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Posted in: Aichi police accused of denying sick man treatment, leading to his death See in context

Police brutality is very common in Japan. They can get away with anything. Laws are just too ancient.

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Posted in: G7 leaders likely to focus on war in Ukraine, tensions in Asia at summit in Hiroshima See in context

All these meetings of G7 G20 or whatever makes absolutely no sense. Nothing gets achieved. More taxpayers money just wasted. The war in Ukraine is not going to stop because of these summits. The only country that has the power to stop this war is China. US is getting weaker by the day while China is getting stronger. Biden was even forced to cancel his Quad Summit in Australia because of domestic issues. The world is becoming a much more dangerous place because the so called most intelligent people who lead countries cannot fix anything. What a waste of time.

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Posted in: Blue Samurai spirit: Japan explodes with World Cup joy See in context

I understand there is a lot of talk about whether the ball was in play or not. However after listening to the experts and former professional leagues referees I have come to the conclusion the ball was in play therefore the goal is legit. 100% of the ball has to be completely over the line but in this case its not. The irony of this whole drama is the ball in use at the world cup is made by adidas a German company and its the Germans who had to exit the tournament because of Japan's famous win this morning. Apparently they have installed micro chips in the balls to accurately point out off sides. Maybe at the next world cup they will add better technology to show whether the ball crossed the line or not. Either way awesome performance by Japan who deserve to advance to the top 16. Just shows the win over Germany was not a fluke. To come back and win two games in the group stage after going down a goal against two powerhouses shows football in Japan is certainly on the right track.

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Posted in: Japan requests U.S. base curfews; Okinawa reports 981 virus cases See in context

There are thousands of Japanese women and men working on US bases around the country. By now they must have already carried the virus into their communities. Besides US soldiers are freely going out in to the cities especially on weekends. Looking like a super spreader event is about to happen which could infect a large portion of the local population. Bit too late to stop it from happening now.

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Posted in: Japan requests U.S. base curfews; Okinawa reports 981 virus cases See in context

We have a very silly and ancient agreement in place between Japan and the US which allows US military personal and civilian relatives to fly in freely into US bases without any prior testing before departure from the US. On the other hand all civilian flights into Japan are restricted to Narita only where there is strict testing not to mention 14 days quarantine in Tokyo before being allowed to head out to other prefectures. Wake up guys why are there so many cases in Okinawa, Iwakuni and Hiroshima. This is going to create a super spreader in the country just because stupid policy makers who actually make all the rules are not able to protect their citizens. I always believe its the so called smartest people who are the most dangerous people on this planet. In most western nations even today masks are not being worn by the general public. Do not be surprised to see numbers in Japan reach over a hundred thousand if not millions in the next few weeks. God Bless

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Posted in: Osaka pachinko parlor used as vaccination site See in context

Thats actually not a bad idea. You could actually get hundreds of people vaccinated quickly. Maybe more parlours should follow this establishment.

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Posted in: 3 crew missing after ships collide off Ehime See in context

As the saying goes the more the world advances in technology the more we are moving behind. Really cannot figure out the formula for these actions except humans are just too dependent on technology as opposed to doing things themselves. For example pilots flying a plane today virtually need to do nothing because it flies by itself. Back in the day it used to be more of a human element where the pilot actually kept his eyes open all the time. Now days the new norm is just let the computers handled everything. Not good

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Posted in: Shinkansen driver leaves controls for toilet while train running at 150kph See in context

I am surprised they do not have an emergency portable toilet in place in the driver's cabin. He is human after all and if he has such an issue and has to go then there should be a contingency plan in place especially when you are dealing with hundreds of passengers lives. Have travelled on these trains hundreds of times and noticed sometimes the distance between two stations can be close to or over an hour. Example Nagoya and Tokyo or Shin Osaka and Nagoya. Hopefully JR can look into this quickly to avert any future incidents.

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan to cancel 70 flights in June due to pilot shortage See in context

Its pretty simple mathematics. When low cost carriers are charging 300 dollars for a flight which would usually cost 1,500 there is no way those carriers can buy spare parts from the manufacturer.

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan to cancel 70 flights in June due to pilot shortage See in context

I always believed when low cost carriers got introduced there would be the ups and downs which was quite obvious. Upside being flying from point A to point B for extremely cheap prices and the Downside being stories like this where you have last minute cancellations etc etc. The one part which I wish to caution all my friends is please be very careful with spare parts on airplanes. Its pretty obvious when airlines purchase something as small as nuts and bolts from the original manufacturer the cost of the product is something like 10 times higher than buying it out of a factory in China. Not too sure you want to take that chance.

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Posted in: Police checking dash cam over car accident that left 2 toddlers dead See in context

Although there is no proof of the matter in this case I wish to point out the biggest culprit around the world today are mobile phones. I see drivers looking at their phones sometimes even texting while driving. Police need to get tough on such people.

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Posted in: Teacher’s verbal abuse, threats blamed for 15-year-old girl’s suicide See in context

When is this military style of culture going to change. Too much power in the hands of people like Company Bosses and teachers etc etc. Its disgusting to have to hear about a 15 year old take her life just because of this stupidity. Even the old school laws need to be changed!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Man arrested for opening door and jumping off bullet train in motion See in context

I have ridden on bullet trains for decades and until this incident did not have a clue doors could be opened by passengers or rather JR staff. This guy is a total idiot

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Posted in: 42 people injured after suspected gas explosion destroys buildings in Sapporo See in context

Frankly I thought these sort of things only happened in the 70's or the 80's. Come on Japan with all the modern technology in todays world are we seriously still living in the dark ages of using gas cylinders??? Its time for the government to enforce some strict new laws for old structures to upgrade. I used to live in an apartment building in Japan 20 years ago and the system was so high tech that every time there was any sort of a gas leak the entire system would either shut or all sorts of alarms would go off. Thankfully there were no major casualties in this incident but if the government does not implement new regulations unfortunately we are going to see a lot more similar incidents.

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Posted in: Rubella spreading across Japan, raising concerns about inbound travel See in context

Pretty shocking to see something like this in the year 2018. We are not living in the 1960's

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Posted in: Bullet train operator holds drill involving knife attacker See in context

Well it is a start but I call it a band aid solution. An attacker would have already committed his crime before security arrives with their poles. Why not just do a straight forward security check like airports? I understand based on the fact I lived there Japan is by far a safe country but economic disparities is creating quite a bit of anger and unfortunately you are going to hear of more crazy people just losing it and committing similar crimes moving forward. Hopefully that does not happen.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's parents told boyfriend, mother to solve financial issue: source See in context

Pretty silly if you ask me. If they are really in love as the article claims why cant the royal family just clear the so called debts and move on.

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Posted in: Suntory cancels contract of ex-Wallaby Smith over alleged assault See in context

Hats off to all Corporates who cancel endorsement contracts of professional players of any sport who think they are above the law. I am hoping other sportsmen and women view this as an example to behave themselves!!!

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Posted in: Japan wakes up to N Korean missile warnings See in context

I am actually wondering if the missile could have hit a commercial plane in its path. This is an extremely dangerous game to be playing because accidents can happen and if it does then the Government of Japan and the US will have no choice but to respond. That could lead to a full scale war. Pretty crazy.

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Posted in: How algorithms (secretly) run the world See in context

Unfortunately We humans have become too reliant on technology which includes algorithms. GPS is one of the biggest issues. On many occasions the GPS in your car will take you to your destination using the longest possible route. If you just used old school techniques and asked someone on the street for directions you would get to your destination a lot faster.

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Posted in: Some women find escape from poverty in sex trade See in context

I think the stories of both these women is rather sad. Circumstances have forced them into this trade. It goes to show conventional jobs cannot cover expenses. I am a worldwide traveller and I have heard similar stories in many different countries.

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

****Dont these idiots realise there are so many Japanese people who live abroad. Today Mr Abe is running around to different countries signing business deals because the local consumption is declining so Japan has to open up its factories in other countries to survive. People need to be educated.

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