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This is a serious violation of international law and human rights.

She did not do anything illegal on US or Canada soil, the US has NO jurisdiction over Chinese soil, all activities she conducts within China is subject to Chinese law only.

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Japan started to play catch up since 1868, China started to play catch up since 1950

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Yes, and China has very little industrial technology. Look at a modern airplane. Pretty much no Chinese components. Mostly USA/EU/JP.

Call me when Chinese technology is trusted enough for people's lives to depend on it like airplane components.

Chinese made Y-8 (civil aviation version) have been flew for decades, all components include engines are domestically produced .

China tried to reverse engineer a jet engine and FAILED. China is so poor with aerospace that they recently bought Russian rocket engines with technology from the 1970s. They can't even make their own rockets.

Can you even distinguish jet engine from rocket engine ?

No Chinese rockets use foreign engine, the LongMarch series rocket use homemade YF-73 YF-75 YF-77 engines.

In 2017 China launches 18 vs Japan 7

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Two wrongs do not make a right. Japan can't use CCP's flaw as an excuse to justify own fault

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Sorry to burst your bubble dog but Russia also has a Pacific Fleet and he idea of China declaring that they are going to become the dominant strategic power in the region does not sit well them completely. Furthermore Russia has towns along their side of the border becoming sino-zed by hordes of Chinese workers that have been a concern for many years. And hey aren't stupid enough to think that Chinese territorial expansion notions don't take the Russian fareast into account. AS for citing amounts of trade, EVERYBODY does trade with China but that is not what directs strategic policy.

In international politics, there is something call "maitain power balance". Unless Russia think they can handle the US alone, they will need China, and China needs Russia for the same reason. And this situation will lasts until one of them become stronger than the US

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Posted in: Canada to extradite Chinese man to Japan in 1995 triple murder probe See in context

Mitsuo Matsuyama

I guess the Japanese guy builds good image by drug trafficking in China

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