advance plane and stelth fithger jet is a no problema fellas...... J apan can do kow how =haaaaaaaaaaaa it is a joke to hear from other people do not undereastimate +++++japan ++++++ japan will bring more advance jet and warning (( awac)) go japan

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Posted in: Japan, India to step up security, economic cooperation See in context

very good thing brewing with india and japan ====

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Posted in: China says no change in policy on improving ties with Japan See in context

japan must stand up strong to china and south and north korea.

japan must stan tall bro++++++++++

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Posted in: Cabinet adopts resolution dropping ban on collective self-defense See in context


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Posted in: Chinese fighter jets fly within 30 meters of SDF planes See in context

show to ( chinese))))) we will show the power of air fighter power > do not push too much, japan need to strike back for real and w show them> we are not playinga here((( vat and ouse game)).======= go blast of the chinese jet haaaaaaaaaaaaaa go japan sdf

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Posted in: Japan lifts self-imposed ban on weapons exports See in context

good news and japan need to stand up to >>>>>china >

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Posted in: Japan to hike mid-term defense spending by 5% See in context

japan need to bring +++++ shin shin 5 th geration stealth fighter jet buying F=35 is good for new japanese detroyer pne more thing is build another jet fither destroyer above all =======put in senkau island area for defese remember #2 minitry power behind + u.s japanes can handle it = no problema folks > just mouse and car games on haaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Posted in: Former Tokyo defense attache starts consultancy See in context

they want to own fighter jet development. japan can do it"s own > japan catch up ((( fither jet and own drone)) just matter of time to build it. they can. in my opnion>>>>>>>

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Posted in: 8 fighter jets scrambled after Chinese plane flies over disputed islands See in context

japanese are ready to alert. period. do not play the ""game"" china is very sneaky>>>>>>(( business and politics))

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