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Posted in: Some hospitals in crisis as U.S. nears high for COVID-19 cases See in context

There are always "some hospitals" in crisis for one reason or another ...

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Posted in: J-pop stars Arashi release English surprise before hiatus See in context

15 years too late ... why only now with the English language music release ... BoA, Crystal Kay, Arumi Hamasaki, so many of their generation have done it already ....

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Posted in: World’s longest trailer shows former SMAP star play transgender role in new film See in context

looks like solid acting

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Posted in: World’s longest trailer shows former SMAP star play transgender role in new film See in context


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Posted in: Fearing Chinese advantage, Japan lurches towards digital currency and electronic payments See in context

Its not about competition, it's about the control and tracing of digital currency

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus cases top 6 million See in context

Grest point Randy! The media report cases because it feeds the hysteria and sells stories.

I’ve had 5 relatives in their 80s catch it in California, the worst symptoms were stuffy noses.

The US also tests more, so I wonder what Japan would look like with more testing?

The U.S. has many cases of covid but hasn't shut down, so time will tell how this plays out -- meanwhile, the people aren't crippled by fear.

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Posted in: Ridley Scott brings Bowie and bodysuits to sci-fi TV debut 'Raised by Wolves' See in context

After the pointless and empty 'Prometheus' everything he has done is basically crap ... about as satisfying as the debacle that was Game of Thrones ... no thank you ... wait till it's finished, see if he was able to end it with a satisfying conclusion (unlike Bladerunner or the Alien series) before investing any time or energy into his projects.

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Posted in: Abe says decision to resign before accomplishing his goals 'gut-wrenching' See in context

Abe isn't a "finisher" ... he quits before he fails ... his Abenomics will prove a disaster for Japan. He will do like he did last time ... quit, let someone else clean it up, then reappear like, "look, I'm cured now ... can I have my job back?" ... he's a quitter who did little for the people, and didn't want to be the one holding the reins when all the effects of his policies + corona become plain to see

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Posted in: J&J in talks with Japan, Gates Foundation over COVID-19 vaccine See in context

The same company that KNEW asbestos in its BABY powder caused CANCER for DECADES, denying it, fighting in court and finally LOSING, is now producing a COVID-19 vaccine and YOU want to TRUST them? ...

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Posted in: J&J in talks with Japan, Gates Foundation over COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Japan develop your own ... you don't want this American company that put profit over honor and face selling you a quickly developed product that you will be barred in court from achieving restitution should anything go wrong. (Allergies to and impurities exist in all medications.)

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Posted in: China reports 57 new coronavirus cases; 34 in South Korea See in context

Look, can we stop report and hearing about cases now? Studies have come out by Stanford and other universities that it's not that deadly... and even if it is highly infectious, so is herpes ... no ones reporting those numbers and thats a disease that social distancing actually solves... keep away and present a certificate of no STDs before entering a country would actually benefit people.

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Posted in: Fujifilm says COVID-19 drug research may drag on into July See in context

Tare your time Fujifilm, get it right. No rush... proven treatments & increased hygiene is almost all the world needs...

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Posted in: As pressure for coronavirus vaccine mounts, scientists debate risks of accelerated testing See in context

A rush for a vaccine is how I Am Legend got started, haha! Anyway. . . let the sheeple be the big pharma Guinea Pigs ... I'll wait for the proven, tested version.

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Posted in: Elitism scandal engulfs would-be justice minister in South Korea See in context

Moon has wanted to reform the prosecution authorities ever since, believing them to be overly politicised -- a cause Cho has vehemently supported.

These two wanted to limit prosecutor's ability to investigate corrupt politicians by pretending to be "one of the good guys" ... all the while, secretly trying to help their elite class buddies get away with more corruption behind closed doors. Sounds like Trump promising to "clean up the swamp" but just entrenching the power of those Republicans who were already (and still) in power in Washington. The "People's champions" are always wolves in sheep's clothing.

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