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Agreed with rlperez. This is not a pro democracy, authoritariarn debate now. This is a matter of chaos versus rule of law. People will say this is about democracy. Watch all the videos in their entirety instead of just watching your favorite news program that you listen to because it justifies your belief and spewing stuff that fit your belief.

Contrary to what some people will write against me, I agreed with the protesters in the beginning to withdraw the extradition bill and the government to hold debate on how to improve things, but now they have overreached and may be doing themselves more harm than good now. I probably would consider this generation lost now in Hong Kong. They have not learned to pick and choose their battles.

In matter of the kid that got shot. I feel for him and hope he recovers soon, but honestly, what is someone supposed to do. Imagine you are on the frontlines of this and someone is going to go at you with a metal pole and you are about to get hit. Natural reaction is to protect yourself with whatever you have no matter if it is a gun, baton, pepper spray or your hands. In this case the police had his weapon and it was the quickest way to de escalate the situation. People will definitely say the police instigated this. Again the police is outnumbered, and I am sure they are reaching their end of patience, which I consider admirable, considering they have been at it for 18 straight weeks now with these protesters. Over here, they would already declare curfew and martial law here in the States and call in the National Guard.

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Tokyo is going to be a zoo and at this point anyone will be lucky to get a room in Tokyo metro now. Recommendation is to go find a room outside of Tokyo metro area (ie: Gunma, Saitama, Nagano, or even in the Chubu-Nagoya area). It will take time to get to Tokyo (thank god for the Shinkansen), but at least it will be cheaper at this point. Otherwise watch from home and glad to not in that conundrum.

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When I lived in Japan between 2000 and 2008 I was stopped twice.

One in Shinjuku. The policeman was a class act. I was just enjoying my weekend and walking around shopping and the policeman politely asked for my alien registration card. I showed it to him and he told me why he was checking. I told him I understand his job and thanked him for his service. He then astonished me by saluting me which I found admirable and commendable and wish there was more policemen like that. It would make for a better place in the world.

The second time was when I was at a train station and trying to catch my train back to my apartment outside of Tokyo. It was getting late and I did not want to miss the train. I was carrying some bags back from Kyoto where I was on vacation for a couple of days, and all of the sudden I was surrounded by cops that were not that nice. They roughly told me to come to the station and started searching my bags without explanation or niceties and I knew they were intending to keep me there or the police station. I then had enough and produced my US passport and alien registration card on the counter of the station and said in Japanese loudly, but calmly, you have an issue with me just trying to head back home after a vacation, then you must then allow me to call my embassy and per the U.S.-Japanese legal agreement I am allowed an attorney and US embassy representative now if you wish to detain me further for no charges. Let's just say, they were quite intimidated and hopped too and let me go really fast and even put my possessions back in my bags. I guess they did not want me to create an international incident where they would get highly embarrassed.

Moral of the story. Know your rights yet respect their laws and regulations.

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