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she must be wearing very high heels, because he’s 1.93m tall

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Posted in: Sean Bean on his many deaths and 'Game of Thrones' legacy See in context

A big Sheffield United fan as well.

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Posted in: Miho Takagi wins speedskating allround world championships See in context

Bravo !! Well deserved

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Posted in: No gold as passive Japanese judo pair disqualified in final See in context

Yep, & nowhere to be seen on Japanese commercial TV. That says something in itself.

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Posted in: Figure skaters let their hair down at gala exhibition event See in context

Oops - my bad, there was a mention.

Was her outfit / performance inappropriate ? That’s up for debate.

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Posted in: Figure skaters let their hair down at gala exhibition event See in context

Hmm - No mention of women’s gold medalist Alina Zagitova in her skin-tight outfit

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un lookalike provokes N Koreans See in context

This guy is an Aussie - what a legend !

Apparently, it wasn’t the police who ‘escorted‘ him away, it was NK agents.

Obviously the NKs don’t have a sense of humour - but we all knew that didn’t we.

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Posted in: Manchester City squad most expensive in history: report See in context

This is becoming an absolute joke !

I've always loved the EPL for it's competitiveness, but now that is slowly disappearing.

If the EPL doesn't do something soon, it will become a one or two team league like Germany, Spain & France. The champions have already been decided by January - very predictable & very boring.

I have to agree with Arsene Wengers' comments below.

BTW, I think that the most exciting & unpredictable league in Europe at the moment is The Championship.

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Posted in: Brutal cold raises concerns over Olympics opening ceremony See in context

Australian athletes have been training in the frozen food section at Coles & Woolworths

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Posted in: Former Australian rugby player Smith arrested for refusing to pay taxi fare, punching driver See in context

And where exactly is he ‘supposed‘ to be !?

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Posted in: 4 goals in 6 minutes as Arsenal, Liverpool draw 3-3 in EPL See in context

This is why the premier league is the most watched & most popular league in the world. You'd never get such entertaining games in Spain, Italy, France or Germany

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Posted in: Froome maintains innocence as rival doubts handling of case See in context

Armstrong maintained his innocence too - right up till he admitted he took drugs

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Posted in: Australia's population growth fastest in developed world as migrants rush in See in context

That's why I ain't going back.

Australia has changed so much since I was growing up, & not much for the better.

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Posted in: It's 'Sho-time' as Angels give Ohtani big welcome See in context

I wish they'd stop putting an 'h' or 'u' in their names, usually after an 'o'.

Eg, Koutarou Saitoh,

yes, I know it's to emphasize a longer pronunciation, but most foreigners don't know that, & it just confuses people more often than not .

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Posted in: Shanghai Shenhua face tough Asian Champions League See in context

These big name / big money players never last in China. The clubs will soon stop wasting their money.

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Posted in: Al Jazira beats Auckland City in Club World Cup opener See in context

Yep, & it's an easy one Million dollars

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Posted in: Man Utd stun Arsenal in thriller as Spurs slip again See in context

Yes, the soccer gods didn't answer my prayers on this game.

Bad timing for us Arsenal fans for De Gea to have his best game ever.

75% possession & 33 shots, with nothing to show for it.

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Posted in: Kawasaki beats Omiya 5-0 to secure 1st J.League championship See in context

Thankyou soccer Gods - and well done Kawasaki. A thoroughly deserved win.

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Posted in: Kawasaki beats Urawa 1-0 to keep J.League title hopes alive See in context

I'm hoping for a Kashima choke

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Posted in: Italy fails to qualify for World Cup after draw with Sweden See in context


hehe, good deduction.

i had my bags packed & my wife's permission to go to Germany, IF Australia beat Italy.

That blatant dive & subsequent PK cost me a trip of a lifetime

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In fact, many people have complained that European teams have it too easy in qualifying.

This is due to the recent splintering of some major soccer nations into smaller ones - ie. Czechoslovakia, USSR & Yugoslavia

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Posted in: Italy fails to qualify for World Cup after draw with Sweden See in context

No sympathy from me - famous throughout the footballing world as divers & cheaters

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Posted in: Ticket sales for Rugby World Cup 2019 to start in January 2018 See in context

clear as mud

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Posted in: Hollywood's gender pay gap is crazy, says Natalie Portman See in context

Yeh, must be tough living on only $10M a movie

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Posted in: Rooney sets Man United scoring record; Man City, Spurs draw See in context

One of the most overrated (& overpaid) players ever. He certainly ain't no Bobby Charlton.

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Posted in: England's Premier League sells China TV rights for around $700 mil See in context

Just shows you that the EPL is the most entertaining & in demand league in the world. All the other leagues are one or two horse races, which equals boring - ho hum. Now off to watch Arsenal beat Man Utd.

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Posted in: Mourinho hails Manchester United for silencing Anfield See in context

Yep, defensive & boring - typical Mourinho

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Posted in: Luiz back at Chelsea, Leicester splash the cash as records tumble See in context

Goldorak, another example of a missed opportunity for Arsene & Arsenal. They seem to specialize in not buying players they need.

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Posted in: Rooney retains England captaincy under Allardyce See in context

53 goals in 115 appearances, mostly against minnows like San Marino (5), Montenegro & Andorra. He certainly ain't no Bobby Charlton.

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Posted in: Premier League has familiar look once more See in context

Unless the European leagues introduce a salary cap, like they have in Australian & American sports, the same old teams with the most money will continue to dominate their respective leagues. Of course this will never happen.

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