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Tony Pine comments

Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being left in bus for 5 hours See in context

This is such a tragedy and my heart felt sympathies go out to the parents.

There are a few details which should have been addressed ;

1 : Why wasn't there a headcount when the children got ON AND OFF the bus ?

2 : Didn't the teachers notify the principle that the girl was absent so they could have contacted the parents and then organised a search for her?

It is all very well for people who are not at the pensionable age yet to criticise those who are to keep working as pension schemes across the globe are so f#£%ed up which means that they have to work in order to survive.

By the way just think of how many people are killed each year by young and inexperienced drivers.

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Posted in: S Korea urges improved ties with Japan See in context

There is only one person who can bring the warring factions together and that person is none other than the legendary Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu. If you want evidence of his popularity then just look at the reception that he got in Beijing earlier this year and in Pyongchang in 2018 where it was off the scale.

One British newspaper correspondant said at the time of the Beijing Olympics that Yuzuru Hanyu did something that no Politician or world leader could do and that was to bring China, Japan and South Korea together.

If individuals can set the pace for change the Politicians should add momentum to the cause for peace.

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Posted in: Welfare ministry to conduct survey on boys and men victimized by sexual violence See in context

The issue is unfortunately an international one as we are experiencing the same problem here in the UK men and boys being abused sexually or violently. They are to afraid / embarrassed to report it to the authorities because of the stigma attached ' males, being the dominant sex, attack women ' not women attacking men.

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Posted in: Teenager sent to family court over 3-year-old sister’s death in Okinawa See in context

What an absolute tragedy for the parents knowing that they have lost TWO children simultaneously and the real tragedy is that one was murdered and the other the murderer. It doesn't get any worse than that.

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Posted in: Japanese gymnastics legend Uchimura retires at 33 See in context

A fond farewell to Kohei,

To say that Kohei is a great athlete / gymnast is the understatement of the century, he is the giant of giants, a true legend and a true gentleman.

Enjoy your retirement, Kohei as you so richly deserve it!!


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Posted in: Skating star Hanyu misses practice, fueling Olympic fears See in context

Yuzuru Hanyu is a great ambassador for sport and a superb athlete, he is also human and like all other mortals he gets injured from time to time so deal with it members of the public and hope that like everybody he gets better soon.

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Posted in: Figure skating star Hanyu suffers ankle injury See in context

I hope that he gets better soon as he is a true legend, a true gentleman ( on and off the rink ) and a MASSIVE INSPIRATION to all age groups and to both genders.

Yuzuru Hanyu you are a great person, look after yourself.

From an admiring fan in England.

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Posted in: Chen holds on to win Rostelecom Cup and beat Hanyu See in context

Nathan Chen is a star in the ascendancy and an exemplary performer, but Yuzuru is still the King.

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Posted in: Japan's defense minister backs all U.S. options on N Korea See in context

To quote Winston Churchill "jaw jaw is better than war war," in other words try to come to a peaceful solution or face certain annihilation.

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Posted in: Man injures 5 people with knife and baseball bat in Chiba See in context

It sounds like London on a Saturday night.

I hope that they all get well soon. T.P.

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