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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of 'trade bullyism' as both sides impose fresh tariffs See in context

Pot calling the kettle black ?

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Posted in: Italy's Donadoni in talks to coach Japan's soccer team See in context

Why would the JFA be looking for a new coach, just after appointing Moriyasu ?

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Posted in: Russian athletes to return as WADA lifts doping ban See in context

Putin will be laughing all the way to the Tokyo Olympics

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Posted in: Heat wave in Japan sends record 30,000 people to hospital in August See in context

Too much over reliance on airconditioner - it’s making people’s bodies weaker.

we don’t have any air conditioners in our house, only fans, & our whole family are perfectly fine when venturing out into the hot summer days

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Posted in: All Blacks coach Hansen repeats call for public funding See in context

I’m sure there’s more important issues that need funding than an overpaid, over pampered football team

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Posted in: Australian newspaper defies criticism, reprints Serena Williams cartoon See in context

"They're seeing racism and sexism because they want to see it. In this culture of perpetual outrage and victimhood, they're trying to absolve their star's behaviour by blaming something else."

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Posted in: Australian newspaper defies criticism, reprints Serena Williams cartoon See in context

The world nowadays is way too sensitive & politically correct. People scrutinize everything & anything said these days, looking for a racist or sexist angle.

Lighten up & relax !!

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Posted in: Serena Williams fined $17,000 after U.S. Open final outburst See in context

I see that all the Williams supporters are pulling out the ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ cards - pathetic

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Posted in: Understanding the Japanese pension system Part 3: How do I collect? See in context

I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Gaijin are way down the pecking order when it comes to receiving the pension.

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Posted in: Japanese baseball finds itself at a crossroads See in context

As a HS student in Australia, I played soccer, rugby & AFL during the winter, & cricket, tennis & golf during the summer.

This variety kept me interested in my main sporting passion - soccer.

Also the different skills learnt in the various sports complimented each other.

Why Japanese schools insist on students choosing one sport (or activity) & having them do it all year round, for three years is dumbfounding.

Too much of anything (including a good thing) makes you resentful, which in many cases can turn to hatred.

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Posted in: 'M*A*S*H' star Alan Alda has Parkinson's disease See in context

MASH lost it’s comical mojo when Col. Blake & Trapper left the show.

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Posted in: Qatar's World Cup bid used 'black operations': UK report See in context

and in other news - the sun is hot, & water is wet

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Posted in: 'Wonder Woman,' 'Aquaman' and 'Shazam!" thrill Comic-Con See in context

No sign of Vincent Chase or Johnny Drama ?

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Posted in: England beats Sweden 2-0 to reach World Cup semifinals See in context

It was enjoyable to watch a game with no diving or rolling around like babies.

Both teams were hard but fair - other teams could learn from this game.

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Posted in: Scarlett Johansson's plans to play trans man spurs backlash See in context

’Rub & Tug’ !? I wonder if it has a happy ending

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Posted in: Asia makes an impact but little progress at World Cup See in context

Even more disappointing was Africa

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Posted in: Ref duped by Neymar play-acting, Mexico coach says See in context

Any player who writhes around in pain like Neymar does, should be made to leave the field for 5mins to receive treatment.

this would soon stop all the theatrics

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Posted in: Subasic saves 3 in penalty shootout as Croatia beats Denmark to advance to quarterfinals See in context

For what it’s worth, this is my idea to try & avoid PKs.

In the event of extra time, each team has to withdraw one player every 5mins. This would continue until there are seven players left on each team.

Team tactics & strategy would come into play - who to take off & who to leave on.

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Posted in: Host Russia extends World Cup party by eliminating Spain in penalty shooout See in context

Good riddance to Spain !

1000 passes, but only five of them forward - zzz

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Posted in: Denmark advances in drab 0-0 draw with France See in context

Snore draw - zzz

any reason why France played in white (boring) & not blue ?

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Posted in: Australia eliminated; Peru leaves World Cup on high note See in context

Good to see the Australia v Peru game played in colourful attire.

not sure why France couldn’t have played in blue

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Posted in: Brazil leave it late to beat Costa Rica 2-0 See in context

Could someone please explain why so many teams are not wearing their main strips.

In almost every game, one team has worn a white strip.

eg. why didn’t Sth.Korea wear their red shirts against Sweden (blue) ?

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Posted in: Ronaldo scores in Portugal's 1-0 win; Morocco eliminated See in context

Surprise surprise - another day of 1-0 score lines. I believe that makes 9 so far.

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Posted in: FIFA awards 2026 World Cup to U.S., Mexico and Canada See in context

Lostrune2 - well said.

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Posted in: Business titles so complicated nobody knows who's boss and who's not See in context


i agree - that’s why I don’t hang around them very often.

FYI - I run my own cafe, so I ain’t no ‘communication consultant‘

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Posted in: Business titles so complicated nobody knows who's boss and who's not See in context


’They earn every yen from their tough job’

You are joking right !?

Most of my English teacher friends spend most of their working day either chatting to each other on Line, or doing day trading.

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Posted in: Salah magic leads Liverpool to 5-2 win over Roma in Champions League semis See in context

Hopefully those sloppy last ten minutes (& 2 goals) won’t come to haunt Liverpool

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Posted in: Australian boy, 12, runs away to Bali using family credit card See in context

Haha - bloody legend !!

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Posted in: We would like people to stop walking while using their smartphones so that everyone can feel safe at train stations. See in context

Yep, drop the shoulder & teach them a lesson.

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Posted in: Halilhodzic returns to find out why he was fired as Japan's soccer coach See in context

Next - Wenger Japan ?

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