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Posted in: Chinese military planes flew near disputed isles 40 times in one day See in context

"Other asian countries are rising, and guess what, they will soon reject japan"

I think otherwise. Indeed, China is root cause of the problem for peace in Asia. They used forces to occupy the Paracel Islands from Vietnam. They invaded Spratly Islands and caused the high tensions in the South China Sea. The anti-China is everywhere in South East Asia countries: The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam. China is NOT welcome in Asia. Period. China occupied Vietnam for one thousand years (as they currently occupy Tibet). They killed millions Vietnamese people, they raped women etc, but it is history. We don't hate Chinese people. An old chapter was closed, and a new chapter is opened. I wonder why China hates Japan. The ones who committed crimes in China during WW II were long gone. They died or were hang (REF. "Tokyo Trials by Allies). Today's Japan is a country who loves peace after the US dropped atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, but Japanese people (like Vietnamese people) do not hate the US. Com'on, China, you say something as you pretend to love peace, but you did something else: you occupied the Paracel Islands, Spratly Islands, killed the fishermen in the sea. Please refer the links below for more details.

ASEAN urges China to discuss South China Sea issue

Philippines Sues China over South China Sea Spat

The Philippines accused China of 'bullying'

Vietnam accuses China of attack on fishermen in South China Sea

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