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Posted in: Liverpool in EPL driving seat; Manchester teams crash See in context

City fans are a fickle lot - not content unless their spending millions & top of the table.

wait & see the empty seats once Guardiola leaves

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery to be made into movie See in context

will this be a trilogy as well ?

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Posted in: Killer Japanese fungus found in Australia See in context

Just what Australia needs - another poisonous thing that can kill you

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Posted in: Taylor Swift pulls out of Melbourne Cup gig See in context

There’s plenty of local talent in Melbourne who can take her place

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Posted in: 'Thrones,' 'Fleabag' top Emmys; Billy Porter makes history See in context

And the award for the most number of awards goes to ...... the Emmys

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Posted in: Leeds frustrated as Derby snatch late point See in context

In my opinion, I consider the championship to be the most open & exciting league in Europe.

germany, France, Italy & Spain are all dominated by one or two rich powerful teams = boring !

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Posted in: Bogus cop steals ¥7 mil from bank account of 75-year-old woman See in context

I’ve had police approach me in the street & ask me to show them my ID.

I said ‘show me your police ID first’.

they didn’t like my response,

but judging by these events, how do you know who you can trust.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi says Singapore-based oil trader lost $320 mil in unauthorized trades See in context

If he pays it back at $1 million a year, he should have it all paid off in ......

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Posted in: Japan the center of attention in 1st Rugby World Cup in Asia See in context

as excited as I am for being in Japan for the Rugby World Cup, I'm very disappointed in the Japanese media for their lack of coverage.

especially the commercial stations, who have been reporting on everything from volleyball, wrestling, athletics to tennis, but nothing on Rugby - pathetic really.

despite this, I’m sure this World Cup is going to be a huge success.

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Posted in: Taliban suicide bombers kill 48 in Afghanistan See in context

And people wonder why trump cancelled a meeting with the taliban leaders

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Posted in: Amid talk of revamp, Europe's giants begin Champions League assault See in context

The rich will get richer & the poor will disappear - that will be a real shame

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Posted in: Father drowns while trying to save 6-year-old son See in context

How many times have I read this !?

A falls into river / lake / sea

B dives in to save A.

B drowns & A survives

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Posted in: 3 men suspected of stealing about 70 cars See in context

they could make a movie about this.

oh hang on, they already have.

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Posted in: City beaten at Norwich, dropping 5 points behind Liverpool See in context

This result made my day, my weekend !

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Posted in: 'Joker' wins Golden Lion at Venice; Polanski drama is runner-up See in context

Actually, you guys are probably correct.

i retract my statement

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Posted in: 'Joker' wins Golden Lion at Venice; Polanski drama is runner-up See in context

Hopefully this joker has a happier future than the last joker.

Heath Ledger overdosed due to the mental stress of playing such a dark character

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Posted in: Canadian teen Andreescu beats Serena Williams to win U.S. Open See in context

I’m glad she lost - her tantrums & dummy-spitting in recent years have left a bad taste in my mouth.

Also, why are these ladies apologizing to her for beating her !?

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Posted in: Medvedev, Serena Williams reach U.S. Open semifinals; Federer out See in context

Totally agree with above comments - women campaigning for equal pay but haven’t heard any of them asking to play 5 sets. Not quite equal at all is it !?

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Posted in: Johnson threatens election ahead of Brexit battle in parliament See in context

How about holding another referendum instead !?

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Posted in: Hollywood's summer ends 2% down despite Disney dominance See in context

not one original movie in the top nine - a sad reflection of today’s film makers & audience

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested over death of girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter See in context

In Australia, prison justice takes care of child killers like him. Hopefully it’s the same in Japan

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Posted in: Fall movie preview: Hollywood goes all-in on original films See in context

Remakes, sequels & prequels - ho hum !

I’m looking forward to a few of these originals

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Posted in: China gets World Cup boost as nine foreigners switch nationality See in context


you are very either very naive or blind to the truth.

Freddy Adu is a recent high profile soccer international, born in Ghana.

here’s a list of 100 more :

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Posted in: McIlroy pockets $15 million after winning Tour Championship and FedEx Cup See in context

Even McIlroy was embarrassed by this ludicrous amount of prize money.

‘how can we make ourselves more relatable to the fans? Having $15m front and centre isn't probably the best way to do it’

Congratulations on him speaking out

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Posted in: 5 parakeets stolen from pet store in Fukuoka Pref See in context

Nothing against these beautiful birds, but surely there must be more newsworthy crimes than this

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Posted in: Real Madrid loans Japanese teen Kubo to Mallorca See in context

No surprise here - saw this coming a mile away

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Posted in: U.S.'s North Korea envoy to visit Japan, S Korea next week See in context

They may be the same country, but they’ll never unite as one country - never !

will Kim Jon forego his luxurious lifestyle & give up his dictatorship for democratic elections !?

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Posted in: Swarovski latest luxury brand to apologize to China See in context

The things you have to do to make money in China

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Posted in: Power cut stops Tokyo trains; 15 passengers ill as air conditioning fails See in context

I was lucky enough to have stopped at Tsudanuma station. I canceled my jobs, turned around & got on the next train home.

anyone know how long the trains were stopped for ?

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Posted in: Moon calls for 'peace economy' with N Korea; slams Japan See in context

Unification will never happen unless one of two things happen.

Kim gives up his dictatorship & his luxurious lifestyle & hopes to be elected leader through a democratic election

The people of South Korea democratically vote Kim as their president

Does anyone really think either of these is going to happen !?

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