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Tony W. comments

Posted in: Swan song See in context

Maybe they are feeling lost. I've read that it is believed birds navigate by "compass " provided by magnetite molecules in a part of their brain. Currently the magnetic north pole is drifting eastwards towards Russia, so this could possibly be a bit of a problem for them!

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Posted in: 90% in Japan support idea of reigning empress: survey See in context

Of course women should be able to ascend the throne. Look at how great monarchs Queens Elizabeth the First and Second have been in the United Kingdom! Moreover, a woman is less likely to approve of traditions that are pointless or unfair, and more likely to champion if needed the cause of women in society generally. No bad thing at all.

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Posted in: Kishida to unveil measures to protect Amazon rainforest during Brazil visit See in context

Given the importance of the Amazon rain forest to the World in general and the region especially. Japan is doing well to offer assistance. If the rainforest is cut down, the local rainfall will decrease, as much of it is recycled from the vegetation by the heat, so potentially the land could move toward desert.

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Posted in: Detained senior police officer, accused of raping 3 women, commits suicide See in context

Is it possible to committed suicude in a cell? From time to time prisoners do. Apart from the wretched Epstein, in Australia the suicide of Aboriginal prisoners, in the Northern Tertitory in particular, has been an issue for some years now. All you need is a means.

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

On her terms no doubt!

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Posted in: Gov't mulls meeting with Okinawa on U.S. base transfer plan See in context

The wishes of the local people, in this case Okinawans, should always be given serious consideration by governments. It's bad enough that they have had to have not just a one-time conquering power, but a now peacetime friendly power, on their territory. But to move its base around using more Okinawan land against the wishes of the people, that is very bad.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainees told to undergo contraception to work in Japan See in context

I can understand that it makes it easier for the government to avoid the consequences, financall and otherwise, of the women getting pregnant, but surely it is immoral to force them to have it!

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Posted in: China opposes Japan's congratulatory message to Taiwan president-elect See in context

Well they would, wouldn't they, an entirely predictable response from a country that thinks it has a right to grab back another that doesn't want to be reclaimed. Well done Japan to stick up for the Taiwanese.

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Posted in: Woman in her 90s rescued 5 days after Japan quake See in context

Editor, it's actually "tremor", (the correct term for shaking earth in or after an earthquake).

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Posted in: Transcripts of fatal aircraft collision reveal coast guard plane not cleared for take-off See in context

David Van Den BergJan. 4  08:00 am JST

Two non-native-english speakers forced to communicate in English. Wouldn't surprise me that something was misheard.

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Good point. In view of its worldwide use as a second language, I can understand its requirement for use at airports. However, it is obvious from this incident that that requirement could perhaps be relaxed where local pilots. whose spoken language is known to the traffic controllers, are involved, so that there is no possibility of the local ones misunderstanding, and the international ones who might hear it will know that the controller is not talking to them. Both will of course have to made fully aware that this is a standard worldwide practice.

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Posted in: Navy officer jailed in Japan over deadly car crash transferred to U.S. custody See in context

Altitude sickness at that height in a (presumably fit) naval officer does seem a little surprising to me, having myself once had to break into a trot at 12,000 feet in China to get back to the touring bus in time, and had no adverse reactions whatsoever; but no doubt people's ability to cope at altitude varies, so he should have acted more quickly and stopped driving as soon as he started having adverse sensations, and that would have been acting responsibly on his part.

As for the way the Japanese authorities handled the affair, this could be improved a little as regards his medical condition, for had they been able to confirm his diagnosis (if that is in fact possible), then their case for negligence on his part in not reacting appropriately to symptoms would have been clearer. Still, he's off their hands now so they've saved some money in prison costs!

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Posted in: Fears grow Japan-U.S. alliance may be affected by Osprey crash See in context

On the other hand, would Japan want an ally whose equipment isn't sound; apart from these helicoptors, think faulty Iran rescue ones, poor maintenance on that space shuttle that blew up, was they've not won (Vietnam), ones they've started on dodgy intelligence (Iraq), and so on.

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Posted in: Cargo ship operated by Japanese firm seized in Red Sea by Iran-backed Houthi group See in context

As I said before when the same thing was happening with the Somali pirates, arm the crew and double the watch in the Red Sea. Otherwise, have a Japanese Navy gunboat on duty in the Red Sea for, say, six months at a time until this Middle-Eastern nonsense stops.

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Posted in: Japan decides to strip Unification Church's religious corporation status See in context

Good job, though not before time it would seem.

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Posted in: Bodies of 4 elderly hikers found near mountain trail in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

I wonder were they people who kept themselves fit in the normal course of their lives, because if so then, accidents aside, climbing a mountain shouldn't have been a problem, even in those temperatures. But if not in this case, then they were being irresponsibly adventurous and risking not only their lives but those of the rescuers.

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Posted in: Asian Games open with more participants than Olympics See in context

Cricket, in the Olympics, what is the world coming to, waste of a field!

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Posted in: Kishida, in U.N. speech, vows to spend ¥3 bil to help achieve world without nuclear weapons See in context

Unfortunately he'll be wasting money, no country currently with them will want do that, especially those ruled by communist dictatorial presidents so the rest can't afford to.

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Posted in: Gov't may seek to dissolve Unification Church: source See in context

Religions in general can have a history of getting funds by dubious means from their followers. Centuries ago the Catholic Church was selling pardons for sins! Henry VIII fixed that when he started the Church of England and took over Catholic churches. Recently the ban by the Catholic Church on the use of contraceptives has itself been banned by the Irish Government. So hopefully we will see governments everywhere, including the Japanese one in this case, taking action against unreasonable behaviour by religions that disadvantage their followers. (And, just for the record, a colt is a young horse!)

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Posted in: U.S., Japan to develop hypersonic missile interceptor: report See in context

Dammed good idea, hopefully they can sell them to Taiwan too!

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Posted in: Japanese high school kids average 12% correct answers in English oral test See in context

My late friend spent most of his life teaching English in Japan, to children initially, and then the bulk of his time there to students in a technical university in Kitami. He always maintained that the students were difficult to teach well because they found it so hard to learn and many probably wished they didn't have to. Having attempted to learn Mandarin as an adult myself and given it up, I'm not surprised, the two languages are so dissimilar to English verbally and graphically. However, as has been pointed out, English is the most widely spoken language over the world, especially if you include it learnt as a foreign language. This obvious if you go almost anywhere in Europe; it's routinely taught as a second language in many Asian countries too, like Malaysia, and pretty much all over the globe: and why? Because English IS today's international language, like it or not, so it can benefit children to learn it if they end up in business, science, travel....or teaching it! But it does seem that the teaching method needs an overhaul in Japan. I did seven years of French at high school, but found I improved much more much later on in life with conversation classes with adults, so that, and better testing techniques, is what Japan could look at I think. I wish them luck with any overhaul it does.

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Posted in: Decapitated head in Sapporo case was filmed at home: source See in context

Maybe the psychiatrist needs a diagnosis!

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Posted in: In Japan, which bans dual custody, a table tennis star refuses to hand back her son to her ex See in context

This is another sad case, only occurring because of an unfair and outdated law. Children should know their fathers and mothers if possible, provided that there is no reason, like family violence for example, why it's best if they don't. I write as someone who never knew his father, and was put in foster care virtually from birth vwith a single lady. I write also as a father of a son who had enormous difficultirs with an ex-partner over access to their daughter. If access had not been successful through the courts, he (and uus) may never have seen her growing up. Fairness is the name of the legal game, be fair to both parents AND the child!

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Posted in: 3 schoolgirls drown in Fukuoka river on 1st day of summer vacation See in context

The headmaster "requested" students not to go to the river? He should have BANNED them from going! The more emphatic statement might have made a difference.

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Posted in: Campaigners slam Japanese government forced sterilization report See in context

Having worked in the Intellectual Disability sector in two different countries, I can clearly see the need for some method of reducing the number of such people born. However sterilisation is not a decent answer, far better if more effort could have been put into in utero (pre-birth) diagnosis so that parents could have been advised in advance of conditions, and offered, but not compelled to accept, abortion. That way much parental distressed would have been saved, and, after all, not all conditions are 100% inheritable, and they could have the option of not trying to have any more children if they wish, as has been done by the Jewish community with the Tay Sachs syndrome.

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Posted in: Japan says it will destroy any North Korean missile that violates its territory See in context

Or even better, if they had the capability to turn it back to where it came from!

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Posted in: Japan's new 5-year ocean policy calls for tougher maritime security See in context

Typical Communist country reaction to justifiable concerns about its incursions into others' territories, counter with a threat; bolsters its image in the state-controlled minds of its own citizens, but is inflammatory internationally and totally unproductive. Wlll they ever learn? Probably not, short of an internal revolution or a sharp lesson!

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Posted in: More dolphins found on east Japan shores a day after 33 beached See in context

I wonder how dolphins navigate. It is known that geese navigate by feedback to the brain from magnetic elements in their nervous system, so if the whales have that too, the eastward wandering of the magnetic North Pole could cause faulty navigation, though the Pole's directional change would suggest it would more likely take them further out to sea, but then we don't know exactly how it's used by wildlife.

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Posted in: Kishida snubbed China envoy farewell meeting amid strained ties See in context

Could be that the Foreign Minister told the ambassador that it was nothing personal, but that the PM felt that in view of the contentious political issues between the two countries he felt that.........etc. Diplomatic games!

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Posted in: Top court acquits Vietnamese trainee of abandoning stillborn twins See in context

The Supreme Court judgement is very fair. The poor woman was in a terrible dilemna, being in a foreign country. It would be interesting to know who the father of the children was, was he another trainee, or was he an employer who took advantage of her? She would have been especially vulnerable to the latter.

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Posted in: Secession is here: States, cities and the wealthy are already withdrawing from America See in context

Whilst personally not caring if another civil war broke out in America, solutions might be to do away with State Governments or at least reduce their authority, and improve the tax laws and the power of the federal authority to enforce them so that tax evasion is minimised. Can't see the vociferous Right coming to terms with that though.

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