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Posted in: Bullet train operator holds drill involving knife attacker See in context

Well it is a start but I call it a band aid solution. An attacker would have already committed his crime before security arrives with their poles. Why not just do a straight forward security check like airports? I understand based on the fact I lived there Japan is by far a safe country but economic disparities is creating quite a bit of anger and unfortunately you are going to hear of more crazy people just losing it and committing similar crimes moving forward. Hopefully that does not happen.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's parents told boyfriend, mother to solve financial issue: source See in context

Pretty silly if you ask me. If they are really in love as the article claims why cant the royal family just clear the so called debts and move on.

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Posted in: Suntory cancels contract of ex-Wallaby Smith over alleged assault See in context

Hats off to all Corporates who cancel endorsement contracts of professional players of any sport who think they are above the law. I am hoping other sportsmen and women view this as an example to behave themselves!!!

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Posted in: Japan wakes up to N Korean missile warnings See in context

I am actually wondering if the missile could have hit a commercial plane in its path. This is an extremely dangerous game to be playing because accidents can happen and if it does then the Government of Japan and the US will have no choice but to respond. That could lead to a full scale war. Pretty crazy.

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Posted in: How algorithms (secretly) run the world See in context

Unfortunately We humans have become too reliant on technology which includes algorithms. GPS is one of the biggest issues. On many occasions the GPS in your car will take you to your destination using the longest possible route. If you just used old school techniques and asked someone on the street for directions you would get to your destination a lot faster.

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Posted in: Some women find escape from poverty in sex trade See in context

I think the stories of both these women is rather sad. Circumstances have forced them into this trade. It goes to show conventional jobs cannot cover expenses. I am a worldwide traveller and I have heard similar stories in many different countries.

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

****Dont these idiots realise there are so many Japanese people who live abroad. Today Mr Abe is running around to different countries signing business deals because the local consumption is declining so Japan has to open up its factories in other countries to survive. People need to be educated.

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