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Posted in: Not a toddler, not a parent, but still love 'Bluey'? You're not alone See in context

Mickey who ? Bluey for PM !

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Posted in: World's 1st recycled diapers go on sale at stores in southwest Japan See in context

What’s next - recycled condoms ?

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Posted in: Starbucks releases special sparkly tumbler in Japan to support diversity See in context


the number of letters is increasing every year

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Posted in: Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny and others may vanish from TikTok as licensing dispute boils over See in context

It’d be great if TikTok & other social media platform would vanish

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Posted in: Russia launches record number of drones in Ukraine, as Putin says Moscow will intensify its attacks See in context

 He has 70 percent plus minus

Is that plus or minus ?

even more of Rus people support.

according to the Russian government ? & you believe that right

Until complete victory, since a great price has already been paid

Yes, 1/2 million Russian men, & the destruction of Russian economy, military & its future.

Russia will pound hard this time gloves are off.

So the war crimes committed, the targeting of civilian institutions up until now were with gloves on ?

 Russia doing pretty well.

Err, no it’s not

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Posted in: Russia launches record number of drones in Ukraine, as Putin says Moscow will intensify its attacks See in context

Let’s hope 2024 is the year Putin is toppled from power. His reign will be remembered for destroying the future of Russia - over 350,000 Russian men killed or maimed, 100’s of 1000’s have left the country, & the economy & its military in tatters.

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Posted in: Heavy rains in Australia's east bring more pain to storm-hit residents See in context


300km south of Sydney =

ulladulla or Batemans bay ?

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Posted in: China expects searing heat, more weather extremes in 2024 See in context

Thankyou mankind for being so greedy & destroying our planet

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Posted in: Heavy rains in Australia's east bring more pain to storm-hit residents See in context

I hope the water is going where it’s needed & the dams are being filled

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Posted in: What to stream this week: 'Society of the Snow,' 'Night Court,' 'Good Grief' See in context

¥600 a month

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Posted in: What to stream this week: 'Society of the Snow,' 'Night Court,' 'Good Grief' See in context

Prime video is only ¥600 a montgy

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim says military should 'thoroughly annihilate' U.S., S Korea if provoked See in context

Bahaha - good to have a belly laugh to start the year off

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Posted in: U.S. companies are picky about investing in China. The exceptions? Burgers, lattes See in context

all foreign companies should avoid having offices or factories in China. Unless you want them raised & your employees arrested for ‘spying’

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Posted in: Russia wants evidence before giving explanations about object that entered Poland's airspace See in context


two pro-Russia anti-NATO posts before breakfast.

putin would be proud of you

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Posted in: Shelling kills 21 in Russian city of Belgorod following Moscow's aerial attacks across Ukraine See in context

Russia will win this "war".

no they won’t

And of how much territory Ukraine will cede to Russia.

try none

Zelensky and the West knows that.

no they don’t


More money for Western politicians and military suppliers. And more villas, yachts and money for Zelensky.

you do know how much money Putin & his cronie’s have stolen from his people right ? trillions of dollars

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Posted in: Ohtani gives a Porsche to Joe Kelly's wife for his No. 17 with Dodgers See in context

He could have had bought some food to the hungers lying around the Dodgers stadium, esp during this time of the year. Cold, Hungry and Lonely.

How do you know he didn’t ?

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Posted in: Japan’s Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular People holds anti-Christmas protest in Tokyo See in context

Christmas Eve has been the biggest date night in Japan, a time for young lovers to get dressed up, have an elegant dinner at a fancy restaurant, and exchange presents

Aaaand…. !!!???

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Posted in: Egypt plan to end Israel-Hamas war gets cool reception See in context

The same people here supporting Palestineare the same people supporting Russia

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Posted in: Arsenal hold Liverpool to seal top spot at Christmas; Man Utd misery mounts See in context

Go the Gunners !

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Posted in: Actor Charlie Sheen attacked in his Malibu home; suspect arrested See in context

Electra Schrock

is she a porn star ?

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Posted in: Severed parts of duck found in building parking lot in Saitama Prefecture See in context

Looks like we may have a potential future psycho killer on our hands

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Posted in: LDP faction suspected of misusing funds for polls for years See in context

How about firing all current politicians.

have elections to vote in a new young crop of politicians. Set an age limit for all candidates of up to 70 years (or younger)

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Posted in: Dogs, antennas and honey for Japan's big bear problem See in context

How about humans stop encroaching in to the bear’s territory.

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Posted in: Nippon Steel to buy U.S. Steel for $14.1 billion See in context

Don’t be surprised to see a few more cashed up Japanese companies buying US companies (especially in the building industry)

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Posted in: Cyclone brings floods, crocodile sightings in Australia's northeast See in context

Just another day in FNQ

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Posted in: 'Wonka' waltzes to $39 million opening, propelled by Chalamet's starring role See in context

Sequels , prequels & marvel superheroes.

no wonder Hollywood is dying a slow painful death

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Posted in: Can Kishida weather yet another scandal? See in context

the Problem is not with the leadership, it’s with the politicians. They think they are entitled, and untouchable .

they should set a retirement age like they do for salarymen. Clean out the old rotten wood & bring in some new fresh timber.

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Posted in: Hamas releases third group of hostages as part of truce and says it will seek to extend the deal See in context

What does that say about Hamas 

it says that they scum of the earth & need to be eliminated.

they’ll be using this truce time to regroup

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Posted in: 8-year-old boy drowns after falling into sea while parents are fishing in Tokushima See in context

No life jacket !?

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Posted in: Ukraine aims a major drone attack at Crimea as Russia tries to capture a destroyed eastern city See in context

It will be Russia that will prevail at the end

just like Serbia will prevail eh ?

Thanks to Boris and western lies UA people have to die everyday

Thanks to Putin and his lies UA & Russian people have to die everyday

this conflict could end a long time ago.

This conflict should never have started, & now Putin is learning the hard way

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